Chapter 6. Tessa’s Secret.

On her way home, Molly called in to see her Mum. Tessa was pleased for Molly, of having completed her studies with Nanny. “But how are you going to get recognition for what you have learnt Honey, it was not an official study course, you don’t have any credentials.” Molly tried to explain to Tessa the large network that Nanny was a part of, as Maori Healers. “But you’re not a Maori Molly, how is that going to work?” Molly paused for a moment, and silently asked for some words of wisdom. “You will just have to trust me on this one Mum.” 

Tessa was still not willing to discuss these topics with Molly, her stubborn Irish nature made her unwilling to back down and for reasons not yet know to Molly, Tessa would not accept her gift as an accurate Tarot Reader, nor of the presence of her guardian angel…

Word began to spread from the Cafe of Molly’s readings and healing massage. From what had started as a casual, playful reading for Alice the owner of “Through The Looking Glass Cafe” and Molly’s landlady, had become a regular event each Saturday afternoon, following the morning markets across the road after lunch. Very quickly her days off between shifts were filled with doing readings. Alice was keen to promote Molly and offered to be her first client for massage. Together they turned an unused room at the back of the cafe into a cute little room for Molly to do readings from and just enough room for a portable massage table. It was a tight squeeze, but a good place to start. Alice took Molly shopping to buy fabrics and a beautiful Bohemian Style light fitting made of coloured glass from the Mediterranean. Together they transformed the little room into enticing space they called The Gypsy’s Cave. Within weeks Molly was doing more readings than shifts in the cafe!

Life was good, and she loved it. But she did miss her Mum. It had been several months since she had last seen her, the day of her ‘graduation’ with Nanny. One morning whilst meditating, she clearly heard the words, “go see her.” Molly knew it was time to visit her mum again. Molly felt a little sadness, nostalgia as she walked up the brick-paved pathway to the front door of what was once her home. Molly took a deep breath and sighed, knocked on the door and waited. At first Molly thought that her Mum was not at home, but then she heard voices. Did her Mum have a visitor? There was no car parked out the front…Or maybe even a man-friend? Feeling slightly embarrassed at her uninvited arrival, Molly turned to walk back down the path when the front door opened and Tessa called out to her. 

“Molly? Molly is that you?” Molly turned and gave her Mum a hug, somewhat awkward for them both. Molly’s heart ached. Why was her Mum so stubborn? She knew there must be more to it…

Tessa appeared to be home alone, Molly feeling uncomfortable did not want to bring attention to this and ignored what she had heard and began casual conversation. But Tessa was more direct, stating in a prickly way, “So I hear you have been doing readings professionally,” not beating about the bush at all! Molly was a little dumbstruck, but shook this off, she had no intention of being bullied by her Mum and sat up proudly and replied, “Yes, yes I have and I am loving it Mum. You would love my little studio apartment and the room I work in at the Cafe – why don’t you come and see for yourself?” Tessa’s body visible stiffened, and answered curtly, “Not while you be doin’ what you be doin’.” Then, softening a little, she continued, “Molly, there are some things in my life I am not yet willing to discuss. One day, maybe, but not now.” Molly thought she was going to dissolve into tears, but then Tessa busied herself in the kitchen, switching off her emotions that had surfaced unwillingly. Molly hated how her mum was so quick to shut her out like that. But time would teach her to not take these things personally, that it was not actually about Molly at all. Secretly Tessa longed to get to know her adult daughter, however, it was not going to happen that day, or any day soon. After a polite cup of tea, Molly announced her plans to visit Sydney with Annabelle, and her interest in exploring The Mind Body Spirit Festival. This did not encourage Tessa at all. “Oh I see,” she replied shortly. “Well, I wish you all the best Molly darlin’.”

A wave of sadness swept over Molly’s face and as Tessa contained her emotions yet again, she said guided Molly out the front door, said goodbye and quickly shut the door, leaving Molly standing on the front verandah, slightly bewildered. Shaking her head in confusion, she got on her bike and rode down to the beach. On the way, she asked her angel for help to understand her mother. She quickly heard a reply, the words clear in her head, “It is a necessary separation Molly, to enable you to be true to yourself and not live in the fears of your mothers beliefs and past experiences. She’ll come around, one day.”

Meanwhile, behind the closed front door of Tessa’s house, Tessa cried, her knees buckling beneath her, she slid to the floor sobbing. Not sure how long he had been there, Tessa felt a hand on her shoulder and heard the familiar voice of her husband, “Why not tell her Love. Don’t block her out,” he said softly. She looked up at him through tear-filled eyes, “NO!” Tessa shouted sharply and the image disappeared.

Molly rode her bike along the wet sand, the tide was out and the water was calm. She felt anger rising and she stood up and peddled hard, wanting to work off this uncomfortable emotion. There were too many people on the beach for her liking, so she headed up towards the sand dunes, where she dropped the bike not caring whether it was there when she got back or not, and ran through the deep sand, away from all of the people, where she could be on her own, up into the sand dunes and screamed into the wind, beyond caring what anyone else may think of her. She screamed and yelled abuse until she was hoarse and exhausted. Falling to her knees as the wind blew over her, she sobbed. Loud and clear above the noise of the wind, she heard a voice which was becoming very familiar to her. It said, “I’ve got your hand Molly, always. I am here.” Molly felt relief wash over her and she looked up to the sky to see the sun breaking through a hole in the stormy clouds on the horizon, casting rays of silver light onto the water, creating a pathway towards her. The timing of the message she had heard and the energy within the vision across the water took her breath away, stopped her in her tracks and realised that she indeed was not on her own. She slumped down into the warmth of the sand, protected from the wind amongst the grass topped dunes, she rested and listened to the sounds of the beach around her, feeling more at ease.  

“Who are you?” She whispered, not expecting an answer. She got up to walk back to her bike and heard the voice again, “I am your guardian angel, Remember me as Grace.” The sunlight touched her face as Molly looked out across the ocean, and saw a single seagull riding the thermals, appearing to hover above the rays of light. She felt reassured and this gave her strength. She knew it was time for change, and to book the trip to Sydney that she and Anna had been dreaming about…

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