Chapter 8. Return To Sydney.

Alice and her staff at ‘Through The Looking Glass Cafe’ had become like family to the both Molly and Annabelle and their presence had been missed. Everyone was keen to hear of the girls adventures in Sydney and there was great excitement on their return. Anna was eager to talk with Alice about doing readings in The Gypsy’s Cave at times when Molly was working in the Cafe. As it turned out, Alice needed someone to take Rebecca’s place, working on alternate shifts to Molly. Rebecca was a backpacker from Alberta Canada, and it was time for her to return home, her Visa was about to expire. This was a perfect opportunity for Anna to join the team, working in the cafe and doing readings. The readings had become so popular, people travelled from as far as Auckland combining a visit to the Cafe for a meal and a reading or massage, and enjoying a weekend away at the beach. The weekends were already booked ahead and Alice was grateful of Anna’s proposition. 

The following months passed quickly. Molly loved her studio apartment and the variety of work she had at the cafe. Living by the beach appealed to her. The only thing out of sync in her life was her relationship with her mum, or rather the lack of it. When Molly had the tarot reading at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Sydney, Diana had mentioned several aspects relating to this, confirming what Molly’s guardian angel had told her already. In time, all would be revealed.

Molly continued to keep a dream journal. Although none of it seemed to be making any sense to her at this time, it was comforting to write it down. It seemed to strengthen her connection with these people who now seemed only vaguely familiar.

The weeks leading up to their next trip to Australia were busy, their days filled with working in the busy cafe and doing readings. Her lifestyle was casual, despite the growing popularity of her readings. She always made time for herself doing what she loved aside of this…being on the beach, and of course writing. The number of journals on the shelf in her apartment had grown. She loved how they stored her memories, in particular of the Dreamtime she visited most nights, piecing together the forgotten memories of a forgotten life that was slowly being revealed to her. Like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Now sharing the Gypsy’s Cave with Anna, Molly had decided not to promote massage. The tiny space was fine for that when it was just hers, she could adjust it to what she needed easily.  She felt a little unsure of where this was taking her, but could feel the positive momentum growing. Molly felt it in her heart and had seen it in the cards, glimpses of her business expanding, with the possibility of moving to a new premises. But there was one element yet to be revealed to her, that not even the cards would give her any particular details except for the hint of a man returning into her life… 

With their flights and accommodation booked, the girls were ready for their next Mind, Body, Spirit Festival the following month.  It was easier this time because they knew where they would be staying, and what it was like to travel overseas. The visit would be in spring and the weather should be much warmer than their last visit. Anna stayed at Molly’s the night before flying out, and Alice had offered to drive the girls to the airport again. After dinner with their Cafe family the night before, the girls got into bed just before midnight. They needed to be at the airport to check in at 10.30am the following morning. 

Excited, they lay side by side in the couple bed and talked until tiredness finally lulled them to sleep. Molly’s sleep was restless, ending with had a recurring dream. She was standing outside what she now knew to be the International Convention Centre at Darling Harbour. Standing motionless looking up the stairs to the entrance doors, Molly felt and saw 100’s of people passing her at great speed. At the top of the stairs just outside of the doors stood a woman and a young man. The woman was wearing a Victorian dress which had a full length skirt with a bustle and the young man wore a T-shirt and jeans. The woman was trying to tell Molly something, but she was unable to hear her. Molly yelled above the din of the crowd, “I can’t hear you!” The woman clicked her fingers and the crowd began to move in slow motion, silently past her and the young man. It was then that her familiar voice said loud and clear, “This is William. You will remember him when you next see him.”  Molly woke with a start, the alarm pulling her prematurely from the dream. “Damn it!” She muttered.

“Hmm?” Anna stirred sleepily.

“Just a dream,” Molly replied, now wide awake. “Oh my god!”Anna shrieked, throwing back the covers and jumping up and down on the bed next to Molly. “We’re going to Sydney!”

This flight to Sydney was so much easier, the girls now familiar with the procedure of checking in and going through Customs, the flight and getting themselves to the motel in Sydney. Arriving the day before the Festival was to begin, they had received passes which enabled them to enter the Centre and set up their tables that evening. The following morning they would join staff and stall holders for  the opening ceremony and blessing, prior to the doors being opened to the public at 10am. 

After checking into the motel the girls went for a walk around to The Rocks, exploring the shops and beautiful sandstone buildings. After setting up their tables for the next day, the girls shared dinner at  a cafe close to the motel, and had an early night. Sleep came easily after a busy day. Just before the alarm went off, Molly had another lucid dream. It was like watching an old familiar movie.  She was in the old house again and saw herself in the kitchen sitting at the pine table. Looking around the room she could see in clear detail the wooden floors, the old wood stove surrounded by a tiled hearth and wooden mantle, the walls of timber lining boards and on the back wall of the room were lots of windows looking out into the orchard. It was a spacious room big enough to accommodate a table for at least 8 people. Off to one side of the room were two doors, one for the bathroom and another for the laundry and toilet.  There was a woman standing at the wood stove making breakfast. Molly watched on as she saw herself engaging in  conversation with the woman, “Thanks Lucy, it’s so good of you to make me breakfast. Do you know where Will is?”

The alarm on her phone woke her, pulling her suddenly from the realistic dream. Feeling like she had been dragged through Time from another dimension, her body felt heavy on the bed, not keen to move at all. Anna stirred beside her, moaning, “Do you want to turn that noise off?” Vaguely Molly could hear the alarm on her phone. She felt like she had fallen from a great height and landed on the bed, her body shook slightly as she felt a chill run the length of her spine and her hair prickled like static electricity teasing it. Startled, she looked around her. ‘Where am I? Oh yeah, Sydney, that’s right!’ Molly thought.  Reaching for her phone, she turned off the alarm. Anna, unaware of Molly’s night time adventure, energetically sprang to life, rumbling her dear friend in the bed next to her. Excitedly, the girls got ready for what was going to be a busy day. It was Anna debut at the Festival as a Psychic Reader.

After breakfast at the cafe at Cockle Bay near the Centre, they joined Sam and the other readers, visiting lecturers, stall holders and staff for the opening ceremony and group meditation at 9am.  There were several hundred people gathered by the Main Stage. The excited group of like-minded people settled into a guided meditation, which, with this amount of people with a collective focus, together with the drumming and chanting was an incredible experience. The energy was tangible and rippled throughout the large venue. Hundreds of people waited outside the multiple glass doors. It was like a Boxing Day Sale when the doors were opened, people excited and eager to get inside. Having already set up their ‘tools’ on the tables allocated to them the previous evening, the girls went upstairs to the mezzanine level cafe to get a cup of coffee before commencing the readings that had been previously booked on-line.

The first two days passed so quickly, and were quite uneventful. Each day they stayed focussed on doing readings back to back,  lovingly supported by an amazing team of people who kept an eye on when they should have a drink or a break and escorting the clients to the appropriate readers. But on the third day, Molly experienced a sequence of events that would change her life dramatically. And subsequently that of Anna’s too.

The last day had been busy,  all of Molly’s time slots had been filled and Anna had only one available time left. The Kiwi Girls had developed a following, in particular with the early 20’s age group. People they had already done a reading for were recommending family and friends.

Anna’s day was uneventful until the arrival of one particularly client, a good looking guy of similar age. He was tall, of a slender build with dark hair that had an undercut, the longer top swept mischievously to one side. His hazel eyes were captivating, flashing from green to blue to brown, framed by thick dark lashes, highlighted by an olive tone to his complexion. He wore well cut jeans and a white business shirt, the top button undone, no tie and the sleeves rolled up to just below his elbow. As the reading progressed, Anna received information that this guy was to meet Molly. She passed this on to him, suggesting that the three of them meet after 7pm when they all would be finished working. The message was so strong, she could not ignore it. Excited for Molly, Anna felt a tinge of jealousy. This cute guy was even a Kiwi – what were the chances? As it was about to unfold, the chances were to shape an amazing journey for all of them…

After the closing ceremony and with a hint of sadness, the girls said their goodbyes to new friends. Sam had booked them in for the next Sydney festival and asked again if they would be interested in travelling to the other festivals he held in Melbourne and Brisbane? The girls agreed to attend the next one in Sydney and would have a think about the others, as they already had commitments in New Zealand. How exciting travelling to Australia to do readings in such a forum! The New Year was looking interesting. But there was oh so much more waiting for Molly, as she was about to find out…

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