Chapter 36 – Time Out

Dear Reader,

It is so good to be back in the flow of writing again. Life had required my focus to be elsewhere and now we are moving on with Molly’s Story through My Book Blog and now writing the 4th Book of their adventures around New Zealand and the World Between Worlds.

I hope you have been enjoying the chapters to date and will continue to follow. Editing these for the blog is a treasure as it has been four years now since I originally wrote them.

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Now, where were we…

With the work for Tom and Delilah completed, the Spirit Web released, Molly and Will had decided to have some time off grid before returning to Auckland on their way home for a visit prior to flying to London. Molly had found a cute little beach bach across the road from the waterfront at Long Bay, Oneroa Bay, a quite little sheltered beach  near Russell, a small town in the Bay of Islands. She had booked it for 5 days and this time remembered to contact everyone, including her mum to say that they would be out of phone and internet reception.

The weather was perfect, warm sunny days, clear blue skies and amazing sun rises across the calm waters. Most of the days they explored the beach and its tiny coves. Not warm enough to swim, Molly imagined how lovely it would be to come back in summer and experience this area, how nice it would be to snorkel in the waters, there was so much to look at beneath the surface. Some mornings they walked into the township of Russell for a coffee or breakfast. It was so nice to just have no agenda, to do whatever they felt like doing, whenever they felt like doing it.

The holiday cottage was quaint, and a bit quirky, in original condition from the 1950’s. Even the decor matched the era. Molly was aware of lots of spirit people still living in the cottage, but she was on holiday and not intending to tune into any of them. She needed a break, and time to process all that had been happening over the past few months. And to think about getting ready to go overseas. She had never travelled any further than Australia before. It was exciting to think about what it would be like to travel Business Class and to be met at the airport by someone who will take them to their accommodation. She wondered what the company they were to interview will be like. As yet she didn’t even know what the nature of their business was. Sitting at the small dining table facing the garden, the beach and the islands beyond, her mind drifted, daydreaming as she stared out the window…then she felt Will’s hands running through her long hair, massaging her head and shoulders. “Babe! You are so tight, why the tension?”

“Just thinking back over the past couple of months. Will… has been amazing! I am so happy that you have been here to share it with me. And there are so many more adventures ahead with the trip overseas.” Distracted from her daydreaming by the warm lips on her neck, she gave in to the emotions sitting just below the surface and cried, deep, releasing sobs. Will picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, laid her gently on the bed and curled up with her. In his arms, her body shook with emotion as she cried, the feeling of release for her was almost exquisite. What had they been a part of? Was it real, or had she dreamt it all? And what was The Attic, really? And who on earth was Grace? 

These and so many more question, flowed through her mind as the emotions flowed through her tears. With a deep understanding in his heart, Will held her with unconditional love, the same questions flowed through his mind, as tears silently ran down his cheeks. He loved Molly more than life itself, he felt the connection of their souls and the energy of eternal love that went beyond this world. 

They were unaware of being watched, by two silent spectators who were very well aware of Molly and Will’s presence in Their House! A tiny pair of mice sat quietly in the corner and one whispered to the other, “Is she ready?”

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