The Attic Book 2 – Lost Souls and Forgotten Stories


In Book 1, Molly and Will having settled into their new home, had become accustomed to it’s resident ghosts – Grace Forrest and her housekeeper Lucy and gardener Patrick. The house had many secrets which were being gradually revealed to Molly and Will through the supernatural occurrences in the upstairs room in The Attic, a portal to The World Between Worlds, a realm between the Spirit World/Heaven and the Physical World or what we experience as Life on Earth. They had been on several road trips already, but these were not your average touring holidays, as Molly’s clairvoyant skills attracted many visitors from the Spirit World. Molly’s best friend Annabelle had come to stay and look after the house for them whilst they were away, and with their planned road trips around the South Island, up to Cape Reinga, and beyond.

On her way to housesit for Molly and Will, Anna had had a very unique encounter with a gorgeous Irish backpacker at the airport in Sydney, who was also on his way to the same small town in New Zealand as Anna. Unbeknown to her at the time, he was a Time Traveller from the late 1800’s and there was a destiny unfolding that involved them both. 

Who are Grace Forrest, Grace Simpson and how are they connected to Molly’s Nanny Grace and Molly herself? The truth of this was being revealed piece by piece  through  meditations, fleeting vivid dreams, experiences of deja vu and incredible clairvoyant experiences  hinting that there was much more to Molly’s life, and that she was only just beginning to comprehend these unusual events.

Stretching the logic mind beyond the confines of Time and Space and how Reality may appear for most of us, Molly’s story will take you, The Reader, on an adventure, not only around New Zealand and to the UK, but also into the limitless possibilities of parallel dimensions, co-existing realities, time travel and glimpses at life beyond death.

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