Chapter 4 – And So The Journey Begins…

The days at the Bach at Cape Palliser passed quickly. Exhausted from the intense nature of the work with Tom and the faster lifestyle in the city of Wellington, it was wonderful opportunity for Molly and Will to rest, eat, sleep, think, daydream, read, write, draw, make love and sleep some more as they felt like it. It was peaceful to watch the passing weather and observe the behaviour of the seals. There were numerous cubs playing or sleeping in groups, all under the watchful eye of a matriarch seal, whilst other adults were out playing and fishing in the waves. The end of their last day was marked by the clearing of the clouds and a view of the setting sun over the waters which divide the North and South Islands of New Zealand – Cook’s Strait. The mountains of the South Island were silhouetted against the golden hues reflected on the surface of the ocean. 

Earlier that day, when the rain had eased Molly and Will went for a walk through the bush along a track on the property which lead to Cape Palliser Lighthouse. The path wove through Manuka bushes which provided  a shelter from the winds, not dissimilar to what she had seen in the vision with The Ancient Ones. The access to the Lighthouse was via a set of steep stairs, 251 of them. The steep, narrow wooden steps and railings were worn smooth by the relentless blasting of salt water and wind. One section of ground alongside these stairs showed the remnants of the original path and the tracks which had provided the means for a rail trolley to transport goods to the top. Reaching the top of the stairs at the Lighthouse, Molly was on her hands and knees, unable to stand up in the wind. They sheltered on the downwind side of the Lighthouse, catching their breath between blasts of wind and gasps of laughter. The view was spectacular! 

They walked back along the road and onto a portion of the beach stepping cautiously between sleeping seals, remembering to not walk between them and the water. Even along the roadside were sleeping seals, some of which raised their heads drowsily at the sound of their footsteps on the pebbled beach. A few of them were keen to pose for Will’s camera, others content to return to sleep undisturbed by their presence. Only once were they cautioned not to proceed by a growling, protective mother. The beaches were made of mixture of a variety of textured coloured pebbles scattered with pieces of crushed paua shells that glistened in shades of purple, green and silver in the dull light and seaweeds of many colours and shapes. Remnants of seal snacks – kina (sea urchin) shells and fish heads lay scattered amongst the larger dark brown rocks on the sandy beach. The surf was wild and dramatic as it crashed against the rocks, spraying jets of water into the air. 

Molly’s original excitement about writing was lost in exhaustion, no inspiration at all. She had started to write the previous night, just a scribble to see if she could connect with Grace in The Attic, but sleep took over. Now, revived by the walk to the Lighthouse, she made a pot of tea and sat by the window looking across the ocean, wondering if she could find Grace. As her mind drifted, she could hear a voice in the distance, echoing down what sounded like an long, empty corridor. She looked up in surprise and whispered, “Grace? Grace, is that you?” to which a familiar voice replied playfully in the distance, “Helloooo, Mollllleeeeee…..where are youuuuuuu?”  

Her curiosity sparks, but all she can see before her is darkness, an impenetrable darkness. Closing her eyes made no difference and Molly could feel a slight panic rising within her. However, the playfulness in Grace’s voice soon put this to rest. She can see a small glow of light that was getting brighter, like someone or something was coming closer. As the light grew brighter, so did the volume of Grace’s voice and she can feel her moving closer towards her. The more Molly relaxes and trusts in this experience, the brighter the glow becomes and the area fills with light which reveals Grace and the surrounding environment that was  definitely not the Bach at Cape Palliser!  The walls were made of rough stone and they were standing in a cave, deep in the earth. The stone walls are wet with moisture and the air is warm, humid and close, thick and heavy. Molly is relieved to see Grace again.

“What is happening Grace? I don’t understand….”

“I think you got a little lost in the demands of the Physical World, it is a heavier vibrational state of being, of that which many refer to as ‘reality’, where most human beings exist, live, dwell. Most of them are unaware of this realm – The World Between Worlds, the space between Heaven and Earth. You have been too busy attending to matters of the Physical World with little time to meditate or visit The Attic, to stay connected with the Spirit World. And this is ok. It was necessary for you to stay focussed on the practical matters of assisting Tom. You are yet to learn how to combine the two. You didn’t lose complete connection as we heard clearly your prayers and requests of assistance, and we have taken care of those for you. You had fallen down a wee bit of a rabbit hole ‘Alice’ and your vibrational state had dropped to almost that of only a physical frequency – not enough meditation Molly! You need more of that! Daily. Now it is time to prepare you and Will for the next part of your adventure!” Grace exclaims excitedly.

With a click of her fingers, a fire comes to life in the middle of the cave and Molly can hear the sound of shuffling feet on the dirt floor, muffled voices quietly chatting, as she steps backwards to the edge of the pool of light surrounding the fire. Molly watch on spellbound as Spirit People appear one by one and sit around the fire. Grace takes her hand and leads her to a space amongst them, sits down and tugs at Molly’s hand for her to sit beside her, and smiles reassuringly.

One of the Spirit People stands up and the chattering stops immediately, silence fills the cave. All that can be heard is the sound of water dripping from the roof..… Drip…splosh…drip…splosh….drip……

Then a voice brakes the silence. “Welcome! Thank you for joining us, for answering The Call. As you are aware, we have been observing the journey of Molly and Will and their interaction with Grace and what is known to them as The Attic. They are now preparing for a very special journey, into the World Between Worlds. This space we all know well. (All of them nod their heads in silent agreement, some raised their eyebrows) They will need our assistance and guidance here. It is our work to prepare the way for them, to line up the necessary people and ‘put them into place’, so to speak,” she chuckles quietly to herself. “As you are aware Molly, The Attic is a portal,  a doorway into this realm between Heaven and Earth – this World Between Worlds. These very different and yet similar realities exist side by side, or layer upon layer. There is no separation other than what the logic mind limits you to, or you are led to believe through the stories of others. They vary in appearance due to their vibration. This is how they co-exist…like a river running over the earth, there is a fine layer in which they blend, and then there is the fluid appearance of water and the more solid appearance of the earth, rocks, sand. And yet, they are cohesive. You will see Molly, the effect of what is going on here in the Non-Physical Realm and how it ripples down into the heavier vibrational frequency of what is perceived as ‘reality’ or the Physical World. You will receive the information as a hunch, a nudge, an intuitive feeling and be guided to a particular place or area or person. Then the information will come to you through meditation. It is in this space known to you as The Attic that you are able to experience the two dimensions uniting simultaneously. Some refer to this as Metaphysics. We call it the interactive Laws of The Universe.

You are required to collect not only the forgotten stories of the Lost Souls but to assist them on their journey Home, Heaven.  To help them return to the Spirit World. Some will be resistant but they must all travel with you to Cape Reinga, where they will follow the guiding spirit lights Home.” The older woman pauses, closes her eyes as if she is listening to someone unseen to Molly, nods her head in agreement and continues. “We will assist you in creating The Spirit Net* which will be explained to you later. (followed by another pause, and again nods her head) For now, we are done,” she states proudly.  Standing tall in front of Molly she touches her finger to Molly’s third eye, which sparked a flash of light so bright Molly squints against the glare. As the Light fades through the crack in her eyelids, she opens them to find herself sitting by the window in the Bach. Will had put the kettle on and standing  behind her, wrapped his arms around her and said, “Cup of tea my weary Time Traveller?” And she heard Grace’s voice whisper, “Are you ready for an adventure like never before?” 

Molly stared out over the sea feeling excited by the anticipation of the road trip they were about to begin. In the distance she caught a glimpse across the Cook Strait of the hazy outline of the coastline and the mountains forming the northern most outcrop of the Southern Alps in the South Island. Tomorrow they will catch the Ferry from Wellington across Cook Strait to Picton and begin a very intriguing journey…

*According to Maori Mythology, Waka o Rangi, Te – The Canoe of Rangi – is a great canoe in the sky made up of stars. In the night sky, this canoe extends from Matariki (Pleiades) at the prow to Tautoru (Orion’s Belt), and includes Te Kakau (Orion’s scabbard) and Te Hao o Rua (Orion’s nebula) at the stern, where Taramainuku, the captain of this canoe, stands. He is the owner of a giant net that hauls the dead from the earth and places them in the canoe where the spirits of the dead exist in Eternity.

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