Chapter 14 – Time Lapse

The next morning as Will and Molly were packing up to start the next leg of their journey heading to the West Coast, Molly’s phone chimed, it was a text message from Anna with the quotes for both of the roofs, a total being $40,000, including guttering and down pipes for the barn. “What do you think Will, should we get a second quote and see which one comes up with the better price?” Molly asked.

Will paused for a moment and then replied, “They are local boys aren’t they? (Molly nodded in agreement) “Let’s support them, and when the job is done, if they have done a good job, we’ll give them a tip, what do you think?”

“That sounds neat Will, what a good idea. I’ll let Anna know. Wow, a new roof – how exciting! And a make-over for the barn too. It will be fun to see that finished.”

Driving from Arrowtown, to Wanaka and through the Haast Pass to the West Coast was amongst some of the most prettiest scenery Molly had seen in New Zealand. The road wove through steep mountains, and alongside of two lakes. At one point the road was actually in the middle of Lake Wanaka and Lake Hawera. Accentuated by the brilliant blue skies, the colours of the lakes were breathtaking. The road wound down through the mountains and along the Haast River which provided landscapes that gave Molly an understanding of why people come to this region from all over the world. Will pulled the car off to the side of the road and they got out to breathe in the fresh mountain air and to actually feel the landscape around them. The stillness was deafening.

“Where are the birds?” Molly asked, “I thought we would see or at least hear heaps of birds,” she said disappointedly. 

“Maybe it is just the time of day,” replied Will, “Let’s see what it is like at sunset, when we have settled into the motel in Haast.” They drove on slowly taking in the expansive vistas of beautiful scenery. It was late afternoon when they reached the motel, sunset would not be for another couple of hours. Being so far south, it set much later despite it being Autumn. They sat out the front of their motel room after dinner to watch the sunset. Again, the air was silent, the absence of bird calls created an eerie atmosphere. It was a little unnerving, something felt wrong.

The next morning they explored the immediate area around the motel, the beach was wild, expansive and framed by mountains. It was liberating to walk along the wide open beach and feel the wind. Drift wood scattered along the sandy beach and there were several horses out enjoying an evening ride. With no cell phone reception when they returned to the hotel room Molly contacted Anna and her mum via Messenger to let them know that they were out of cell phone range for the next few days. Will had gone for a walk to the motel reception to see if he could find out what was happening with the bird life. The motel owner explained to him that since there had done an aerial drop of possum bate last year, they had seen a noticeable  decline in the  numbers of birds in town.  

The next day they drove as far south by road in this area to Jackson’s Bay. Beyond here was Fjordland which was only accessible by a road south of Queenstown, several hours drive away. It was a very beautiful area where the mountains meet the sea. The day provided spectacular weather, warm, sunny and calm. Along the road were the remains of many mud slips where the land had given way due to recent heavy rain, some of them were quite large. The road was well kept, even though it was built on top of swamp land in parts and had the sensation of floating in areas. On the roadside just before they reached the settlement they cam across  the original cemetery where some of the graves dated back to 1875. Later they were told that in the 1800’s, approximately 400 people were dropped off in the area now known as Jackson’s Bay, to make a settlement and were pretty much left to make it on their own. Only a small percentage survived, many perished or took their own lives or each others, as it was rumoured. The cemetery appeared deceivingly small, many of the graves having been reclaimed by nature, with the forest and land slips close by.

Molly and Will enjoyed lunch at The Cray Pot restaurant, a quirky build which was similar to a small train carriage positioned on the waters edge. Being the only place to eat in the area, and a ‘must-do’ by people visiting, there were quite a few people waiting for it to open. Most of the guests sat outside beneath large beach umbrellas. Molly and Will wanted to sit inside and enjoy the character of this creative build. Looking out the window over the bay, the scene was magical. Sunlight sparkled on the rich blue ocean, its calm surface reflecting the bright blue sky. Fishing boats were busy and there were a couple of people kayaking. After lunch they went for a walk through the bush to the ocean on the other side, beyond the bay. They had visited some areas which  had the feeling that it should never have been settled and this was one such area. Some places are isolated for a very good reason, to protect it from humans. As the bush gave way to a tiny cove, it revealed to them a very special place indeed. The ocean was much wilder on this side, not protected by the bay. Buried deep into the sand with only a small fraction of its size revealed to them were massive pieces of pounamou (New Zealand Jade/Greenstone) polished smooth by the rough oceans over many years. It was an amazing experience to sit amongst these special stones. Molly felt sad that there was still no sign of any birds.

On the road back to Haast township, they turned off to visit Lake Ellery, tucked away in the bush. After a 30 minute walk through the bush which followed a river they reached the edge of the lake, carved thousands of years ago by glaciers. The scenery around them was beautiful, but the silence was disconcerting, only broken by the sound of their feet on the stony pathways, an occasional bellbird call and the presence of only one piwakawaka (Native Fantail). Molly felt an increasing sadness in the absence of the wildlife here amongst the pristine forest of native trees. But it was more than the absence of bird life, she was feeling. It was the huge loss of lives. Despite her knowing that life never ends, that beyond Time and Space, the souls journey is eternal, she was still picking up on the loss and sadness of this area. People had experienced inconceivable hardship. The land back in the 1800’s had originally been surveyed from a ship as habitable, but they were not aware then of just how much rain falls in this area, and that it was not sustainable to live here. Only a small amount of the original population survived, with little support, incredible tenacity, determination, and persistence they stayed on, relatives of some of those whom  lived in the area now. But Molly wanted to know what of these souls now, where are they? Were they still in the area, in the Spiritual World that co-exists with the Physical World, or had they moved on? She could not shake off the heaviness in her heart, and needed to discuss this with Grace.

On returning to their Motel room, Will settled in to do some more of his art for Tom. Molly had begun to feel unwell, a headache and a little nausea, and sensitive to the heated argument going on in the suite next door, she took all of these as indicators 

that it was time to visit Grace. She found some classical music on her iPad which helped her ease into meditation. Visualising herself walking up the stairs, she immediately began to feel better. Pausing outside the door, apprehensive of what may be awaiting her on the other side of it, she took a deep breath. Molly opened the door to be met by total darkness, inky darkness, like a void of nothingness, a space lost in Time. Looking around  she was unable to see anything, the darkness appeared to consume everything, except for a faint outline of The Attic which she was able to perceive as her eyes adjusted to the dark. From across the room she could hear sobbing. As Molly focussed on this sound she could vaguely see the outline of a woman on the floor, rocking and sobbing, in her arms was a young child. As Molly moved closer, the scene before her began to lighten and the woman became aware of her, her pleading eyes begging her for assistance. Not knowing what to do, Molly sat on the floor next to her and realised that the woman was actually unable to see her. She looked around the room for Grace, who whispered quietly, “I am by your side always.”

“What do we do here Grace? How can we help her? Can we help her?” Molly whispered.

“She is in a Time Lapse, causing a repetitive loop of events for her, waiting for her child. She is stuck at the moment of when she lost her son. The grief of this loss on top of the hardship of her life was too much for her to accept. She died not that long after her child from grief. And this is where she is suspended. To help her, we are required to generate sufficient “Light’ or high vibrational energy for her to be able to lift her spirit  so that she can join her son and break free of these repetitive bonds of the Time Lapse. Now Molly, I need you to focus on the child, hold the image of the infant sitting her in arms, of drawing his energy to this moment in Time, where his mother is. He needs to be shown the way back to her to be able to take her forward with him. We will not be apparent to them, that is not necessary. She does not need to understand what has happened, only to fulfil her desire to be reunited with her son. We will lift and hold this energy enough to help them find each other, for her to look up to see where he is now and not back at what was. It will break the cycle of grief which she has been locked in. Together we will project to her within this energy a vision of her son, of his spirit taking form in a way that is familiar to her, in the likeness that she remembers him as being. Take my hands now and we will do this until she receives the impression. You will see the shift in her energy.”

Molly could hear the sound of waves breaking on the shore, the playful laughter as the image of an infant tumbling in the sand as he attempted to walk in the soft ground grows with intensity before her. The scene behind him is of the calms waters of the bay where the sunlight sparkles like dancing diamonds across the surface. She can see his mother laughing and encouraging him to come to her. With great concentration he picks himself up again, fixes his eyes on his mother and smiling makes his way to her. Molly can see her face light up as he gains his balance and takes the necessary steps to reach her. She squats down to meet him and as her arms embrace the wee child, the light around them increases, encompassing them both like a large halo, growing with intensity into a brilliant bright flash. As the light fades, Molly sees they have gone, and the vision of the beach transforms back into the familiar room she knows as The Attic. Molly felt immense relief by what she has just witnessed and of having been a part of. Looking around the room she finds Grace standing by the dormer window looking down towards what Molly knows as the garden. As she looked over Grace’s shoulder, the scene out of the window has changed and they watch as the mother is walking away from the house with the child in her arms, into the distance, where there are other spirit people welcoming them. The feeling of blissful relief is overwhelming as Molly looks on at this beautiful reunion. Across Time and Space, they have found each other. Grace slips her hand into Molly’s as they stand as silent witnesses to this joyful reunion.

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