Chapter 13 – Ladies of The Night

From Invercargill, Molly and Will travelled on to Queenstown and Arrowtown where they were to a stay for several days. They drove through some amazing scenery, the road wove through a dramatic landscape of steep mountains and rolling green pastures and colourful autumn trees. Arrowtown is an intriguing village, a living history, holding its integrity and maintaining an authentic presence through its architecture, amidst being a busy tourist destination. The original stone and timber buildings are being well maintained and continue to be used for homes and businesses, keeping the spirit of the town alive.

Having checked in to their accomodation, they went for a walk into town. Amongst all of the people here in the physical, Molly was keenly aware of the many spirit people going about their daily business also – one dimension layered upon another dimension, co-existing. For her the Spirit World was very visible amongst the Physical World in which she and Will were now walking in.

After catching up with a friend of Molly’s over lunch, they returned to their cabin via the track down by the river, amongst the trees and through a reserve at the back of the shops.  Arrowtown in autumn is so pretty, the changing trees which cover the hillside create a vibrantly colourful and picturesque backdrop for the pretty little town, a popular destination for photographers and artists. Molly felt the presence of Spirit People and knew that she needed to visit The Attic, that there was a story to be taken down. 

Back at the holiday park the cabin was tiny but adequate.  At one end was the bed and through a door the bathroom. At the other end was a kitchenette, a small table with two chairs and two black round backed armchairs, one of which Molly moved near the bed, to give Will some space to set up his easel on the table. As she got comfortable in the chair, and concentrated on her breathing she became aware of the ticking of a clock on the wall. She noticed it was 3.33pm. The tick became louder and louder as she felt herself relaxing…drifting…tick….tock…tick…tock…This sound seemed to follow her as she imagined herself walking up the stairs to The Attic. When she opened the door, on the far wall was a huge railway station lock, taking up most of the wall space, its ticking resonated loudly around the room…tick…tock…tick…tock.

“Grace?” Molly called above the noise. “Grace, where are you?” Molly raised her voice to be heard over the noisy ticking of the huge clock.

“Over here, dear….can you see me?”  Molly could hear Grace but was unable to see her.  Looking in the direction of the voice, Molly found her standing inside of the oversized clock, that she had become the hands. Dressed in black her body, legs and arms took on the hands of the clock, blending inconspicuously into the its face. Molly couldn’t help but laugh at her, she had never seen anything like this in The Attic before! “What’s going on Grace?” she asked, stifling an amused giggle.

“Take a seat and watch the clock…” Molly sat down at the kitchen table, her chair facing the giant clock which took up the whole of the wall. The sound of ticking was mesmerising and as she stared at it, the impression of Grace vanished and the hands of the clock start to tick on the spot and then slowly started to move backwards, anticlockwise. Molly felt like she was being pulled backwards in Time. The detail within the frame of the clock’s face began to change, smoke filled the space and she could hear the faint sound of music. Looking closer at the scene, the smoke  started to thin and the music increased in volume. There was a piano playing a bright, up tempo rhythm, and the sounds of voices become audible. Molly noticed the clock had shrunk and was hanging on a wall above a bar in a hotel. The air was thick with smoke, the smell of beer, and the loud happy chatter of people celebrating.

Suddenly, someone grabbed Molly’s arm and pulled her towards a set of wooden stairs, leading to the floor up above the bar. Everything was feeling surreal and movement appeared to be in slow motion. At the top of the stairs, they paused on the landing. “At last you are here, I have been trying to get your attention for quite some time now. I need your help!” urgently insisted a young woman, well-dressed in a finely striped corseted dress, its skirt ruffle touched the floor neatly over her polished laced-up ankle boots. The ruffle made a sweeping sound and her heals clicked crisply on the wooden floorboards as she led Molly into a room and shut the door. “There, that’s better! A little quieter now and we can talk without having to yell at each other. Allow me to introduce myself – Miss Abigail Thomson. My, you make yourself hard to get!,” she exclaimed holding out her hand to Molly, who looked at her puzzled. Abigail laughed lightly, “We can see you, you stand out like the full moon on a clear night!” After shaking her hand, Molly, feeling dumbstruck and a little disorientated, stood frozen, staring at Abigail, mouth gaping and at a loss for words. Where was she? And how can this possibly be? 

“The Universe is a very big place, remember?” smiling, Abigail winks kindly at her. Looking around the room, Molly saw a small, tastefully decorated room, the window was draped in rich red velvet and cream laced curtains, a double bed was covered in a quilt made of lace and satin fabrics. An ornate glass lamp made of pink etched glass was hanging from the ceiling and there was a wooden washstand against the wall with a pink, green and white floral porcelain jug and bowl sitting on top. The walls were papered with a vertical black and white striped print on the top half above a wooden dado. The cornice was of a simple curved design, made from the same timbers as the ceiling, oiled in the same manner as the lower portion of the walls. In the middle of the ceiling was an ornate ceiling rose made of pressed metal from which hung the oil lamp. In the background Molly could hear the music downstairs, and there is a loud ticking coming from a grandmother clock in the hallway against the wall just outside the door. Molly struggled to take in the environment she found herself in, her logic mind unable to comprehend these circumstance. Feeling slightly dizzy, Abigail sat her down on a Bentwood chair by the writing desk near the edge of the bed. Abigail herself sat on the edge of the bed opposite her, and took both of Molly’s hands and looked demandingly into her eyes and said slowly, “As I said before – I need your help.”

“How on earth can I help you?” Molly blurted nervously.

“Well, that is just it – we are not on earth but in the World Between Worlds! I need to get out of this loop. I have had enough of being stuck here between worlds. I want to move on and this is where I need your help. I know you can do it.”

Molly sobered up as she becomes aware of where she was and that Time was of the essence. Not knowing what else to do, she closed her eyes briefly, asking for Grace’s assistance, some inspiration of what she was to do. Opening her eyes,  she squeezed Abigail’s hands and said to her, “I need you to trust me,” to which Abigail replied, “But of course, I brought you here, didn’t I?” 

Relaxing a little now, Molly brought her focus into the room and of Abigail sitting opposite her, holding her hands. She indeed felt very real. “Close your eyes Abigail and keep holding my hands. I need you to concentrate on your breathing and think only of this. Feel the breath coming in and out of your body. Stay with me, hold your focus here with me, on your breathing and the ticking sound of the clock just outside the door. We are going to count forwards, each breath now, from 1-10…” All they could hear now was the amplified sound of the ticking clock, overriding every other sound downstairs, the bar noises began to fade.

“Eight…nine….ten!” Molly squeezed her hands, opening her eyes to see Abigail blinking unbelievably at the change of environment around them, and then a huge smile washed across her face as she realised that together they have broken the karmic loop. 

“I knew you could do it!” She exclaimed excitedly looking around The Attic, “Where are we?”

“We are still in the World Between World, just another area of it. This is what we call The Attic, it is a portal, a doorway of sorts into the World Between Worlds, between Heaven and Earth,” Molly explained to her. Excitedly Abigail replied, “This is it! This is the place they have been talking about, a subject spoken of only in whispers behind closed doors.” She stared at Molly and the look on her face matched her own amazement. Abigail continued, “There are many curious to know more of this place. Have you noticed the Spirit People lining up the stairs to here? I have always wondered what was up here, but had not been brave enough to join the queue.”

“Yes, yes I have seen the Spirit People from time to time, but I have not ever thought about how they would get here, or where they have come from. How do they get here, what do you know of this portal, The Attic?” Molly asked.

Abigail explained, “The glow of the light that this place generates attracts those whom need assistance, like moths to a lamp. Do you not realise? There is much curiosity about this place. But only those who feel the need come here. And believe me, the word is getting around. You are not the only ones that work from this realm, this World Between Worlds. It has many different names and appearances for those others who are Spirit Walkers, those able to move between worlds, mediums, clairvoyants and spirit communicators – whatever name you wish to give to them. We can see their ‘light’ glowing too, like street lamps on a foggy night is how their presence appears to the Spirit People. Now, what I need your help with is…my sister. I have been stuck in this vibrational loop, strongly connected to the Physical World waiting for her. She went missing one night, and I have been waiting for her to return. But now I realise that she will not be coming back there, that she must have  moved on, or maybe even returned to Earth or somewhere else.”

“Please Abigail, take a seat and I will ask Grace to assist us,” Molly lead her over to the armchairs by the fireplace. They are interrupted by a knock on the door. Looking around the room, Molly was unable to see Grace hiding anywhere visibly and before she can get to the door, it burst open and in walked Grace with a larger-than-life lady, whom she was about to get to know quite well – Madame Vivienne. This voluptuous woman was dressed in a bright red and black corseted dress barely containing her generous bosom. The hooped petticoat craftily sculptured her curvaceous figure,  her hat, gloves and parasol match the fabric of her dress.

“Bon jour!”  She said loudly in a melodic voice. Surprisingly, Abigail leapt to her feet at the sound of this familiar voice.”Madame Vivienne! What are you doing here?” Abigail exclaimed excitedly, to which Madame Vivienne wrapped her arms around her in an all embracing hug. ”Ah, mon cheri, it is soooo good to see you again. And how pleased I am that you have found your way here with Molly.” She turned to Molly, “And you, my dear, may call me Aunt Vivienne! Let’s say that I am a …relative of Grace’s,”  she turned to Grace standing behind her and winked. Aunt Vivienne embraced Molly in a hug that felt like she was wrapping her whole body around her. “Oh daarling, how good to finally meet you! And how wonderful that you have found Abigail. I believe we have some work to do…?” She enquired, raising an eyebrow at Abigail, and went on to explain their relationship. “Abigail and I once worked together in this life passed, in a house of ladies, didn’t we sweetie!” To which they both started laughing. Abigail began to explain, “Madame Vivienne was indeed our madame, I worked for her offering discrete services to upper class gentleman,” she blushed shyly. “Oh we had such fun.!” She laughed reminiscing. And then sobering quickly she said, “But, for now, I need your help. It is Sarah.”

“Ah Miss Sarah, how is she?” Madame Vivienne enquired fondly.

“Missing,” replied Abigail.

“Hmmm…not a problem. We shall find her. Clear the table please Molly, and Grace, gather what we will need.” Grace busied herself setting up the table with what looked like a ouija board, candles, incense and four large crystals. Molly looked at her warily, to which Madame Vivienne winked at Molly and whispered, “They are just tools, a little support shall we say.”

With two sharp claps of her hands, Madame Vivienne dimmed the lighting in the room, and indicated for them all to take a seat around the table. With a twirl, her attire changed and she was dressed for the occasion in a purple and gold gown with a matching turban on her head adorned with a large purple amethyst in the centre just above her third eye. Molly started to giggle, as it all looked more than a little pretentious. Nothing escaped her sharp eye, and Madame Vivienne snapped a sharp sideways glance at her to be quiet, and Molly instantly and slightly embarrassed, took on a more serious approach to the matter at hand. Although in her mind she was thinking, ‘Really? Can they all be so serious about this? A seance, really?’ But nothing escapes Madame Vivienne’s notice and she asked if Molly would prefer to leave the room. Well that settled that, she was obviously very serious, and Molly shifted her energy to focus on the job ahead of them. 

Madame Vivienne motioned for all of them to hold hands. She started to murmur something in a language Molly did not understand at all, the lit candle started to flicker, and the temperature in the room dropped. She felt quite chilly. Now it is all a little unsettling, as Molly sensed the presence of something other than them in the room, a strong, powerful but benevolent presence. Before them appeared a hand, whom Madame Vivienne acknowledged as the great Master Kathumi. She bowed her head in respect and suggested for all of us to do the same. The body attached to the hand gradually appeared and the Ascended Master before them smiled kindly, nodded his head in agreement as he watched on. Madame Vivienne held the circle of energy between them, encouraging the women to be patient and focussed. Again the temperature of the room dropped, the apparition of Master Kathumi faded and Molly began to shiver, the candle flickered and she was barely able to contain a nervous giggle. Grace kicked her shin under the table, demanding that Molly show respect and that this was indeed very serious. Master Kathumi reappeared and beside him was a young lady, not much more than a girl, dressed in a white cotton nightgown, soiled and torn and her hair dishevelled. Her energy wavered and her presence drifts in and out of the room. 

“Everybody lift your energy, she needs our help to find her way here,” Madame Vivienne commanded in a loud voice. As they focussed on lifting their energy the light within the circle glowed more brightly. Madame Vivienne and Master Kathumi  smile and nod encouragingly. “You must hold the image of Sarah being here in the room with us,” she instructed, “This will enable her spirit to find its way back to us. She has been lost for quite some time, however she is keen to come to us.” The glow of the light increased and illuminated the whole room, intensifying moment by moment. Molly looked around to see the others with their eyes closed, concentrating their energy towards Sarah. As soon as Molly focussed on this too, there was a bright flash and a loud thud. She opened her eyes to see everyone else looking at the floor near the window, where a vision of a body fluctuated, Sarah’s presence flitting in and out of the room. “Hold the energy strong!” commanded Madame Vivienne, as she held out her hand to the girl. Once their hands touched, her energy held more consistently and apparition appeared more real, mores solid. 

Exhausted the girl collapsed on the floor. Madame Vivienne motioned to Master Kathumi and together they picked her up off the floor and laid her on the daybed. Grace was by their side with a blanket. There was a strong breeze within the room which attempts to snuff out the candles. “Begone with you, you are not welcome here!” Madame Vivienne yelled at the increasing breeze. The room fell silent and everyone turned their attention to the young girl slumped on the daybed, her face drained of colour. Her body suddenly arched and a deep breath shuddered through her and she began to cough. “Oh hoorah!” exclaimed Madame Vivienne, relieved at her response. Molly felt the temperature in the room increasing, the chill lifting from her own body.

“At last you are Home Sarah!” Madame Vivienne announced, Abigail by her side held her hand, kissed her cheeks multiple times, tears filled her eyes with the pure relief of being reunited with her sister, who looked up at her with adoration in her eyes, the sweet smile of relief on her exhausted face. The light increased in the room to a brilliant glow and the two girls themselves become luminescent. With a bright flash, they are gone.

“Ahhh!” Madame Vivienne sighed loudly, she herself exhausted. She turned to Master Kathumi, “Will you stay for tea, Master Kathumi? Grace has The Best selection of the finest teas,” she invited their silent visitor, and he replied with a nod and a smile, sitting down at the table. “Be a darling Molly and pop the kettle on,” she winked at Molly.

Molly heard their voices fading and became aware of the heaviness of her physical body sitting on the chair in the cabin at Arrowtown. She had been gone for so long, Will was asleep on top of the covers on the bed, and it was dark outside. She looked at the small clock above the kitchen sink to see that it is 10.30pm!! 

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