Chapter 7-The Dark Side Of The World Between Worlds

Molly was beginning to feel like a counsellor. These interviews were proving to be very therapeutic for the story tellers. Some of their stories were of a side of life she had not been privy to. A very dark side of human nature. This particular night, she was unable to shake off the heavy feeling of the interview from earlier that day. Tired, she fell into a restless sleep and a dream, dark and sinister that was vivid and detailed, leaving her in a cold sweat on waking just after 3am. It haunted her, leaving her feeling uneasy, almost like the energy of the dream lingered on in the room. She got out of bed, wrapped the woolly throw on the end of the bed around her and sat in the arm chair. “Grace?” She whispered, barely breathing. “Grace, can you help me?” Wanting to feel more at ease, she closed her eyes and said a prayer to Arch Angel Michael to keep her safe. Slowing her breath, she visualised walking in through the front door of her home and up the stairs to The Attic. It was such a relief to imagine being here, where she knew she was safe. Grace was waiting for her, sitting in the captains chair by the desk under the window, she pointed for Molly to be seated in the arm chair by the fireplace. “Well my dear, this is going to be interesting. I could sense your energy as you were coming up the stairs. All fear is dissolved as you enter this space. Can you feel that now?” Grace said, swinging around in the captain’s chair, she looked at Molly over a pair of round glasses perched on the tip of her nose, in her hand is a clip board and a pen ready to take notes, looking like a therapist. Comically as Grace looked over her glasses, she continued, ‘Now tell me all about it. How did this dream make you feel?”

Molly, unable to keep a straight face, began to giggle. She has never seen Grace behave like this before, such a wicked sense of humour! But that was her point exactly – lighten up, laugh a little. It was just the nature of the Universe. All is well.

Molly felt more at ease, relaxed back into the arm chair, took a deep sigh and then recalled the details of the dream to Grace. “In the dream, I was visited by a small girl, unbeknown to her there was a woman behind her. This woman was wearing a cloak, the hood over her head and only a glimpse of her face was visible. I could see her looking for something and I was concerned of what her intention she may have towards this young girl, as I could sense that she was not in a good space. I saw her sneakily picking up some large galvanised nails and hiding them in her cloak. “Is there something I can help you with?” I asked her, making it obvious that I could see her. Startled, she froze and I was able to receive her story without her even speaking. She had entered into some games, played by those of a darker, sinister nature, where she was paid for her body to be used by others to inflict pain on her. The unsettling thing about this was, she liked it. When she had reached out for the nails, I noticed the bruising and fresh wounds on her arms. I felt sick at the realisation of what she was doing. I woke in a cold sweat, feeling sick in the stomach with the concern for this young girl and the influence of this woman. Grace, please help me understand the meaning of this information.”

Grace sat in silence, her eyes closed, like she was looking for the best words to explain this to Molly, and then suddenly her eyes opened, the piercing blue glowed in the dim light of The Attic. “Molly there are multiple aspects to The World Between Worlds, some are not so nice. This dream is to let you know that there are also dark sides here. That woman was in a karmic loop, she had fallen into a dark space which became familiar and irresistible. Through the experience of trauma and the use of drugs, she had developed an attraction to the dark spirits. But remember, there is a turning point of choice! She had agreed to engage with these dark spirits which had found her and where manipulating her physical body, with an insatiable hunger, and will continue to until she has the realisation of what has been happening to her and makes the choice to accept Love over Fear. Not love of a conditional kind, where there is always a need for an exchange, at a cost, but rather pure Love where there is no fear of losing the one you are loving, because life and love are eternal – of what many of you refer to as Unconditional Love. Do not be concerned about the effects of this woman on the young girl. There was a part of her that has not been consumed by the darkness, that holds a light for this young girl she actually respects and cherishes, and wants to protect from what she had been experiencing. The young one is able to give her the experience of Unconditional Love, that will revive her soul and give her the strength to change.

The karmic loop is what we are being asked to understand here. Depending on what state of mind or energy a person is when they are ready to leave their physical body, no matter how this is to be, it effects the experiences they are to have here before going on to a review of their life. They get stuck here in the World Between Worlds, not in a helpful way, fearful of moving on, holding on desperately to the life they have just left, looking for an opportunity to re-emerge into the Physical World.”

Grace paused for quite awhile, giving Molly time to take this information in before continuing. “When a woman is spiritually ready to conceive a child, the conditions in the Physical are not always favourable, depending on what is happening for that woman at the time of conception, sometimes there is an opening, an opportunity for a dark spirit to re-enter the Physical World. They rely on pain and suffering as an exchange of energy like a source of nourishment, and if they cannot get it directly for themselves they will create it through another. Like an entity attachment, they are able to create disease in another. This is not the only cause of disease at all, but one that is not spoken about outside of maybe shamanic teachings, or those partaking in The Arts, both White and Black Magic. These are the type of conditions this woman was born into. There is nothing to be feared, just to be aware of, because if you hold your energy in the vibration of Light, this energy cannot exist in a way that will effect you. However, you may come across those whom are having an encounter of this kind, and may need your assistance. Always address this from here in The Attic, never ever attempt to do so on your own in the Physical World. Does that make sense to you? The most important understanding here for you, is that it is all about energy and how we can shift it.”

“Yes, it does Grace, thank you for this, I feel much more at ease about this.”

“Now, I believe you have a busy day ahead of you. The sleep that is coming now will be brief but restorative.” Molly felt her energy withdraw from The Attic and the  shift back into the familiar heaviness of her physical body as her awareness returned to the chair she was sitting in. Pale light  filtered through the gap in the curtains as she slipped back into bed and snuggled up to Will, drifting into a peaceful but short sleep.

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