Chapter 32 – Help Is Here

The motel unit by the river with the private garden provided a peaceful place for Molly and Will to rest, enjoying the warm sun of late Autumn and the beautiful park like gardens of the Holiday Park.  These couple of days passed quickly. It was not until the last night that Molly was woken in the wee hours of the morning by the presence of a small boy standing in the middle of the room reminding her that there was work to be done in The Attic.  With Will still asleep, she quietly got out of bed, wrapped the bathrobe around her naked body and curled up in the comfy armchair, ready to visit The Attic.

Deep in meditation, Molly feels herself walking up the stairs and that familiar zap of energy before reaching the door. On opening it, she was met by chaos! Not something she had ever experienced here before. The room was packed with Spirit People all arguing, but where was Grace? Looking around the room, Molly was unable to see her. Making her way through the crowd of Spirit People, who seemed oblivious of her, lost in rowdy conversations, she found Grace sitting by the fireplace, her legs dangling over the arm of the chair, eating an apple, engrossed in reading a book. Molly sat on the floor beside her and asked, “What is going on?”

“Oh good morning, so nice of  you to pop by. This is what happens when you decide to go ‘off-line’ for a bit… creates a wee bit of a back log. Let’s make some tea, shall we?” Grace finished her apple right down to the stem and took Molly’s hand, she wove them both safely through the crowd to the kitchen area unnoticed and made tea. It was hard to hear each other above the din of all the chatter.

“Grace, what are we to do? How will we sort this one out?” Molly asked, a little bewildered.

“By making tea of course. Better get out the spare tea pots and all those cups we keep for large groups,” Grace prompted her.

“We do?” asked Molly, this being the first she had heard about this.

“Yes, they are in the corner cupboard, near the dresser.” 

Having made several pots of tea, Grace pushed her way through the people to the table, “Excuse me….. excuse me,” she called out, encouraging them to make way for her. Who would ever have thought they could fit so many people in such a small room? Slowly, one by one each of them were distracted by the offer of a cup of hot tea and something to eat. Eventually, a quietness took over the room. Molly had no idea what to do and looked to Grace for some guidance for the next step. She winked at Molly as if to say, “I’ve got this one,” and stood up on one of the chairs. The room instantly falls silent and all eyes were on Grace.

“We do understand why you are all here, that each and every one of you have a story to tell and someone you wish to connect with again. However, firstly, we have a request for you.” The energy in the room shifts from impatience to curiosity. “Molly and I have been involved with making what has been named the Spirit Net. Molly has been shown by The Ancient Ones that there was a need to move some of the troublesome Spirit People Home. They had lost their way, lost their families, lost connection with those whom they love and a little like naughty children, have been running amok in the World Between Worlds. This in turn has been having an effect in the Physical World. Some of them have been behaving badly on purpose as they had found this quite entertaining. However, the ripple effect that has been occurring in the Physical World has been less than desirable and more than a bit disruptive. The energetic shift that has been happening in this part of the Spirit World requires that these beings return Home. And the truth is, they are tired, tired of playing over the same old game. We thought that some of you may wish to come along, by assisting us in spreading the Spirit Net and help these wayward Spirit People find their way Home by encouraging them to join you. This will work like a bright light attracting moths, the Spirit Net will attract these Spirit People and each soul will be drawn to the energy of the shiny gossamer threads, find a place to rest within one of the many sea shells woven into it. Molly and her husband Will have been travelling the South and North Islands taking down their stories and guiding them northwards. Now this couple are on the last part of their journey as they drive to the Northern most tip, Cape Reinga. It is here that the Spirit Net will be released to the winds, and the Spirit People shall return Home. 

The Spirit Net is almost complete and needs to be spread across the land here to cover all corners of the North Island. This is where you can help. With all of us working together we can finish the weaving of the Spirit Net and have it ready to do its job. As we all know, everything happens here in the World Between Worlds first. Our ideas, our requests, our wishes are delivered through imagination and creative inspiration to those in the Physical World. As we take our part in The Inter-  Dimensional Shift that is occurring here, it will gradually penetrate into the Physical World and create changes that will assist in human evolution. So, let’s get to work!” Grace concluded.

With great excitement and enthusiasm, Spirit People gather in small groups and wait for instructions from The Aunties and The Boys, as they make their way around the groups. Together this large gathering of Spirit People help to weave the remainder of the Spirit Net into completion, made from the finest gossamer silks of glow worm, shining the gentle Light required for The Lost Souls to find their way. There was an atmosphere of celebration and preparation of a party, a party that will pave the way for the celebration of Matariki, the rising of the star cluster also known as Pleiades, announcing the Maori New Year.

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