Chapter 22 – Arrival Of The Twins

In The Waiting Room for the Maternity Ward was a large screen TV, several beanbags covers in soft fabrics, a pile of colourful polar fleece blankets and fluffy cushions, two large lounges, several comfy reclining arm chairs, a bookcase containing puzzles, board games, books and magazines. A large window looked out onto the gardens in-between the buildings. Molly stared out the window wondering what it must be like for Tom and Kelly – imagining the excitement, the fear, the trepidation, the exhaustion, the anticipation, and the incredible joy. And she thought of Grace and asked her to help them, to provide them with everything they needed to brings these babies safely into the world. The large clock on the wall reminded them of just how slowly time had passed, and she was aware that it could be a very long night. Delilah and Louisa had arrived not long after Molly and Will. Initially everyone was excited, and after only several hours they were just bored, feeling slightly helpless, somewhat tired but restless. It was 7pm and thoughts of what to do for dinner became stronger, the growling in Molly’s stomach letting her know it was needing attention. She looked across the room at Will who was dozing in a beanbag. Delilah was busy working on her MacBook and Louisa was flicking her way through the countless magazines. Molly thought she would meditate, but her quiet space was interrupted by some more visitors – it was Moana and the team from the Little Book Publishing Co., equipped with a picnic basket containing a feast for them all, including a couple of bottles of spiked cranberry juice. “Moana, you are wicked,” teased Will, hugging her. They snacked and played games until after midnight, without any news from the Delivery Suite. Eventually, sleep got the better of all of them, nicely relaxed with fully bellies and just enough alcohol.

At 3.30am Tom entered the Waiting Room quietly and found them all asleep, bodies and remnants of their picnic strewn around the room like the aftermath of a wild party. “You guys have sure made yourselves at home! Anything left for me?” Tom addressed the sleeping bodies.

“Oh my god, it’s Tom!” exclaimed Moana, pulling herself from a deep sleep, waking them all. “Are the babies here? Are they ok? How is Kelly? Is she ok? How are you? Are you hungry? You must be tired….” They bombarded Tom with questions, surrounding him in a hug. Luckily for Tom, Moana had thought of him and packed a seperate meal. Seeing his exhaustion, Will sat him down on the lounge and shushed everyone. They all looked to Tom and waited. In a quiet voice, he brought them up to date, “ Kelly is ok, exhausted and drugged, but ok. The twins are ok. One came quickly and the second baby was just a wee bit resistant, not wanting to leave the comfort of Kelly’s belly. He is in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit,  just until his body temperature stabilises, otherwise he is ok. We have a son and a daughter!”

The small crowd surrounded Tom, the heartfelt warmth of his friends energised him and he relaxed into their huge embrace. Through tears, he thanked them all for being there. After eating some of Moana’s picnic, conversation fell silent and sleep took over them. It was after 8am, woken by the increasing busyness of the hospital starting a new day, and the voice of Kelly’s midwife, “Morning sleepy heads! Kelly has asked to see you all. Quietly!” She hushed them. “You must come quietly. Both the babies are with her now. It will be a brief visit, just to say hi. Kelly needs rest,” the midwife announced, ushering them down the hall to a private room like children on an excursion to the Museum.

Quietly they walked single file through the door and quickly filled the room. Kelly was sitting propped up in bed with pillows, both babies in her arms. One baby was awake and alert, her little eyes bright and very aware, checking out the visitors one at a time. The baby boy was snuggle up against Kelly’s breast, contentedly asleep. They looked so small! A beautiful silence embraced the room with an immense feeling of love, as they all looked on in awe of these two tiny new human beings.  Despite her exhaustion, Kelly and the babies radiated an incredible energy.  She clearly needed to sleep, so they each gave her a kiss and met back in The Waiting Room. A contented tiredness washed over this little family of friends and they agreed it was time to tidy up and go home. Every one of them had been touched by the presence of these tiny angels, their lives were never to be the same again. 

Whilst they tidied up The Waiting Room, Kelly laid in bed and watched over her beautiful babies. Nothing could take the smile from her face in that moment. She had never experienced such bliss. Something in the corner of the room caught her attention. She was sure she saw the form of a woman standing in the corner, but with a blink of her eye, it was gone. Kelly put it down to her tiredness and closed her eyes. But there, standing in the corner of the room was indeed a woman, actually more than one….it was the three Grace’s! They looked on as Kelly fell into a much needed, peaceful sleep. Once asleep, the Grace’s surrounded the bed, cooing at the babies, who both lay awake, very much aware of the presence of the women. These old souls in new bodies, held the wisdom of knowing exactly who they are and why they were here. Whilst Kelly slept, she heard whispering voices penetrating her dreams, gentle, beautiful dreams, a stream of names flowed through her mind, as visions of small children introduced themselves…..there were two names which remained in her mind on waking…

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