Chapter 17 – The Medicine Woman

The smell of fresh brewed coffee stirred Molly from her dreams. She rolled over to find Will’s side of the bed was empty. Sleepily, she sat up in bed, and looked around the room for Will. She could hear him in the kitchen. Wrapping a bathrobe around her, she walked sleepily out into the kitchen to find a cup of coffee waiting for her, Will sitting at the table. Bright and very much awake, he had been up since 4am, he was unable to get back to sleep after his dream, and was keen to share it with Molly over breakfast. She was very excited to hear that Will too was open to receive this form of information.

“It must be the meditation Will, that it has been preparing you to experience the spirit people for yourself.” They talked about this late into the morning, only disrupted by Will’s phone ringing. It was Tom. 

Molly tidied up the motel room and prepared something to eat for lunch as Will continued his conversation with Tom on the phone.  It was almost an hour later when they sat down eat, she could sense there was something troubling him, but decided to wait patiently for him to bring up the subject, trusting that he would be able to work it out for himself, or would ask for her help. Part the way through the meal, Will broke the silence, his face quite pale.

“Molly, Kelly is in hospital. Her blood pressure has gone higher than the midwife was happy with and has called in the assistance of an obstetrician. Tom is beside himself. You know how he is Mr Information, I think he may have overstudied a little, sometimes too much information is not helpful. I don’t know what to do, he is terribly distressed. Should we drive back to Wellington? What do you think?”

Molly sat quietly, sitting with the panic that she felt rising from her stomach, and   thought silently to herself, “Oh Grace, please don’t let any harm come to these special people. What can we do to help?” And then she saw an image flash before her of the stairs to The Attic. “We need to meditate Will, are you with me on this one?”

“Absolutely, but I am not sure what to do,”  he replied.

“Neither am I, but I will guide you with what I perceive as we go. Let’s wash the dishes and settle down for the afternoon and see how we can help Tom and Kelly and the babies.

With the kitchen cleaned, they both settled into the armchairs in their motel room. It was raining outside, and despite being early autumn the temperature had dropped and it was chilly. Molly put the heat pump on. The drone of the motor was a good focus for them, eliminating all other thoughts. She guided Will up the stairs and into The Attic. This was the first time he had visited there through meditation. He held the vision of it in his mind and listened to Molly as she described what she was seeing in her visualisation, until he was able to see it for himself. It was the strangest feeling. The sensation was like watching a movie, he saw himself sitting at the kitchen table with Grace and opposite her was another woman Will had never seen before but who appeared to be familiar with Molly, hugging her and kissing both her cheeks. He saw Molly introducing him to Jordana.

Jordana explained to them what was happening with Kelly and the babies. One of the twins was very eager to come into the Physical World, the other content to stay in-utero. There was a conflict going on between them, depicting their strong personalities even before they were born. 

“They are both strong willed, one is very physical and one is very spiritual, like yin and yang,” she said, cupping her hands together in opposite directions, indicating the ancient Chinese symbol. “But they will always be there for each other, despite their individual traits, they will always have ‘the twin thing’, knowing what the other needs or wants. Kelly must rest, and she needs help, herbs to help her, to bring balance long enough for these tiny bodies to be ready for the Physical World. You will come with me Molly, tonight whilst you sleep, we will visit Kelly together.” Jordana turned to Will and said,  “Not for you William, this is Secret Womens Business! Molly you must make a tea from this before you go to bed tonight” Jordana said handing Molly  a cloth sachet with dried herbs in it. Then she looked at Molly and said, “He not say much, he can talk, can’t he?” She said reaching over to Will and poking him in the chest. The spark which emanated from Jordana’s finger zapped Will and shifted his energy. He felt himself snap back into his physical body in the chair in the motel, and he heard Jordana say, “Ooops, where did he go?” with a playful chuckle and smirk on her face.

“Oh Jordana! Will has never been to The Attic in this way before! It was his first time,” Molly looked concerned at her, “What have you done to him?”

Jordana chuckled, “Him ok. Back in his body now, just a little wobbly. You go now. Be with him. Make him nice cup of tea!” She smiled, and Molly felt the heaviness of her physical body returning, and opened her eyes to see Will sitting straight upright in his chair, eyes wide open, not moving. In her hands was the sachet of dried herbs Jordana had given her in the vision! Then Molly remembered the Rescue Remedy, got the bottle from her bag placing several drops into a glass of water and handed it to Will, “Here Honey, sip this. You’ll be ok in a minute. I’ll make us a nice hot cup of tea.” After several minutes, when Molly had poured the tea, Will was feeling himself again. She put aside the herbs, thinking that he had experienced enough  for now, she would share this with him later that night.

“Wow! Molly, that was A-MAZ-ING! You are right, Jordana is like a female version of Yoda from Star Wars!” and then excitedly he began to babble, “This is so exciting! Can I tell Tom now, or should I wait until you have been to visit Kelly with Jordana? You must tell me all about it, oh I wish I could come with you….” Finally, he paused for breath, and Molly smiled fondly at him. “I love you William Ferguson!” And she kissed him. “The rain has stopped now, it would be a good time for a walk before dinner.” 

“Dinner?” Queried Will, “What time is it?” 

“Just after 5pm”, Molly answered.

“You’re kidding! What time did we sit down to meditate?” He asked.

“About 2.15pm”, Molly replied, “Like magic, isn’t it?” Will sat dumbstruck, unable to grasp that so much time had passed so quickly. It felt to him that they were only meditating for about 15 minutes. “Drink up, let’s go move our bodies a bit shall we?” Molly said, getting ready to go out for a walk, she handed him a shell jacket.

After dinner, whilst Will attended to his artwork for Tom, Molly sat to do some journal writing for herself. She played some music by Vivaldi’s quietly in the background, enjoying Will’s company, just being with him was comforting, no need to fill the space with words. But obviously Will too was contemplating what had happened that afternoon, and he remembered something he wanted to know more about.

“Molly, before I fell back into my body, Jordana handed you something, what was it?” He asked. Molly got up and handed him the sachet of dried herbs and said, “Oh this?” She handed him the herbs casually. “Where did this come from?” He looked up at her slightly confused. Molly just smiled at him, and waited for the penny to drop.

“You’re kidding me! No way!” He exclaimed excitedly. “True? This came from Jordana in The Attic? Please don’t say you are playing with me Molly Ferguson!” A smile spread across Molly’s face, “Oh no Will, I am not playing with you. When I came back from meditation, it was sitting in my hands!” She too was excited about this. Will took it from her and smelt it, gently squeezing the bag. “It is real, isn’t it! Do you know what is in it?” 

“Oh yes, I know the smell well, it is Vervain. The herb is to assist with visions. “Not particularly nice in taste, I will mix it with some lemon and ginger tea. Think I’ll get ready for bed, it might be a busy night.” 

Snuggling down into bed, Will drifted into sleep easily, but Molly was excitedly awaiting what might happen for her. Wide awake she laid in bed staring at the ceiling. Nothing. And then she head that familiar voice of Jordana, “Sleep! You must go to sleep!”  Molly counted backwards from 100 and before reaching 80, she was drifting into a deep sleep. Then she woke suddenly to find she was standing beside the bed looking at her own body lying next to  Will  asleep. The front door of the motel opened and a bright light shone through the doorway, beckoning her. Molly walked out into the light and up the stairs which appeared before her, to find she was standing at the door to The Attic. Inside was Grace and Jordana, just as she had left them earlier that afternoon. They both smiled at her. Jordana stood up, picked up a large sack-like bag and said to Molly, “You Ready?” To which she nodded in reply. Together they walked out the door of The Attic, down the stairs and into a hallway in the hospital where Kelly was in care. Molly followed close behind Jordana, they walked down many hallways, until finally she stopped outside of a door to a private room. Opening the door quietly, they stepped inside to where Kelly was resting, propped up in the bed with a monitor strapped to her belly. Molly looked at Jordana, who nodded in approval, before proceeding towards the bed. Molly sat next to Kelly and took her hand, kissing the back of it. Kelly stirred, a faint smile flickered across her lips, thinking it was Tom. Opening her eyes she was so surprised to see Molly. “When did you get here? Oh Molly, there was no need to end your holiday because of us!”

“Oh we haven’t, just popped in for a visit! Kelly I have brought a friend who can help you and the babies. Don’t worry, no one else can see her. And what she will do for you will only benefit you all, no need to be concerned about what the doctors will think. They will be none the wiser, just amazed at the response your body is having. But you will remember what you are about to experience. Just hold my hand and let Jordana do her magic for you.” Not sure what to say, Kelly just nodded, too tired to ask questions just now.

Jordana opened up her bag and brought out a wrapped bundle made of soft deer skin. She unwrapped it revealing, a  paua shell, a smudge stick, and several bundles of dried herbs. From inside of the bag she got out a small mortar and pestle, and sat on the floor grinding the herbs and singing quietly. Indicating to Molly to get some boiling water, some of the herbs she placed into a cup and Molly added the water, the others she placed into a small bowl and added a little oil. She place the bowl on top of the cup and let it heat the oil. When she felt it was ready, Jordana handed the tea to Molly who gave it to Kelly to drink and Jordana indicated that she needed to massage Kelly’s belly with the oils. Kelly was concerned about removing the monitor, but Molly slipped it up to sit just beneath her breasts and keeping contact with the babies heartbeats. As Jordana massaged the babies, singing quietly, Kelly squeezed Molly’s hand, “it is so good to have you here, I don’t think anyone else would understand.” Molly shared with Kelly what Jordana had told her about the babies. It made Kelly laugh. Surprisingly, it all made sense to her.  Jordana stood by Kelly’s side and said, “All good now, babies come early, pack your bags for April 30th!”

Molly woke with a jolt, sitting upright in bed, sweating, her heart racing. She looked around the room to familiarise herself with where she was, the vision still vivid in her mind’s eye. Will stirred in his sleep, rolled over and snuggled up to her legs. She looked down at him  adoringly and stroked his hair, leaned back into her pillows and pondered the dream of her visit to Kelly.

They were woken by the sound of Will’s phone ringing. The ring tone was a David Bowie’s song, ‘Ground Control To Major Tom’. It was Tom. Bleary eyed, Molly looked at the bedside clock, it read 9.34 am! “Will, is Molly there? I want to share this with both of you, put the phone on speaker. Hey Molly? How are you?” 

“Good thanks Tom. How are you, and Kelly and the Bubbies?”

“That is why I wanted to talk to you both. I am on my way to pick them up from hospital. I had a call from the doctor this morning. He was very excited and pleased to say that he was over the moon with Kelly stats this morning and that she was ready to come home. All three of them are doing well and thankfully we will not have a premature birth. They have another 7 weeks of swimming around inside of Kelly, well, that is the plan anyway. So I thought I would let everyone know the good news, starting with you guys”. 

“Cheers Tom, give our love to Kelly and we’ll chat again soon, yeah?”

“Yeah, see ya!” His chirpy voice and happy news started their day off beautifully. 

Molly was tired, but with a sense of satisfaction, and just a little amazement about her night. After breakfast she shared her dream-come-vision with Will. Knowing now that Kelly and the babies are ok, Will was blown away. “Wow Molly, just when I think I am getting used to these experiences, visions, dreams or whatever you call them, Grace up’s the ante again. Do you think it is a good thing to share with Tom and Kelly?”

No sooner had he finished his sentence, Will’s phone rang. It was Tom again. “Hiya, umm, I don’t know what to say….umm….here’s Kelly – she wants to talk to you both.” Will put the phone on speaker again and placed it on the table between him and Molly.

“Hi guys!” It was Kelly. “How are you both?” She enquired.

“Oh we’re good Kelly, but how are you?” Molly asked.

“I feel incredibly good, and the babies are the most settled they have been since they could move around. Molly, it is you I want to talk to. It’s ok Will you can hang around, you may find it interesting. Last night I had a dream…..” Molly and Will looked at each other excitedly, but did not utter a word! “Molly, I dreamt you came to visit me in hospital. You brought with you an old woman, a medicine woman. She was short and kind of wrinkly and old, like Wisdom personified. She reminded me of a movie character…..ummm….Yoda, you know, from Star Wars! That’s it, she reminded me of a female Yoda!” Kelly laughed, Will and Molly just looked at each other  and then at the phone dumbfounded! “Anyway, she had a bundle with her, which she unwrapped on my bed and took out some smudge, a paua shell, and from somewhere she produced a small mortar and pestle and dried herbs. I can still recall the smell of them, strong, pungent and woody. She made a cup of herb tea and a massage oil which she rubbed into my belly. Oh it felt so good!” Kelly sighed at the memory of this. “Then she said that the babies would come on the 30th April! And then I woke up feeling awesome – I could have skipped down the hall, except for this huge belly!” Then she whispered quietly, “Love you guys.” After a pause Kelly continued, “The doctors could not believe the recovery I had had overnight and were very pleased to be able to send us home!” She paused, then continued, “Molly do you know any of this? Did you have something to do with this?”

“Ah, well Kelly…I don’t know what to say. Other than, I had the same dream last night….”

Kelly shrieked, “Your kidding me! Aren’t you? Maybe?” There was silence. “OH…MY…GOD…Molleeeeey, what was that all about?!”

“Um, let’s say it was just a bit of magic,” Molly replied. 

“I don’t really understand what just happened, but I am so grateful. Did Grace have anything to do with this?” Kelly asked.

“Kinda, just a wee bit…” Molly’s voice was barely a whisper, and she looked across the table at Will, more than a little lost for words. “Kelly, if you will excuse us, we need to get ready to leave.”

“I beg your pardon guys, lost in my own world, I am sorry! Where are you heading next?” Kelly asked.

“We are at Greymouth and would like to visit Punakaiki on the way to Westport,” Will added in, giving Molly a chance to catch her breath. He continued, “It’s so good to hear that you are all doing well now, love to you all and we’ll chat again soon. Bye Kelly.” Pressing the End Call button, Will looked at Molly with slight concern. “You ok Babe? Can I get you something?”

“Oh a nice strong cup of tea would be fabulous Mr Ferguson”, Molly said, walking over to the bed and collapsing on it. Staring up at the ceiling, a huge smile spread across her face.

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