Chapter 28 – Home Again.

On the road early, they picked up a takeaway coffee as they passed through Taupo township. Heading towards the West Coast they drove via Te Kuiti and Otorehanga, through the Pureora Forest Park. Most of the drive was in silence, Molly still felt unsettled by the dream she had earlier that morning. Will put some music on to fill in the awkward silence, in the hope of distracting Molly a little. The drive home seemed the longest they had ever done. Tired and slightly washed out, they pulled up at the entrance to their driveway. Taking in what they saw before them, Molly breathed a deep sigh of relief. The gardens looked immaculate and she could see the house through the trees. Yes, it had just been a dream…

Hearing the car on the gravel outside, Annabelle was already half way down the drive as they  approached the house. It was so good to see her happy face. She shrieked and danced excitedly around the car like an excited puppy, as Will parked it  by the back door.

It was so good to be home. Anna had prepared a scrumptious lunch for them, after which the girls went upstairs to The Attic. Molly was keen to experience it for herself again in the Physical World. Grace met them at the door with open arms, wrapping them around Molly. “It is so good to be back Home Grace, but to be honest, it does not feel much different to when I visit here through meditation. Grace smiled at her knowingly and said, “Molly, come and take a seat, you too Anna, there is something I would like to discuss with you both. Anna I believe you have some news to share with Molly? Have you told her yet?”

“No not yet Grace, spoiler alert!! I was waiting until tonight. And no Molly, I am not telling you now, you will just have to wait until later. I will let you know, preferably when we are on our own tonight.” Anna looked seriously at Molly, but was unable to contain herself, looking at the concern on her face. Anna’s laughter eased the slight tension amongst them. Then Grace continued, “I have a little confession to make. I have not been completely honest with you girls about what these meditation sessions are. It was the only term I could think of that would be able to help you both feel at ease about the experiences we all share, here and when you are travelling with Will, Molly.” Both of the girls looked at Grace puzzled. “Do explain,” said Molly, a little nervously.

“There is something more happening here than visualisation. As I said, these are the only words I could use to describe what has been happening in a way that you would all be at ease with. Now, let me find the best words to describe it more honestly….hmmm….I guess I would have to call it…..Time Travelling. Hmm, yes that is the best description. Time Travelling. The ability to move between dimensions, backwards, forwards and sideways.” Anna and Molly stared at Grace, dumbstruck, the startled look on their faces made Grace laugh. “If only I could capture that look in a photograph, or what is it that you call it now, a ‘pic’? It is priceless!” She continued to laugh until their faces softened, and Molly said, “But Will only jokes about me being his little Time Traveller, when actually, he’s not, is he?” To which Grace nodded her head slowly in agreement. There was a silence as this information began to sink in for both of the girls. Molly broke the silence eventually by saying the words for herself, “Time Travelling…” she whispered, as her mind worked overtime processing the concepts and beliefs she had about this and comparing them to what she had been experiencing herself. Her head began to ache and she excused herself, went downstairs and took a shower. Overwhelmed, she began to cry. Her life had expanded in such a way that was beyond anything she had ever dreamed of, or even seen in a movie! Exhaustion, anger, frustration, confusion, released with the tears making way for clarity, understanding and relief. Somehow it was all beginning to make sense to her. 

After dinner, Molly, Will and Anna chatted until late into the night. There was so much to catch up on. Anna had some news of her own she was very keen to share with them, but also not quite sure how Molly and Will were going to take the idea of their new boarder. Anna really wanted to tell Molly on her own first and was grateful when Will excused himself and went to bed, sensing there was ‘girl talk’ to be had.

It was just after 12am when Anna opened another bottle of red wine. Molly looked at her and knew something was up, but a little too tired to pick up whether it was good news or not. Anna sat crossed legged on the floor opposite Molly and took her hands, “Molly, there is something I want to share with you, and I was kind relieved that Will has gone to bed. I wanted to tell you first.” Molly looked at her slightly concerned. Now understanding the reason for opening another bottle of wine, Molly picked up the large wine glass and rested back against the seat of the lounge. “Go on…” she handed the conversation over to Anna.

“Well, I have been working on something in The Attic with Grace. And I kind of hoped you would be ok with an extra boarder whilst you are away…” her voice trailed off enticingly. Intrigued by the energy in Anna’s voice, this information brought her tired body to life and Molly encouraged Anna to continue telling her story.

“Molly, we have been through a lot together and now you have Will and I have wished for my man quietly for just about as long as you two have been together. Well, he has actually come into my life.”

Molly looked at her intrigued, “But what about Patrick?” She asked.

“Oh, he is ok with it. (she paused dramatically) Nah, actually, it is all about Patrick…” Anna teased excitedly. Filling up their glasses again, Molly was dying to know more. “Anna, tell me what you have been up to with Grace! Not casting spells I hope, you know how that one worked out last time!”

With a more serious tone in her voice, Anna told Molly about her encounter with The Council of Elders, of  The Ancient Ones. Grace had been preparing Anna for this. “Grace had been teaching me how to control the vibrational frequency of my physical and spiritual bodies at will. Then one day, about two weeks ago, she announced that this was The Day, kind of like my day of reckoning. She had requested Patrick to join us. This time, as I opened the door to The Attic, it had transformed into a completely different space. Have you seen anything like that Molly? It looked like a cave deep within the earth. Even the smell of the humid, damp ground was tangible, and there was  the sound of a fire burning.”

Molly nodded her head in agreement, not wanting to distract Anna from her story.

“One of The Elders, known as Mahuna stepped forward and offered Patrick and I a gift. It was an intricately carved box, inside of which there were two small bottles made of coloured glass and edged in gold with tiny glass stoppers as lids. She explained to The Council that due to the unforeseen circumstances, this soul couple (referring to Patrick and I) had been separated and there was still a destiny to be fulfilled. Therefore, Mahuna was requesting that  The Council of Elders grant Patrick a Karmic Pass, which would enable him to pick up from where he had left the Physical World. In his previous incarnation Patrick had ‘vanished’ at the time of Grace Forrest’s transition into Spirit. At that time he had been betrothed to a young woman named Clara Simpson (The niece of Grace Simpson’s husband) Clara had been devastated by Patrick’s unexplained disappearance, and had remained unmarried until her passing of a heart attack at the young age of 25. It was reported in her death notice that she had ‘Died of a Broken Heart’. And she had. But now, Mahuna was telling me that I am the reincarnation of Clara! Molly can you believe it! Things were all beginning to make sense now, of how I had been able to see Patrick, and the special relationship we had been sharing. But he had never said a word to me!”

“Maybe he was not permitted to,” Molly added.

Anna contemplated this for a moment and then continued, “Mahuna told me to drink the elixir from one of the two small bottles, one specifically for me in the red glass. It gave me the ability to remember. Oh Molly! All of these visions flashed through my mind, of a life I had forgotten. It all made perfect sense to me.

But then Patrick was confronted with having to make a choice, to either stay as he was living in Spirit form and enjoying his relationship with me in that way. Or step into the Physical World and live with me. He was torn between leaving Lucy and missing out on the Physical experience and fulfilling an uncompleted destiny with me. Lucy was also summonsed to this meeting. For the first time we actually heard her voice, she spoke using verbal words and told Patrick that as her soul brother, he must realise this opportunity, like no other, to complete that which has been left incomplete. She told him that she would always be with him and that her job was to stay and look after Grace. Lucy knew that he could visit her anytime through The Attic. That made the decision easier for him. When he made the choice, the sadness left his face and Mahuna handed him the tiny purple bottle from inside the carved box. Mahuna said this would help him to adjust to having a physical body again, and that now everything is as it should be. The Elders gave us their blessing and Mahuna handed Patrick a leather folder, from inside of it he took out an Irish Passport, a drivers licence, and a Mastercard! Can you believe it!  All in the name of Patrick James Fitzsimmons. She informed him that the story to be told was that he was an Irish backpacker travelling the world and he had met Anna at the airport in Sydney. He was a trained horticulturalist but has been happy to do seasonal fruit picking whilst travelling. His dream was to work in botanical gardens around the world.”

“So now what does that mean? Where is Patrick?” Molly asked looking around the room. Then from down stairs she heard Anna’a bedroom door open, footsteps along the hallway and into the living room where they were sitting. There, standing before Molly, was Patrick in the flesh! Her mouth dropped open and the colour drained from her face. She thought she had seen everything, but this was the icing on the cake! “W-what? Oh my god – Patrick?”

“Evening Miss Molly,” he greeted her, bowing his head respectfully.

Molly was speechless. Patrick held out his hand to help her up from the floor and gave her a hug, to reassure her that his physical body was indeed very real. The three of them chatted on until the sky began to lighten, birds began to wake, and a sleepy Will wandered into the living room, naked, looking for Molly. “Babe, when are you coming to bed? Hi Anna, hi Patrick,” and he wandered out of the room and  across the hallway. Then they heard his footsteps stop, Will muttered something and continue back to bed, too tired to process what he had just seen.

Anna asked that Molly not say anything to Will, as Patrick wanted to talk with him first. Nodding her head in agreement, Molly finally found some words and clumsily excused herself to bed and some sleep, giving herself time to digest what had been an amazing experience with Anna and Patrick, and the whole road trip of the South Island. Exhausted, but her mind buzzing, she got undressed and snuggled up in bed with Will, who didn’t even move when she placed her cold feet against his legs. With the morning light filtering through the curtains, Molly finally fell into a dreamless sleep, grateful to be back in her own comfy bed.

Later that morning Will woke and laid in bed staring at the ceiling. Where was he? Feeling slightly disorientated, he laid still letting his body catch up with his mind. He smiled and gently wrapped his arms around Molly, who was still asleep next to him. At first she did not stir, until his soft kisses pulled her out of a deep sleep. With a mischievous smile on her face, she buried it into his chest breathing in the delicious scent of his warm skin. She was still so in love with this gorgeous man, and so very proud of his acceptance of such a different life they were now living. Blearily, she slowly took in the details of the room, “Where am I? Oh yes, at home!” She thought, rolled Will over onto his back and sat on top of him, kissing his neck and chest, she felt the excitement of his body responding beneath her. Then she remembered last night….and that she was not to say anything to Will. But he felt the shift in her energy. “What is it Molly, you ok?”

“Yeah,” she replied and continued kissing him.

“Oh no, you don’t get away with it that easily! What’s going on?” He held her away from him trying to read her face.

She composed herself, containing her excitement, not wanting to blab the news and said, “Anna has some news for you. Although maybe it would be best if you met with Patrick first.”

Will threw Molly off, rolling her across the bed. “Patrick! I haven’t seen him yet, although, I thought I saw him in the living room last night. Did I dream it?”

Molly laughed, “No Will you did not dream it, you were standing naked in the living room in front of Anna and I.”

“But I thought I saw Patrick too,” Will looked puzzled.

“Maybe you were seeing him in spirit, you know, being half asleep…..” Molly attempted to distract him. “You could go to the loft and meditate, see what happens…” Molly suggested, and before she had even finished her sentence Will was out of bed and pulling on some clothes. “Yes, yes…..great idea Babe, see you for breakfast or lunch, I have no idea what the time is….” Words spilled out of his mouth excitedly, as he hurried out of the bedroom still pulling up his pants. Molly laid on the bed, laughing at him, and curious of how this was going to work out.

Will filled a bottle of water and took it with him to the loft. Stepping outside, he stopped to breath in the fresh midday air, there was a hint of winter in it. His bare feet reminded him that these warm days were just about over for awhile. He sprinted to the barn and threw open the doors, breathing in the scents of hay and dusty old wood. He loved this space! Carefully he climbed up the rustic ladder, and paused when he got to the top, his face beaming. Will had forgotten just how wonderful this place was, his creative space, and it was good to be back. Getting comfortable on his big cushion on the floor, he tried to calm his excitement, breathing deeply. It took some time for him to relax, and finally he felt his body go numb, his mind drifting, only to be disturbed again by the creaking of someone coming up the ladder. Opening his eyes expecting to see Molly, instead he was met by Patrick! Thinking he must still be in meditation, and that this was a vision, he calmed himself and said hello to Patrick, but remained sitting on the floor. Patrick sat next to him and patted his leg, “How you doing’ Will? It’s been awhile. You have been so busy man, I have missed you here!” Patrick smiled at him.

Will didn’t say a word, thinking that he was still in meditation. Then Patrick said to him, “Will, I have some news to share with you….” And he told Will what had been happening for him whilst he and Molly were away.

When Patrick had finished, Will stared at him and said, “So… I am not meditating…this is….real? You, are real?” He looked at Patrick, his eyes wide with excitement.

“Yeah, man, it is me, in the flesh. How cool is this, I have a body!” Patrick laughed. Will stood up and faced his friend, looking at him with disbelief. Then Patrick hugged him and Will felt it for himself. Yes, he did have a body and he was indeed very real! More than a little bewildered, Will followed Patrick down the ladder and back to the house, where the girls were preparing something to eat. Anna and Molly looked towards the door as they heard the sound of Will and Patrick chatting excitedly. The girls smiled at each other and Molly placed her arm around Anna, squeezing her, “Oh my god, can you believe this!” She was still in a state of disbelief, despite all that she had been experiencing recently.

Molly and Will were to start the job in Auckland next week and the four days they had at home passed all too quickly and it was time for them to begin their road trip north. With everyone up to speed, Patrick officially welcomed into the little family and  introduced to their close group of friends, Molly having shared with Anna the purpose behind the Lost Souls and Forgotten Stories manuscript, of the Spirit Web and of what Molly was required to do at Cape Reinga. And so they parted feeling good and excited about the next step of the journey for each of them. For Molly and Will, it was a two week stay at ‘Wanderlust’ Cafe, in a inner suburb of Auckland. For Anna, it was getting accustomed to having Patrick living with her and what was unfolding for them.

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