Chapter 15 – From The Darkness Into The Light

The drive from Haast up the West Coast of The South Island to Fox Glacier and on to Frans Josef Glacier was stunning, breathtakingly beautiful. They were lucky to have clear sunny days. Molly and Will turned off the road before the main tourist location for Fox Glacier. Driving down a dirt road they came to a parking area, and a small sign to a lookout. Having no idea what they were in for, the vista that unfolded before them left no room for words. It had the feeling of entering a massive cathedral. Surrounded by trees, the lookout opened up to take in a view of Fox Glacier beyond the tourist carpark in the distance. They could see hundreds of people walking up to and back from the Glacier. The valley before them opened out to embrace the foot of glacier. There was a young girl sitting on a rock meditating. Molly and Will sat on another rock opposite in silence, taking in the the spiritual energy which had a strong presence in this incredibly special location. Molly felt it touch her soul, resonating with something deep inside of her, beyond the explanation of words. 

The couple drove on in silence, holding the beautiful feeling they had shared, not wanting to break the spell by trying to find words to describe it. Close to sunset they stopped at Hokitika to walk along the beach, where there were countless people ready with cameras on tripods, awaiting the spectacular sunset. The beach was scattered with large pieces of driftwood, and massive sculptures made from these, remnants of a recent festival. Driving around town looking for accommodation, they found everything was booked out. Molly began to feel restless, slightly agitated and the need to move on. “Just keep driving Will – please?” She pleaded. So they drove on to Greymouth, where there were ample motels available. The next morning Molly woke after a restless sleep, still feeling agitated, unsettled and with the sensation of chaos, disorientation. She knew what she needed to do and after breakfast, Will went for a walk and left her to meditate.

Doing her best to settle into the armchair in their motel room, Molly struggled to focus on her breathing, which was short, like there was a pressure on her chest. Before she was able to envision the stairs to The Attic, she could feel the presence of many people beside her, around her. Then she saw the stairs lined with Spirit People. She jostled her way amongst them, heading towards the door, some expressed their frustration that she was pushing her way through. Eventually she managed to slip through the door and locked it behind her, to be greeted by an agitated Grace. “Thank god you are here, that lot were getting rowdy out there – there is work to be done!”

Molly sat down, exhausted. It had taken a lot of energy to get up those stairs, what was that all about? Sitting in the armchair by the fireplace she was overcome with the feeling of heaviness, sadness, desperation and desolation, and a compressed sensation in her chest. Closing her eyes, she attempted to calm herself. She saw a vision of a dirt road approaching the small town just out of Greymouth called Kumara, an old gold mining town along the main road to Arthur’s Pass which then travelled east through the Southern Alps to Christchurch. The energy began to lift as she saw herself approaching the town. Kumara was once a thriving settlement with 41 licensed hotels. Only one actually remains and is still used as an upmarket restaurant and boutique accommodation. Molly saw herself walking inside this hotel and could feel the strong presence of a woman, generous in build, vibrant personality, strong-willed and well dressed. Not afraid of displaying her best attributes, her breasts were held in place by her tightly laced corset over an ankle length skirt which parted just below her waistline, the folds of fabric discreetly revealing her gartered thigh in between the layers of lace ruffles and rich velvet of her well-tailored bustled skirt. She was both classy and sassy, a bodacious character, who never tolerated any nonsense and could also be as gentle as a kitten. Hence her nickname “Kitty” (Katherine) James. She ran the show, in so many ways, organising the girls as entertainers or ‘dance partners’ for the visiting and local gentlemen, and provided entertainment herself through her outrageous behaviour (given a few whiskies) and her past days as a stage performer. 

Kitty would welcome anyone regardless of their nationality or financial status. However, if anyone were to mistreat or disrespect her girls she was renown for physically tossing them out the door herself. No one dared cross the line with Kitty James! Although some did try, but never succeeded. She kept her personal life very private and even her girls were sworn to secrecy as to who her lover was. No one was ever able to reveal his identity. This was a game she relished with her rival beau’s (or rather those who wished to be!) and many were in competition for her affections. In present day, she was just another colourful character in the chapters of the past of the wild west coast, but she was still protective of her precious hotel and made her presence felt from time to time with a bit of mischievous ghostly activity.

The scene changed and Molly saw herself in a horse drawn carriage travelling to Greymouth. Almost instantly the heaviness returned as they crossed the Taramakau River and her chest felt tight, breathing was difficult. She could feel the presence of many Spirit People surrounding the carriage as they pulled into Greymouth. There was a vast number of them, too many for Molly to count. Miner’s from all the era’s, of all ages and of all status, all of their faces dark with the grime of coal dust, mud and dirt. The look on all their faces was dismal, despondent and lost. The sadness of this town was tangible for Molly, weighing heavily like a thick fog. She could feel their eyes on her back as she climbed out of the carriage and walked through the doors which lead her to the bottom of the stairs up to The Attic. It felt like they were following her. Grateful to be inside The Attic again, the sadness lifted. 

Grace welcomed her, “Come, take a seat. There are a few friends I would like you to meet….” She said opening the door again. In walked a whole crowd of people Molly had never met before. They all came and stood around the table, some taking a seat where possible. As everyone settled, Grace address them, “Thank you all for coming to help us today. As you can see outside the door, we have quite a big job to do. And this is new for Molly, as much as you are all aware of her, she has not met you. This will take much focus and undivided, concentrated attention. So please get yourselves comfortable and ready. We will do a meditation to lift the energy before we help these lost souls find their way Home.”

Grace guided them through a meditation to tap into the energy of the Light. Molly had never seen anything like this before. The Light was audible, similar to the sound of the ringing from crystal bowls, reminiscent of angels singing. The room was aglow, like they were  sitting in a translucent vessel of light suspended above the earth, the walls of The Attic had become transparent and they had an elevated view over Greymouth, the landscape below them speckled with holes of all sizes. Grace guided them to adjust the level of Light, making it easier and more acceptable for the lost souls waiting outside. They had been dwelling in darkness for sometime now. Lost, despondent, not knowing what to do, they had at least found each other. They were wanting to go Home, although the home they were desiring, longing for was no longer possible, they were stuck in the Past. They needed someone to show them the way forward. Their deaths had been shocking – all of them. It was a little like a scene from a zombie movie. Molly felt uncomfortable, more than a little fearful, almost terrified. Unsure of what to do, she watched on, and quickly remembered to hold her own energy, to be a shining light for them. The Light which would enable them to move forward, was like the eternal dawn just on the horizon….and then she felt a shift, a sense of resignation, but not yet to the point of letting go of what had been familiar to them, and was now in The Past. It was daunting for them too, these poor wretched souls, wandering aimlessly, having no idea of how to get Home, to return to Heaven. 

The scene around Molly changed and she found herself with Grace in a large hall, the doors at the end open outwards and all of these Lost Souls filled the hall. Each took a seat, and waited patiently, there was a gentle murmur amongst them. Once they are all seated, Grace address the crowd.

“It has taken some time and patience on behalf of you all, but now you have finally made it here together, and yes it is time for you all to go Home.” There was a feeling of unrest amongst the crowd, a mixture of energies of excitement and trepidation. Grace continued, “We are here to help you find those you have been searching for, your loved ones. They too have been waiting to welcome you Home. However…this will take a concerted effort on behalf of you all, for this must be done together, all of you united, focussing together, and with us. Please, close your eyes…” This took a little while as many of them were hesitant, nervous and distrusting but eventually, encouraging each other, everyone was sitting peacefully with their eyes closed. Grace encouraged them, “I want you to imagine now, seeing the person you have missed the most standing in front of you, they are holding out their hands to welcome you Home. This is the long awaited moment, it is here now, and it is Time. Hold that picture, that image, strong and clear. Feel the emotion, feel the wonderful elation of finally going Home. Keep your eyes closed now until I tell you otherwise. No peaking! We need you to totally trust in this process.”

Molly was witnessing a transformation of this group of lost souls, an increasing bright Light filled the space of the hall. The intensity of it started to permeate through the walls, making them transparent, revealing many, many souls, beings of Light waiting for these dear ones to come Home, to return with them to their place of origin…or what many know of as Heaven. There were hundreds of them, as far as Molly could see, all shining luminescent beings, radiant souls that had been waiting for this moment, for their loved ones to be guided to them.

Grace addresses the crowd again, instructing the  miners and their loved ones, “Before opening your eyes, I want you to feel the space around you. Feel that the Light Force Energy is filling this hall, this amazing light, a tangible energy, an energy that is familiar to you. It is that feeling of arriving home after you have been away for so long. Feel the glow of this in your heart.” Molly can see smiles spreading across the crowd of faces around her, creasing the dusty, dirty faces of the spirit people, rippling through the crowd like a wave of energy, transforming them from the darkness they had been lost in, to the vibrant Light growing in intensity around them.

“Know that these loved ones are standing here before you ready to welcome you Home. Open your eyes now and make that step into the Light with them, take their hands and embrace them.”

The expansive feeling of Love and the intensity of Light in the hall was unlike anything Molly had ever experienced before. There was no comparison to anything she could relate to in the Physical World. It felt like warm honey, soothing from the inside out. The brilliant light was vibrant, intense, but gentle, comforting, soothing, and somehow familiar. Molly was in awe of what was transpiring before her, the reunion of these Lost Souls. With a vibrant surge of Light, like a shock wave moving through the hall, they were gone and she found herself back in The Attic with just Grace. The fireplace was burning, the room warm and cozy and there is tea ready on the table before them. Lucy had been busy too. Speechless, Molly looked around the room taking in the somewhat more familiar surroundings, but still slightly disturbed by the strong shift in energy she had experienced.

Molly became aware of the heavy sensation of returning to her body, sitting in the chair in the motel room in Greymouth. Will was in the kitchen preparing some lunch, several hours had passed. “Hello my busy Time Traveller, need some water?” He asked. “Mmmm…yes please, and maybe a bottle of wine after that trip!” Molly replied.

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