Chapter 31 – The Spirit Net

Spirit Net / Waka o Rangi, Te

1. (personal noun) The Canoe of Rangi – a great canoe in the sky made up of stars. The canoe extends from Matariki (Pleiades) at the prow to Tautoru (Orion’s Belt), and includes Te Kakau (Orion’s scabbard) and Te Hao o Rua (Orion’s nebula) at the stern, where Taramainuku, the captain of this canoe, stands. He is the owner of a giant net that hauls the dead from the earth and places them in the canoe where the spirits of the dead spend eternity. (

After breakfast, Molly and Will packed the car and drove north up the coast to Trounson Kauri Park, on the outskirts of Waipoua Forest, where they were to stay for another three nights. The motel room had a private courtyard that lead down to the river. It was so lovely being amongst the forest and hearing the river just outside the door. 

Molly knew she needed to visit The Attic. After walking barefoot on the wet grass down to the river, she returned to the motel where she found Will standing in the middle of the room, slowly taking his clothes off seductively. Molly stepped into the room and closed the door behind her. Unbuckling his belt, she pulled it free of his jeans, made a loop and snapped it hard together playfully. “Oooh I love that sound, the sound of you playing dirty, babe….” Will pulled her close and kissed her passionately….The Attic would have to wait.

Having fallen asleep after making love, Molly woke disorientated. Where was she, what day was it and what time was it? Looking around the room and listening to the sound of children playing in the distance, she slowly recalled that she was at the holiday park in Trounson. Feeling revitalised from good sex and a good sleep, she kicked off the duvet and bounced out of bed. Will, not quite so, groaned sleepily at her exuberance. “Must you be so….perky,” Will teased, reaching out he slapped her bare arse. “Ouch! I thought you had had enough of that!” 

“Oooh you minx, never!” He replied, getting out of bed and wrapping his arms around her. “Guess what the time is?” Molly asked. Sleepily looking around the room and out the glass panelled door, Will guessed, “4pm?” “Try 7!” Molly laughed. “I really must visit The Attic, but some food would be good first.” 

“I’ll make dinner, you go have a shower,” Will suggested. 

Standing under the cool water, Molly could hear voices chatting. At first she thought it was people outside, then thought it must have been in the room next door, but it sounded more like it was in the room with her…peeping outside the shower, the room appeared empty and the voices stopped. Back under the shower she washed her hair, and there they were again, more audible this time, “Do you think she heard us? Maybe she saw us…” Molly smiled and knew there was work to do. Wrapping her wet hair in a towel she walked out into the studio room to find Will playing Naked Chef in the kitchen. She stifled a laugh as he wiggled his bare bum at her, resisting the urge to slap it again, knowing that would only postpone her going to The Attic even longer. 

After dinner, she settled into a chair ready for meditation, Will sat on the bed drawing. Molly imagined feeling the smooth timber railing of the stairs, it was such a comforting thing to do. On opening the door she found Grace sitting cross legged on the floor. The arm chairs had been pushed aside to create a clearing in the middle of the room. On the floor with her were The Aunties and The Maori Boys, and they were teaching Grace new skills in flax weaving. She could see that it was not flax, but something different, it shimmered with magic, being made of the fine silk-like threads of glow worms. This time they were showing her how to make a fishing net. They were weaving magic into it. Even The Boys were participating, and the Aunties were so patient with them. The Boys looked up shyly at Molly and both of them blushed quietly. Molly realised it was them in the bathroom, and smiled back at them. Their giggling was interrupted by the sharp reprimand of one of The Aunties and a slap across the back of Tama’s head. “Focus boy!” She quipped, then winked playfully at Molly. She motioned for Molly to join them and said, “Your job is to thread these shells onto the net as we weave it. They provide somewhere for the souls to sit on their journey Home. Grace is weaving the threads made by the glow worms, to lure the souls, help them find their way to The Spirit Net. The purpose of all of this is getting closer and soon the net will be caste out across the seas from The North Cape,” she said excitedly, her eyes sparkled brightly.

When Molly first walked into The Attic, she noticed a shadow blocking the dormer window, but had been distracted by what Grace was doing with the others. Curious now, her attention was drawn to this other being. The outline of the form suggested to her it is a well built man. There was a sense of familiarity to him but Molly couldn’t quite remember who he could be. However, no one mentioned him. Molly knew better than to approach him directly, allowing him to come forward into the light when he was ready. He continued to stand with his back to them all, his silhouette outlined by the light coming through the window before him, appearing as an aura surrounding him. Engrossed in what was being created here before her, Molly was distracted from this unacknowledged visitor. Unaware of him, he moved silently to stand behind Molly. He spoke quietly as if only for her to hear, “I knew you would return. It is good to see the creation of the Spirit Net. My work is to help you spread it across the land, from here to Kororareka (the township of Russell) and we will gather those mischievous spirits and take them Home. Some of them will remain in this World Between Worlds, to keep a close watch on the goings on here. This is our chosen task, to be The Guardians of the Northlands, the Kaitiaki -Spiritual Caretakers of the forests, the rivers, the lakes, the mountains and the seas. For now, I will protect you as this net is being created and help you to gather these wayward souls. They are tired, they have had enough and they are ready to go Home.” He returned to his watch by the window, standing proudly, hands behind his back, he looked out over the land as far as he could see up to the northern tip of the country, where the land touches the sea for the last time, of where the two oceans meet and where souls fly Home. 

Molly’s attention was snapped back to the job at hand, “Your task Molly,” said one of The Aunties, “is to create this in the physical, as an artwork to represent this even though it is only occurring in the non-physical, in this World Between Worlds. It is to be a reminder of the importance of Unity, of working together to create a sustainable way of living, of caring for each other, the animals and the land, that there is much which goes on in this World Between Worlds that effects the Physical World also. As we clean up this space, gathering these somewhat mischievous spirits, it will clean up the Physical World too. Gradually, step by step.” They continued working together, weaving this amazing net, made of the finest threads which glistened like the gossamer wings of angels. “What’s for dinner Grace? This is hungry work,” The Boys enquire in unison.

Now Molly was aware of the purpose of these beings here in The Attic with Grace. Once the net was complete, they would spread it across the Northlands and up to Cape Reinga. But until then, there were a few more stories for Molly to write….  

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