Chapter 33 – Ancestry of The Eyes

“Where the whispers of the forest meet the whispers of the sea lives a village of people still existing in the realm of Spirit, within the World Between Worlds. In times lost and forgotten by those in the Physical World, when oral story telling ceased abruptly, all evidence of these earlier civilisations now have been returned to nature. Mountains have grown, valleys and rivers were formed, sapling trees had grown into forests, forests cleared for hunting and then again for farming, ancient implements and remains of dwellings turned over into the earth or dragged out with the removal of the huge trees, not respected or recognised for what they were originally. She took some of them back into the earth through volcanic activity. Wheels, carts, dwellings, irrigation systems, crop cultivation – all evidence no longer visible to the naked eye, have been returned to that which they came from – Mother Earth” – Jordana and The Ancient Ones.

Deep in sleep, Molly heard these words clearly. Watching on as a silent observer, she saw the vision before her transform into a forest scene. The light was dim despite it being a sunny day above the canopy of  trees, which was thick with the lush growth of the forest layers  – tall tree tops, huge cabbage trees, tree ferns and Nikau palms, and other unfamiliar plants closer to the ground, fern-like. The air was damp, earthy and almost sweet-smelling, filled with fragrances of the vast variety of plants. Molly felt unsure of what to do, or which way to go. She was drawn to move forward, her heart racing, she attempted to calm herself and get some clarity as to which direction to move in. She began to feel her way, instead of thinking and wanted to locate the Cave of The Ancient Ones. Something flickers before her, it was a Piwakawaka, flitting and dancing to her get attention, as if saying ‘follow me – follow me – this way, come on!’ She felt slight apprehension, unsure, but the tiny bird persisted and moved forward along a narrow track through the scrub once it saw that Molly was following on. It flitted and darted keeping her attention and following him rather than looking for a path on the ground. He led Molly into a small clearing amongst trees, which gave way to a dirt wall forming the side of a hill that had been cut away. Hidden in a cleft between two large trees was the entrance into a cave. The tiny bird did not hesitate and flew in between the trees. Once inside the doorway, with the fading  light behind her, Molly squinted, adjusting her eyes to the dim light. Ahead of her she could hear scuffling and the bird led her onwards into the cave, around a bend to where a large cavern opened out, lit up by a fire in the middle of a stone circle. This place seemed familiar and she took a deep breath and sighed with relief. The Cave! She turned to thank her tiny guide, but he had gone – his job done.

Sitting around the fire were many people, one  raised a hand and beckoned her with a crooked finger, pointing towards a vacant space in the circle. Molly sat on a woven mat on the dirt floor, grateful for the warmth of the fire. Someone handed her a clay cup with hot tea of some kind, the smell was familiar and it tasted bitter, almost peppery. On the rocks around the fire were herbs burning slowly, releasing the delicious fragrance of sage, sweet grass, eucalyptus and Manuka. The tea had given Molly clarity of mind, all confusion had gone and she could see clearly a brief vision of the road ahead of her. Now understanding that she was to come and pay respect to The Ancient Ones, Molly experienced a pang of guilt, having come unprepared and without a gift. As if reading her mind (and they probably were), one of The Ancient Ones addressed her, “Your attention and presence here is all that is required. It has been some time Mamaku, since you have met with us…tsk, tsk,” she shook her head disapprovingly, but with a twinkle of mischief in her eyes. Reaching into a pouch in her lap she took out a handful of finely ground herbs and tossed them into the fire. The cave lit up with many colours, which swirled and eventually cleared to reveal a dark moon sky, the stars huge as they sparkled brightly in the deep blue-black background, like diamonds scattered on a piece of rich velvet. She pointed her hand and demanded Molly’s attention, “Look, LOOK! What do you see?” Following her bent finger, she realised that where she was pointing is not quite where she was wanting my attention, corrects herself with a giggle and said, “whoops, not there… over THERE! What do you see? Look with the side of your eye, not directly, ah the crooked finger has some good to it!” (the others snicker quietly) Molly’s focus followed the line of the bent finger, “I see a star cluster, is it Pleiades?” she replied.

“Ah yes Pleiades, the Matariki, the Seven Sisters, Subaru, so many names for the same reference point. You all look for your origins on Planet Earth, of where the human race was seeded. Look further, Star Child, for you are all Children of The Stars. You want to know of your ancestry? Do you?” Her voice crescendoed in volume and pitch with excitement. She bent down and dipped the end of her finger into the small wooden bowl, turned dramatically, her clothing fanning the fire, feeding the flames up towards the ceiling of the cave. “Look and know the wisdom of us all,” she announced in a loud voice which reverberates around the cave, the others looked on in respectful silence, excitement glistened in their fire-lit eyes, expectantly they watched on as she pointed her finger to Molly’s third eye. The touch was almost painful, a boring, penetrating sensation that brought tears to her eyes. ‘Must she be so forceful?” Molly thought.

“Got your attention didn’t I!” The Elder read Molly’s thoughts smugly. The pain faded into a soothing, dreamy sensation, her consciousness slipped into another realm. Before her she saw the night sky drawing closer, the stars becoming larger and more defined. Then came the sensation of moving forward through these stars, fast and faster until everything was a blur. Before her there is a coloured nebula in the formation of an eye, small at first but growing quickly in size. Suddenly, everything stopped as if paralysed. Suspended in Time and Space Molly saw before her a huge green eye framed with thick dark lashes, it blinked slowly. The voice of The Ancient One felt like it was right beside her. “She Who Sees All, the Ancestry is in the Eyes. The eyes hold the links to lives of the past, regardless of where and when we have been incarnated into a physical form. The pattern within the iris is uniquely yours, and is an imprint of your soul. It combines the multiple ancestry, as with each life you continue to expand upon this, producing young ones of your own and in turn they producing young ones of their own. However, within each generation has been produced the unique design of the iris which remains intact, unchanged. You, we, all  of us are all related – beyond the limited existence of the physical world. Despite what physical form you may take on, the iris remains the same for each of you. The only change is that another thread of colour is added from each lifetime, like the weaving of threads within a tapestry of the soul, it is visible in your eyes.”

The vision ended suddenly and with a heavy thud, Molly’s body collapsed and fell to the dirt floor of the cave. She lay motionless whilst her mind calibrated to where she was. The fire had died down to embers and The Ancient Ones continued to sit huddled around the fire circle, some dozed, gently snoring. “Will someone please put more wood on the fire?” The Elder instructed, muttering under her breath, “Gone for a blink of an eye, they all doze off and leave the Sacred Fire unattended…tsk..tsk…” someone quickly scurried to the back of the cave, brought forth more wood and the fire leapt to life again. “Cup of tea would go down a trick, don’t you think?” She winked at Molly and with a click of her fingers there was a cauldron on the fire heating water. Molly wondered why she didn’t just make the tea that way…..Reading her thoughts, the old woman replied quietly to Molly, “Because I enjoy the art of making tea.”

As they sat around the fire sipping hot tea, The Ancient One – She Who Sees All, focussed her attention on Molly again. Drawing in the sandy floor with a stick, she created a completed picture of the Spirit Net drawn like a fine cobweb across a map of New Zealand, covering both the North and South Islands. “The Spirit Net is now done and it is being drawn across the land. It’s purpose is not to catch these mischievous souls, but to attract them, entice them. Not all of them are required to go Home, some just need to be reminded of what their purpose is, if they choose to stay in The World Between Worlds as Spiritual Guardians. Some will look after animals, some will look after the children, some will look after the parents, some will look after the leaders, some will look after the trees, rivers, lakes and oceans, some the insects, creatures and birds. The Mischief Makers will return Home, for it is their Time. And as the Spirit World is tidied up, so will the Earth be too. Gradually through the creative minds, inspiration and brilliant ideas will be born, of new ways of managing the welfare of this planet you call Earth.

The timing of this in the physical world is to prepare for Matariki. To clear the way for the New Year – new beginnings. The Spirit Net is to be released from the place known to you as Cape Reinga. You do know where I am referring to?” Molly nodded her head in agreement. “it will be simple and easy for there are many to assist you. Joyful celebration, one of release and relief for many, strengthened by the energy of the new moon cycle.”

The tea had made Molly sleepy, along with the warmth of the fire and the coming down from such a rush of the vision. Curled up on the warm mat, the fire and a fur skin which She Who Sees All placed over her, Molly drifted into a deep sleep. Again, she felt herself travelling through Time and Space, waking suddenly to find herself back in the bed in the motel. Readjusting herself, she felt next to here where Will should be, but the bed was empty. Sitting up, she could hear him in the small kitchen making breakfast. “Good morning my Little Time Traveller, where have you been?” Feeling safe, cosy and warm in the bed, Molly snuggled up beneath the duvet, watching her husband doing his own magic in the kitchen, she drifted in and out of sleep, a contented smile on her face.

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