Chapter 26 – Nurse Angela.

Molly had contemplated phoning Anna. It was only fair to let her know that they were on their way home. She was also tempted to meet with her in The Attic. Or maybe she would just send a text message when they were actually on their way to the house…..She decided to do nothing just now. Later. She would take care of it later.

The drive from Oakune to National Park was one of the prettiest yet. Clear blue skies enhanced the crisp white snow-capped mountains as they drove along the highway towards Horopito. Will had been looking forward to visiting Horopito Motors. Th original business eveloped in an old saw mill as what began as a motor mechanic in the mid 1940’s and had evolved into a collector’s spare parts shop, and a tourist attraction, it was nicknamed ‘Smash Palace’ after the New Zealand movie filmed on location in the 1980’s.

Molly parked the car across the road from the front of the property. Under the verandah was a selection of vintage vehicles in various states of disrepair. The building itself resembled something like a set out of a wild west movie. Molly was amused by the delighted expression on Will’s face. It was a destination on his bucket list, a must-do in Life. This place was transforming him into a 10 year old boy again. He grabbed Molly’s hand and lead her earnestly through the scattered vehicles to what appeared as the front door, marked ‘Office’. They were welcomed by a lady who suggested for them to wander freely around the property, “jus’ mind where ya put ya feet!” She called after them. There were workshops after workshops, inside of old converted saw mills, where vehicles were actually stacked one on top of the other, sometimes 3 cars high! There were areas of just for steering wheels, or just for starter motors, or just for headlights, for every conceivable make of car, ranging back to the early model Fords. Several hours later, as they found their way out of the buildings, they discovered the acres of land covered in vehicles, some had been there for so long they had trees or plants growing through them. Four hours later, they fell into their own car, laughing hysterically, tired and satisfied. It was an amazing, unique experience, it really was a  ‘must-do’. Molly loved it and Will had the look on his face of a child who’s most wished-for Christmas present had been delivered by Santa in person.

They drove back onto the road to Whakapapa and Chateau Tongariro, where they planned to have lunch. On enquiring at Reception, The Chateau itself had been booked out by a bus load of tourist. But they got caught up with the crowd as it moved through  the entrance foyer at The Chateau. They did contemplate faking that they were on the tour too, but thought better of it. However, they did get to have a little sneak around a couple of the rooms leading off from the old ballroom, until they were discretely escorted outside, no longer able to hide amongst the Asian tourist. Outside Molly read a brief history of the building. She had the feeling of being followed as they walked across the road to the cafe. The presence stayed with her for the remainder of the day, until they settled in their motel at Lake Taupo. 

That night Molly was unable to settle or sleep. Will already having fallen asleep, she decided to get out of bed, wrapped the bathrobe around her, and put the kettle on. Sitting in the lounge chair, with her feet up sipping hot chocolate, she asked in her mind for whomever it was following her around today to show themselves. And show themselves they did! As she drifted into meditation, as she felt herself walking up the stairs to The Attic, Molly could hear the sound of muffled voices behind the door. What she saw inside The Attic, made her freeze. The room was packed with people! A man in a white gown stepped forward to greet her. “We are only but some of the inpatients who once stayed at The Chateau. I think it best if you come on in and sit down and we will show you our story.” He positioned a chair for her facing a blank wall, and indicated for Molly to take a seat. He slowly swept his arm across the length of the wall, activating it like a projection screen. Before her was a black & white movie scene of a bus driving up the unsealed road towards the beautiful Chateau. The sky was clear and there was the atmosphere of hope. It was during the Second World War and The Chateau had been vacant for several years because of this. These patients on the bus had come from a mental hospital which had been damaged by the earthquake in Wellington during 1942. With varying states of need, they were transported by bus to The Chateau, and there was the atmosphere of going on a holiday. The scene changed and they were being guided into the foyer for a meeting. Some of the nursing staff were helping those who need assistance. Some were in straight jackets, some appeared to be mentally absent, dazed or maybe heavily drugged. 

Most of the medical staff were in favour of new medical treatments for these patients. These patients appeared to Molly as Lost Souls. She felt herself repulsing, pushing up against the back of her chair. Amongst the crowd of souls and dark shadows stood out a young woman, a nurse, a quiet young woman who had a special presence about her. It was as if she glowed. There was an aura of light which surrounded her and she stood out amongst the contrast of these people, who were all accompanied by dark shadows which followed them closely. A dark mist swirled around the periphery of them. Like a lighthouse in the mist, this woman was illuminated, surrounding her was an entourage of angels. Her name was Nurse Angela.

These lost souls had gathered here in The Attic now, wanting to reconnect with her. Most of them had passed over in unpleasant circumstances. Some had been accidentally overdosed, some had committed suicide, others from side effects of the drugs. But all of them had experienced the grace of Nurse Angela. Working long shifts with minimal days off, she took loving care of those in her charge. She had the unconditional love of an angel, she bathed them, cared for them, fed them, laughed with them, hugged them, but most of all, accepted them as individuals, the beautiful souls they were, seeing the Light within them all. But she also saw the Dark Shadows which tormented them. Her gift through unconditional love was the ability to keep these shadows at a distance. However, she could not be there all of the time, she needed her days off to rest.  And it was during these days that the shadows would descend and take into Spirit one or more of these poor vulnerable souls. This was not such a bad thing, being released from the torment of the perception of life they were living. Except that, because of this, during the time of passing over into the Spirit World, they remained in that energy, feeling connected to the Physical World that was so familiar, yet being free of their physical body that had restricted them so. Torn between the two worlds, holding on to what was and yet desiring to be free of it, they felt trapped between worlds. They still yearned for their guiding light – Nurse Angela, but she had moved on long ago…And it was the strength of this desire to connect with Nurse Angela again, in the hope that she could free them of their captors, these Dark Shadows, and take them Home, to Heaven.

On the screen before Molly she saw a vision of this woman, the light emanating from her effected Molly profoundly. The visual of Nurse Angela restored faith in these Spirit People. The crowd began to murmur as they all recognised their guardian angel, the one who had shone the Light for their Souls so long ago. The emotion was tangible and Molly sat transfixed in her chair, her heart beating fast, tears welled up in her eyes, as these souls expressed their loving energy towards this beautiful woman. She could feel the energy in the room lifting, the room itself brightening. Molly felt a hand on her shoulder, it was Grace standing next to her. Grace raised her other hand and the crowd gradually hushed, “May I have your attention please….” She paused as the crowd settled. “We understand that you have come here seeking assistance in finding Nurse Angela, and that this part of your journey has been a long one, feeling like you have been lost in the mist for quite some time. To help you find her we need everyones undivided attention. Please listen carefully. For Nurse Angela to be able to find her way here with us now, we must work together. I want you all to remember what it was like when she was caring for you, of how wonderful her touch was and how good it was to see her enter the room knowing that she was able to give you some reprieve from the anguish you were feeling. Now, if everyone can please focus on how good that felt, remember how light you felt, how carefree and soothing it was, how uplifted you felt and the joy which inspired you…”

Molly watched on, spellbound by the story unfolding before her. The mist that surround these Spirit People, swirled around their feet began to dissipate, the room began to lighten. Grace guided them on, “Please hold that feeling and look up now, at the vision of Nurse Angela on the screen before us.” What Molly saw now intrigued her, it was captivating. The faces on these Spirit People lit up as the impression of Nurse Angela on the wall began to glow, pulsing with energy and she stood out from the wall like a 3D image. With a loving smile of recognition on her face she stepped down off the screen on the wall, into the room and stood amongst them. The crowd of Spirit People cheered, some were clapping, others were crying, as she walked through the crowd touching each of them one at a time. At her very touch the dark mist began to dissipate and the light within the room intensified. She walked towards the door and invited each of them to accompany her, hugging each of them individually as they walked out the door. Molly peered after them, capturing glimpses of what looked like a dark night sky. As each of these Spirit People were hugged by Nurse Angela. Her touch transformed them into what appeared to Molly as a firefly. Hanging over the stairs, like they were suspended in the air, was a massive web. It shimmered like gossamer threads, reflecting the intense bright light coming from within The Attic. Each one of the fireflies attaches itself to the web, which now resembled glow worms hanging from a cave ceiling. Visually  it reminded Molly of a combination of the night sky free from light pollution in the wild and the inside of a dark cave filled with glow worms, the iridescent lights sparkled like coloured crystals. Spellbound, Molly watched the release of these tormented souls, but she was curious as to why they are now hanging from what appeared to be a giant spiders web, an intricate network of energy, holding them. Slightly concerned, she felt her energy shift. Then she heard a familiar voice, reassuring her, it was Jordana. “This is the Spirit Web. The one Hinemoa spoke of, do you remember Dear One?” She asked Molly. Lost for words, Molly nodded her head in acknowledgement. Jordana continued, “The Spirit Web will follow you to Cape Reinga. This is your job now, to deliver them safely and the many more who will join you, and those who have been waiting for the arrival of this, who have found their way to you through the stories you have written already. Oh it will be a joyful day. We are very excited in the anticipation of this. We are with you, guiding you and supporting you. Like cleaning the oceans of the plastics that some are doing, you are cleaning up the World Between Worlds, gathering up these Lost Souls and delivering them to the jumping off point, where they will clearly see their way Home. Or….receive the understanding of the important job they will have of being Guardian Angels themselves. Either way, they will be free.

As the last Soul left The Attic, Nurse Angela without saying a word turned towards Molly, Grace and Jordana, winked at them, the beautiful smile of eternal grace lit up her face and in a bright flash, she too was gone. Molly looked up at the two women standing either side of her, Grace to her left and Jordana to her right. She wanted everything to stand still, just for a moment so that she could capture the feeling in her memory. What she had just witnessed was beyond anything she had ever experienced in her life, or even in her dreams. It was breathtakingly beautiful, the energy of Love so immense it left her without any words to express what she was feeling. Grace held out her hand to Molly and pulled her to her feet, both the women embracing her, holding her in this incredible sensation of Love. Grace whispered in her ear, “Oh Molly, this is just a peek through the crack in the Universe, the door of The Attic has opened just a little, not too much or it would blow your mind. And we need you! You have a very important job to do, and a road trip to Cape Reinga will do the trick nicely! Remember, you are never alone….” Grace’s voice faded and Molly found herself sitting in the lounge chair back in the motel room. Shivering she pulled the bathrobe tightly around her, her body temperature having dropped, and she realised her body was shaking. Rummaging in her bag, she found the Rescue Remedy and put several drops straight under her tongue, and then a couple more into a glass of water. She looked at the clock on the wall, it was 4.30am. Silently she tiptoed quietly into the bathroom, closing the door and ran the shower. She needed to get her body warm again. Lost in the sensation of the hot water running over her body, she jumped at the touch of hands around her waist, and stifled a scream. Then realising the familiar touch, she relaxed and laughed. Will had sleepily crept into the bathroom and into the shower behind her. Pushing aside her wet hair, he gently  kissed her neck, wrapping his arms around her, pulling her body close to his. He knew that she had been to The Attic and all he wanted to do was help her feel comfortable again, safe and supported. The hot water flowing over her body and with the sensation of Will’s body holding hers, she relaxed. All she could say to him was, “Oh Will… was…..Amazing!”

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