Chapter 40 – London, Paris and More.

Brushing aside the feeling of deja vu, Molly did not want to bring it up again, unless Will asked. It was not a pleasant feeling, and she wanted to keep her attention focussed on having a wonderful flight experience. Business class was nothing like Molly had imagined. Spacious, comfortable and a lovely flight attendant to look after them. She could sense Molly’s nervousness and brought her a cup of chamomile tea, once they had taken off. Molly took some of the travel remedy, and she could feel her body starting to relax. They flew through the night, and managed to sleep for most of the way. Molly woke, unsure of the time, but the cabin was quiet and it was dark outside of the plane. The flight attendant noticing she was stirring and came to see if there was anything Molly needed. After some water and a visit to the toilet, she settled back into her reclined seat, pulling the blanket up, it was chilly. Getting comfortable again, she dozed, drifting through dreams revisiting some of the locations they had been on the road trip. Visions of The Ancient Ones sitting inside of Stone Henge made her giggle. Really, could they do that? Of course they could – they are Spirit People! She enjoyed the personal joke and smiled quietly. Will reached out for her hand. The Captain announced that they would begin the decent in preparation for landing at Gatwick Airport. Estimated Time of Arrival was in half an hour. The weather on ground level was a mild 21celsius and was warming up to a lovely English Summers day with a top of 25 celsius. Setting her seat upright, she realised with slight disappointment that she had not watched any movies. And had missed a meal!

Getting through Customs took quite some time. There were so many people! Molly had never seen anything like it. She felt sorry for the driver who would be waiting for them at Arrivals. Finally, making their way into the Arrivals Lounge, they found a young woman dressed in a navy jacket and calf length skirt, matching shoes, white blouse and a red scarf around her neck, her hair in a tidy bun beneath a peaked cap, holding a sign which read,  

‘Mr & Mrs Ferguson – Little Book Publishing Co.’

“Emily?” Will asked.

“Yes Sir. Mr Ferguson? Mrs Ferguson? Welcome to London. Come this way, please.” Molly giggled. She could not believe how life had delivered this so easily to her. And a chauffeur too! Effortlessly Emily drove them through busy traffic whilst she chatted about particular landmarks along the way  to the hotel they were to be staying in for the first three nights. This would give them a little time to explore the city of London before  starting work at ‘Going In Style’, which was located on the edge of the countryside at Great Missenden Buckinghamshire. They were to stay at an old abbey in the village whilst interviewing the staff over the following 11 days. After that, they were booked for four days and three nights on a canal boat, and then to on to Cordes-sur-Ciel, a village north-east of Toulouse to housesit for a week in the south of France.  If time permitted Molly wanted to visit Beatrix Potter’s House at Near  Sawrey, Ambleside in the Lakes District. It would take more than 4 hours drive by car to get there, so this would depend on the time frame for the interviews. Just an added bonus, if possible.

Emily escorted them into reception at the Hilton Conrad Hotel on Broadway. The doors closed behind them, leaving the noise of the city on the other side. It was so quiet inside, subtle music played in the background. “This is Cindy, she will assist you in settling in. I have been booked to take you on a tour of London tomorrow, I shall meet you here at 10am. It has been my pleasure driving you today. Until tomorrow,” she tipped her hat and walked  out into the busy street. Cindy then took them up to their room on the top floor. After showing them around the practical aspects of the luxurious hotel room, she pulled the heavy drapes back to reveal, a stunning view of the city.  Like most cities, there was a mix of modern and traditional architecture, tall buildings all competing for the sky. “If there is anything else you should require, please call reception by dialing 0 on the telephone. Enjoy your stay Mr & Mrs Ferguson,” Cindy nodded politely and quietly closed the door behind her.

Molly squealed and did a running jump, flopping on her back onto the king sized bed, excitement making her wriggle her body like a child, arms and legs squirming in the air! “London Will! Can you believe it?!”

The following day passed so quickly with a fleeting road tour of London. Exhausted they collapsed into bed, the travel finally catching up with them. They had decided to cancel any more exploring for the next day, choosing to stay, rest and enjoy the facilities of the luxurious hotel they were staying in. Sleep came quickly, and Molly slept peacefully until not long before dawn, that magical time when the stars begin to fade and the sky starts to lighten, heralding the new day. Molly was in the midst of a dream when she heard the sound of horses hooves clattering on cobblestone. Excited, she got out of bed, wrapped the fluffy bathrobe around her naked body and sneaked a peak through the curtains to the street below. It was so busy outside, horses and carts, wheel barrows and hand carts all stacked with produce heading towards what must be the markets. The noise! Molly felt like she was watching a Charles Dickens movie, and turned to wake Will. What she saw caused her to freeze, holding her breath, not knowing what was happening. There in bed next to Will was her own body, sleeping soundly. “Fuck!” She whispered under her breath. “What the fuck?” There before her, her own body stirred in its sleep and snuggled up to Will. Molly turned back to look at the busy street below and seeing her reflection in the glass saw that she was wearing in a white linen nightdress, her long hair was wrapped tightly in rag curls. Reaching her hand up to touch them, she thought, ‘yep, they feel very real. What is happening? Oh I wish Grace was here with me!’ Slight panic rose in her throat, the tightness caused her to cough.

“A sip of this may help,” Molly turned to see someone handing her a glass of water. Dressed in a black dress and white bibbed apron, looking like a Victorian housemaid was Grace! “W-what are you doing here?” She stammered awkwardly.

“You wished and here I am,” Grace replied.

Startled, Molly woke from the dream with a shriek, her hair damp with sweat, her body lying upside down in the bed – her head was where her feet should’ve been. Her thrashing legs had woken Will. “Shh, shh, Molly – it’s ok!” He reassured her, crawling down the other end of the bed and holding her. “It’s just a dream.” The dream was but only the first of many like this which Molly was to experience during her stay in the UK.

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