Chapter 39 – Home Again.

Molly and Will called in briefly to Wanderlust Cafe on their way south. Time was of the essence and they needed to get home again before flying out to London. Whilst Molly and Gabriella prepared lunch, Jordan shared with Will the plans he had put together for the repairs of the outside of the building and the mural. He was grateful for the feedback and improvements Will had to offer. Molly loved creating food in the kitchen with her new friend. With access to a well stocked pantry and beautiful fresh produce, such a variety of ingredients to choose from, the girls had fun creating a small feast. The two couples shared lunch outside in the courtyard whilst they took it in turns to share the up and coming events for all of them. The all knew it would be sometime before they would come together again. 

After lunch Molly and Will left Wunderlust Cafe before the afternoon traffic. Sharing the driving they were able to reach Kohutu Bay by late afternoon. Molly always felt her body relax when the car rounded the bend in the road and the tiny village of Lockyer revealed itself. The tyres crunched over the loose gravel of the drive as Will drove the car slowly and as quietly as possible in behind the house. Molly noticed that the trees lining the driveway had changed colour, a gorgeous display of red, gold and brown. But the sound of the car was not too quiet to miss Anna’s attention. Excitedly, she ran out of the backdoor and impatiently opened the car door, pulling Molly out by her hand and wrapping her arms around her.

“Hey Bay-bee! It feels like a life time since I last saw you! You look great!” Anna exclaimed stepping back and taking a good look at her dear friend. “Sex must still be good, its written all over your face. You didn’t do it in the car coming home – did you?” Molly smiled mischievously at her dear friend and ignored the question. “Hi Anna, how are you ?” She laughed. Patrick appeared from behind the barn, dressed in overalls and gumboots, he had been cleaning out the gutters. He gave Will a hug, so pleased to be able to do so, he laughed, “Aargh, it is good to see ya man!”

Molly and Will had a week before they were to fly out to England. ‘It’s so good to be home,’ thought Molly, looking around the gardens at all of the seasonal changes and the wonderful job Patrick and Anna had been doing whilst they were away. “Thank you seems such a small word, Anna, for all that you and Patrick have done in looking after our home for us.

“We have enjoyed playing house, haven’t we?” Anna smiled playfully at Patrick, busting to share their news with their friends. “I’ll put the kettle on whilst you guys unpack the car,” she suggested. In the warmth of late afternoon, they relaxed in the garden, sipping pots of tea and nibbling scones with jam and cream. There was so many stories to share, Molly didn’t know where to start. Anna cut in before anyone else had a chance to, and prompted the already prepared Patrick to get a bottle of champagne and glasses from the fridge. Molly knew immediately they were up to something. “What have you two been up to whilst we have been away?” She looked at them both slyly. 

“Well, we do have some news to share…”Anna led on.

“It couldn’t possibly be more surprising than Patrick’s news on our last stopover…” Molly paused expectantly, looking at Anna. Unable to contain herself any longer, Anna showed Molly the ring on her left hand.

“Whaaat! Oh it is beautiful! Oh my god, this is awesome! Go for it Patrick! What a man!” Molly exclaimed excitedly. Will got up and hugged first Patrick and then Anna, swapping with Molly. Excited chatter met the sound of the cork popping from the champagne. Into the evening they sat in the garden and shared their adventures. The boys built a fire in the brazier and Anna gathered a few woollen rugs from inside. Once the sun went down the temperature dropped quickly. There was so much to share, and it would take more than one night to cover it all. They all knew the following week would pass quickly.

It was after midnight by the time they decided to come inside, having been kept warm outside by the fire, numerous blankets and alcohol. Leaving the boys to tidy up the kitchen, Molly and Anna went upstairs to visit Grace. Standing outside the door, her heart racing, Molly actually felt nervous. ‘It does feel quite different doing this in the physical,’ she thought, as the door opened for them and Grace welcomed her with a big hug. Holding Grace tightly, Molly was surprised at how real it felt. She stepped back, looked at Grace and asked, “What is different, you feel so much more…..solid.”

“Perception my dear, your perception has changed. You are more trusting, more believing, more the wiser maybe?” Grace replied quietly, then added, “it has been some trip, hasn’t it my dear. Come take a seat, a quiet moment together would be wonderful,” Grace said as she took both the girls by the hand and led them over to the kitchen table. “ Aah!” Grace sighed, “there is something to be said about having you all in the house with me. It does feel different,” she clucked contentedly like a mother hen.

As the bright sun shining through the window touched Molly’s face, it woke her suddenly. ‘Where am I?’ She thought, and then realised she was back in her own bed with Will beside her, still sound asleep. ‘What a satisfying feeling’ her mind chattered on. ‘It feels so good to be home. Six more days before we fly out, I want to savour them all.’ She kissed the back of Will’s neck as she spooned her body in behind his. Stirring in his sleep, he moaned gently, pushing back into her warm, naked body. There was no rush to get up today. He rolled over and snuggled Molly into his arms, her head on his chest, she loved to hear his heart beating. Together they drifted in and out of sleep, peacefully, enjoying the comfort of their own bed. 

Brunch was more like lunch, by the time everyone was awake and out of bed. Will had missed a call from Tom, who had left a message for him to give him a call when he had a chance. Not sensing any urgency, and wanting to shift a slight hangover, he called him back after coffee and some food.

“Hey Tom! How you doin’? So good to hear your voice….” Will greeted him. 

“Ah Will, same! So, how has this road trip been for you guys? Good to be home for a break before you hit the ground running in London? I am kinda sad that you won’t be making it down here before you fly out. Did you get the flight details? I sent them by email….”

“Yeah, all good. And thanks again Tom for the flights and accommodation, that’s awesome. Molly’s checking out Canal Boat holidays now as we speak, and maybe a week in the south of France. She has suggested housesitting, could be fun,” said Will.

“There is something you need to know about this company, it is a kind of different family business….” Tom’s voice trailed off, as his attention diverted to what sounded like one of the twins. “Oh sorry man, um….won’t be a sec…..” Tom returned to the phone and continued on, “I thought you would both be ok with this, seeings what you and Molly have been experiencing lately….” 

“Do tell…” encouraged Will, intrigued as to what it could be.

“The company is called ‘Going In Style’ – they provide funeral services. But they are quite unique and Margarite  calls herself a Spiritual Midwife. It is one of the services they offer, that she attends the family experiencing palliative care and assists them in understanding of the death process through a spiritual perspective, helping them come to an acceptance of the process of dying, letting go and that the passing over process is just as special as a baby being born. Quite unique eh? Oh, and just to let you know, she has a wicked sense of humour!”

“Wow, Molly will be fascinated! Interesting…..” Will’s voice faded as he rubbed his head, his stomach pitching from the hangover.

“You ok buddy? What’s happening?” Tom asked concerned.

Will laughed, “yeah, I’m ok. Self-induced hangover. We were celebrating Anna and Patrick’s engagement last night.”

“Awesome news! Give them my best wishes. Well, gotta go. Kelly is asleep and I can hear one of the twins stirring, better run to the rescue before they roar up a storm – Kelly needs some sleep. All good, catch you soon!” Will chuckled, he didn’t even get to say goodbye. ‘Wow, this is going to be interesting!’ he thought, and then said out aloud, ‘A Spiritual Midwife, that’s a first!’ 

“Spiritual Midwife? What’s that?” Molly asked. 

“I have something very interesting to tell you Miss Molly!” He teased her.

“Oh but first Will, come see what I have found on the internet about the Canal Boat Holidays….” Her excited voiced followed her as she walked out of the bedroom and down the hall to the kitchen where she had left her iPad. 

The week did pass quickly and all too soon, Molly was packing her suitcase for four weeks in the UK. Each day she had met with Grace in The Attic discussing the events of the road trip, getting a better understanding of what it all meant. But she was still not quite clear on what The Attic actually was, and who Grace Forrest really was…

“Some things need to unravel gradually, Molly,” was all Grace had to say about it, and that was that. End of conversation.

With everything packed in the car, the girls had a long hug. “Thanks Anna for staying here and looking after The Muse for us. Feel like you have spent more time here than we have, she is just as much your home as ours you know.”

“Thanks Molly, I love every day here, and am so grateful you asked me over. Look what has become because of it!” She waved her left hand with the engagement ring in the air in front of Molly’s face. Molly smiled, “Who would have picked up that one in a reading for you?!” She laughed, “Not even me!” Anna laughed. “And who could have imagined a Business Class flight to London, huh! Let me know what it is like. Might be something to consider for our trip to Ireland.”

“Trip to Ireland?” Molly repeated questioningly.

“For our honeymoon,” whispered Anna.

“Anna!” Molly squealed, “You never said a word! When are you planning to get married, do you have a date in mind.”

“Oh don’t worry, we will wait at least until you get home again,” she smirked teasingly.

“All ready?” Interrupted Will, “Gotta go girls.” Molly chose to sit in the back with Anna. Something nudged her to do this. There was a slight melancholic tinge to the air and Molly sniffed back a tear. ‘What is this?’ She thought to herself, and brushed it off as being emotional about the journey ahead. “Oh Molly, England!” exclaimed Anna, squeezing her hand excitedly. “And soon it will be you flying to Ireland!” added Molly. She caught her breath out aloud, “Oh!” She gasped. “You ok?” Anna asked, slightly concerned. “Hmph, just a feeling of deja vu,” Molly shuddered. She had just seen a glimpse of a dream, or was it a memory? “Anna, did we go on a horse riding holiday when we were younger, or did I dream it?” She asked hazily, trying to work out what she had just felt.

“Yeah, of course we did! At the end of the year, when we had finished high school. Don’t you remember? You took a tumble when your horse balked at that jump and you were knocked out just for a bit. Not a biggie. Remember?”

“Oh yeah, kinda,” Molly replied vaguely. There it was again, that slight, almost nauseous feeling of melancholy. And again, she tried to brush it off. She snuggled up closer to Anna and whispered, “So what kind of wedding do you want?”

Having dropped them off at Arrivals, Patrick went to park the car. Molly felt this melancholy becoming heavier and tried to laugh at herself, ‘Come on girl, it’s just the thought of travelling so far from home. She’s good,’ she thought silently. 

“Molly? Molly? Hello, anybody home?” It was Anna, “ Do you want to get a coffee?” She asked her again. “Oh, yeah, sure,” Molly replied snapping back to the present moment, and tried to focus on where she was. “Do you have some Rescue Remedy with you honey, and the Travel Essence remedy?” Anna prompted. 

“Yeah, yeah, good idea,” Molly said, rummaging through the front pocket of her backpack. “Anna, can you please get me a bottle of water and I’ll add some of these to it.” As Anna went to order coffees  and buy some water for Molly, Will took her by the hand and sat her down. “Babe, you ok?” 

“Umm, yeah, just a little nervous maybe….” Molly’s voice faded. “I’ve got you,” Will held her, leading her over to a chair and sitting her down. He watched her, a little concerned. “I just had the weirdest feeling Will, deja vu like. I’ll tell you later, when we’ve been through Customs.”

“Anything I should be worried about?” Will asked her.

“Nah, just nerves I think,” Molly tried to reassure him. But something had unnerved her, maybe it was a hidden fear of flying so far in one trip. ‘Yes that’s it’, she thought, trying to reassure herself.

“There you go baby, a good coffee and some magic drops, you’ll be right in no time!” Molly grabbed Anna’s hand, and looked at her with concern. “Look after The Muse for me?”

“Of course!” Anna replied, patting her hand.

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