Chapter 35 – Endings and Beginnings

Dear Reader,

As I am editing this blog post, I realise the significance of posting it today. Last night in New Zealand was the New Moon leading up to the Solstice and the celebration of Matariki. The timing is perfect!

Enjoy another chapter of Molly and Will’s adventures.

Drifting in and out of sleep, Molly could hear a sound, almost eerie, she felt it calling her. It is somehow familiar to her, it is the sound of the Purerehua, an instrument also used by many ancient cultures, know in English as the bull roarer. It signifies The Calling. The haunting sound both rattled and excited her. Lying in bed with her eyes open, she could still hear it in the distance. Was it a dream? Or was it outside the house?

Today was the day she and Will had planned to drive to the Northern Cape, another 45 minutes drive from where they were staying in a holiday house at Houhora Harbour. The weather was overcast, the grey skies appeared heavy but the rain held off. It made for a beautiful backdrop to the very green landscape of pastures and trees. They stopped along the winding road to visit Rarawara Beach on the East Coast, then drove a short distance to the golden sands of the Giant Dunes on the West Coast, a part of 90 Mile Beach. This was the narrowest part of the country, where the east and west coast were not very far apart. They sat on the bench near a stream at the base of the dunes and watched as tourists rode foam body boards down the massive sand hills, squealing loudly. Molly and Will shared a picnic lunch before driving on to the light house at The Northern Cape. Several times they stopped to see the views from the variety of lookouts along the road. Each time a man on a mountain bike passed them. He looked incredibly focussed and on a mission. Then they would pass him on the road until they stopped at the next lookout, where he would pass them again. The views from each lookout were magnificent, and every one of them different. 

The carpark for the lighthouse at Cape Reinga was quite full. Molly thought nothing of it, this area being a desirable tourist destination and people from all around the world visited here. Near the entrance gateway, there was a large group of young Maori men, accompanied by some people with large media cameras. Curious but not aware what this was about, they walked on through the gateway. It was then Molly heard it, that familiar eerie sound of the purerehua, hauntingly beautiful. A sensor had activated a recording of this accompanied by a Maori woman singing powhiri (a welccome). As they walked through the gateway, there was a Maori elder sitting to the left, deep in meditative thought, staring out across the water where the oceans meet. A little off to the side of the main pathway was a narrow dirt track leading up to a rise over looking the lighthouse and the Northern Cape. Molly and Will decided to step aside from the crowds of people and sit up there. It was a perfect view taking in the lighthouse and the amazing backdrop of the grey sky and silvery waters. The oceans were calm today, but they could see clearly where the oceans met, the waves slowly and gently colliding. It is the meeting place of the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The view was truly breathtaking. Together they sat in spellbound silence watching, taking in this unique part of New Zealand. 

Molly had been told that it is believed that this is the launch pad for the soul, where the spirit departs the land, the Physical World, when you die. Sitting in silent reverence on the hill, Molly watched as the play of light on the oceans paved a silvery pathway off into the horizon. In the distance they heard the sound of the young men performing a haka (ceremonial Maori dance), their voices loud and proud caught up in the wind swirled around the couple sitting on the hilltop, as they saw the guy on the mountain bike arrive. Molly’s heart was racing, ‘how perfect is this!’ She whispered to Will and squeezed his hand, her eyes filled with tears. The wind picked up in speed and there were misty clouds which hugged parts of the low lying coastline below where they were sitting. The ocean seemed to respond as well, and the waves collided more dramatically at this place known as the Point of Creation, where male and female oceans meet. 

Molly was overwhelmed as she became aware of the thousands of souls, riding in on the Spirit Web which hovered above them, spreading out over the hills back towards the South, they were all facing Northwards, like ghostly, translucent figures, their impressions in this Physical World of the life they had completed. Some turned and moved towards the South , accepting their new purpose as Guardians in this World Between Worlds. Others continued to face the North, the Light within their beings grew with intensity and increased as they drifted out across the oceans towards the horizon and beyond, to meet the filtered sun which appeared as a silvery ball low in the sky, shards of light emanating from it and sparkling like stars on the pathway across the waters leading out from The Cape as far as the eye could see, illuminating the way for them. The sun peeped out through a hole in the clouds just for a moment, appearing like a full moon at night, mystical, silvery and luminous. 

Tears spilled down her cheeks as Molly watched on. The Ancient Ones raised their hands to the sky, as they looked upwards and together in a language she did not understand, they recited a prayer. Weaving from hand to hand and blowing southwards in the wind, was the Spirit Web – The Soul Light Catcher, iridescent blue threads dotted with tiny bright lights, the Soul Lights of those ready to return Home. With one big shake, they released the web, the wind grabbed it, taking it upwards to the Heavens, the sky turned black, darkness surrounds them, except for the Soul Lights illuminating the sky, appearing like the Milky Way, returning them to where they came from – The Celestial Realms. As the Ancient Ones address the departing souls, Molly was able to understand their words –

“Each year, on the moonless night before Matariki, Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, you will see in the night sky more stars than other nights, a reminder of the Soul Lights Returning Home. It is The Letting Go – so we can continue to create. For this Life, this incarnation is but a moment in the Eternal Journey of The Soul. Nothing ever ends, it simply changes shape, appearance, form. As above so below, in Heaven and on earth.”

Waves of emotion wash over the couple as they sat huddled together on the grass knoll overlooking this amazing event which surrounded them, with a mixture of sadness, joy, revelation, and excitement of new things to come. They stared out across the oceans at the silvery lights disappearing into the horizon and beyond, as the cloaked sun hovered above the fine line where the water meets the sky.

Feeling both relieved and empty, Molly took Will’s hand and together they walked down to the Lighthouse in silence before climbing back up the pathway to the carpark. That night they both slept deeply and peacefully until the late morning. 

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