Chapter 9. William Ferguson.

When the girls first met up after closure of the festival, Anna had not mentioned anything about ‘The Cute Guy’ to Molly. Actually, the only details she had other than the information she had shared in his reading, was his first name and phone number! The reading was confidential, all she could say to Molly was that there was someone they had to meet. With their goodbyes complete, the girls walked out of the convention centre into the cold Spring night. Standing alone waiting for them at the bottom of the steps, was The Cute Guy. Molly saw Anna smile at him, obviously recognising him, unaware of her plan. “Hiya!” Anna called out to him, waving. “Umm, sorry, hope you haven’t been waiting too long,” she smiled at him. “This is my friend Molly…”

“Hiya, I’m William. William Ferguson. You can call me Will,” he held out his hand to Molly, “Hi… I’m Molly….Molly Murphy. As their hands touched, Molly had a fleeting moment of recognition and deja vu. Will felt it too. As they held hands mid shake, both of them looked at each other, slightly puzzled. “Have we met somewhere before?” They both said in unison, and laughed nervously. “Oh god, that was a dum-arse question,” Molly blushed, turning her head away embarrassed, her hand slipped from Will’s. 

“No, not really,” Will replied, “Your face is kinda familiar….” He said trying to remember where he had seen her before. Anna watched on, intrigued at what was unfolding. 

“Where in New Zealand are you from?” Will asked Molly.

“Kapiti Coast, Paraparaumu,” Molly replied, slightly distracted trying to recall where she had seen him previously. Anna, feeling like she was invisible, interrupted the awkward moment, “Shall we get a drink and maybe a pizza – I’m so hungry. There is a bar just across the way, on the water front, you know the one Molly, where we had breakfast the other day…” she tugged at Molly to follow her, taking Will’s arm on the other side.

“So where are you  from William, I mean Will?” Anna asked, as the three of them walked arm in arm across the paved area between the Convention Centre and the restaurants along the waterfront.

“I grew up in Petone. Still live there with my folks – they are kind enough to put up with me. I have been studying graphic design and fine arts at Victoria University in Wellington. So living with my folks has been convenient. This is my final year of study and I have been working part-time with a boutique publishing company in Wellington, designing book covers and doing illustrations. But the reason I am here in Sydney is for a larger company. I had a second interview today, it’s looking good. I have been doing some work experience for them over the past six months part-time. And they very generously have paid for me to attend a conference here as well as to meet with the big bosses in the head office in Sydney with consideration of being employed with them full-time. The conference is on graphic design, architecture and urban choreography – Permanent Art Installations In Public Places. You know, street art and the such, to beautify public areas, and create tourist attractions. Graphic Design has gone way beyond sign writing…” William stopped mid-sentence, “Sorry! I am rambling! I do love the topic though and there has been some fantastic stuff shared today.”

The girls said in unison, “It’s ok,” and Molly added, “it sounds fascinating, I’d like to know more. I studied art for two years. Not my preferred career choice, ‘cos secretly I’d rather be an author. It gave me time to grow up a little I guess. I would never have imagined that I would be doing tarot readings in Sydney! (she paused to catch her breath) Now I am rambling!” She giggled nervously.

After a few drinks and ordering a pizza to share, they all relaxed into conversation and the vague connection Molly and Will originally felt clicked into place. Whist Will was studying at Victoria University, he had several part-time jobs, one with the publishing company, one with the architect, and one with a local florist shop called ‘Poppy’s’. He was the delivery boy when Molly was in hospital and who also delivered flowers to Nanny’s house for Molly’s ‘graduation’! Anna was beside herself with excitement, “I knew it! I knew you two had to meet up now…..Oooo! Spooky! It’s Destiny,” she said rubbing her hands together with anticipation.

It had been long day for all of them and they decided to end the night together early. It was just after 10pm when Molly and Will swapped phone numbers and the girls headed to their motel, brushing off Will’s offer to escort them there. The girls were determined to keep its location strictly to themselves. Molly laid awake in bed unable to sleep, even after talking with Anna for more than an hour. Anna, exhausted, fell asleep mid-sentence. Molly, sensing that there was more to Will than she had already gotten a feel for, was restless. She closed her eyes, said a prayer to her guardian angel to take care of everything, and finally fell asleep. Little did she know that her guardian angel was indeed ‘taking care’ of everything and had been, up until this time too.

Just before the alarm went off, Molly had another detailed dream, a repeat of the one she had the other night, of standing in front of the Conference Centre, with the same lady and a young man standing at the top of the stairs. This time the crowd moved silently and the woman said clearly – “This is Will!” She looked very proud of herself. Then she stared intensely at Molly and said, “And I am Grace.”

Molly woke with a gasp, startling herself, her heart racing with the realisation of her dream and its connection to Will. She looked at her phone for the time, it was 6.05am and there was a text message from Will. It read,”Dreamt about you last night – but it was not the first time. Can I see you again before you go home, dinner tonight maybe…just us?”

Molly could not believe what she was reading – she had to wake Anna. Molly wanted to know what Anna had seen in the reading for Will. Anna groaned as Molly tried to wake her. “Noooo…not yet…must sleep!” And pulled the pillow over her head. But Molly persisted, “Anna! Wake up! I got a text from Will during the night!” Instantly awake by this comment, Anna squealed excitedly, “True? Show me!” As she read the message, Molly asked, “So what did you see in the reading Anna?”

Looking at Molly with mocked disappointment, she replied tutting, “Now Molly, Hun, you know even I can’t tell you about that!” Disappointed, but knowing that she must honour the code of confidentiality as a Reader, Molly agreed, “yeah, ok! I know!” 

“Besides” Anna continued light heartedly, “he wants to take you to dinner! I’ll forgive him for not inviting me too,” she added, pouting playfully. More soberly, Anna enquired, “Molly…do you think Will had something to do with the experience you had in hospital? You mentioned that you thought you were married in the dream, you know, when you were unconscious.”

“Molly gasped, “Oh My God Anna, maybe he has! He felt so familiar last night, like catching up with an old friend! I can’t possibly mention that to him…could I?”

The girls had two more whole days in Sydney, booked to fly out late the following night. Will had to work so he was only able to see Molly for dinner. With the Festival over and no plans for the day, the girls decided to use the massage vouchers they had been given as a thank you from Sam and his staff. The healing centre was at The Rocks and they were both able to get a half hour massage each. It was a nice treat after the frantic 3 days of doing readings. For Molly that was 17 readings a day, 51 readings all up. Molly felt tired but her mind was busy. Celia, who was of a similar age to her, was able to turn the busy mind off and Molly slid into a blissful silence whilst Celia did an aromatherapy massage, clearing her body of the unnecessary energies residual from the readings.

It was early afternoon when the girls returned to their motel room. Molly had a hot shower and snuggled up in bed for a nap, feeling incredibly relaxed. Her alarm woke her at 5pm, the afternoon had slipped by in a dreamless sleep. She was excited and yet calm, a deep sense of knowing that everything was going to plan, someone’s plan, not one she was consciously aware of…

Anna escorted Molly to the cafe where they had shared dinner with Will the night before. She was planning to meet up with Celia and go to the movies, leaving Molly and Will alone. Finding a quiet table, the couple chatted casually about the respective days. Molly found it so easy to talk to Will. After dinner the conversation wove its way into the sense of familiarity they both shared. Will too had had dreams of meeting a girl, so similar to Molly, who had been brought to him by an older woman wearing a 1900’s style dress, her long hair neatly tucked up in a bun. The girl had the same turquoise blue eyes as the woman…. and Molly. As he sat at the table opposite Molly, the realisation sunk in that she looked very much like the girl in his dreams. Excited by this, he felt no hesitation in sharing it with Molly.

“Molly, umm…. This may sound a little weird, ummm, well, or considering what you  do for work, maybe not…” he rambled on slightly embarrassed. “But, I had this dream the other night…” he paused, seeing what Molly’s response would be. Molly, licking the last crumbs of pie crust from her plate, paused, her finger lingering between her lips, she looked at Will in anticipation. “Go on…” she encouraged him, her eyes locked onto his. Mesmerised, Molly listened to Will as he told her about the dream which had become so familiar to him. Molly felt herself blushing, energy rushing through her body. “Do you mind if we get some fresh air? Maybe we could go for a walk?” Leaving the cafe, they walked along the waterfront until they found a quite place to sit and talk, over looking the harbour. Lights twinkled like stars on the calm mirror-like surface of the water. The full moon rose just above a bank of silvery clouds and ferry boats were lit up with twinkling fairy lights adding to the magic of the moment.

“Molly…this woman told me that I would meet you and that I would know that it was you – without a doubt. Is that weird or what? He looked at her trying to read how she felt about this. Molly had been staring at her feet, unsure of how much to actually share with Will and not wanting him to see the emotion she felt must be obvious on her face. As she looked up at him, tears made her eyes sparkle, illuminating their turquoise colour in the dim night light. Molly stuttered, overwhelmed by the rush of emotion she was feeling. “Will…I…I….I had a dream I want to share with you.”

When Molly finished telling her dream to Will, they both sat in a silence, spellbound by a growing understanding of what was unfolding between them. Molly could feel the outside world dissolving, her head swooned as Will first took her hand, tracing his finger along the back of it. He too could feel himself getting lost in the mystery of the moment. He looked up at her and irresistibly, he kissed her, holding her lips with his, savouring that first taste of physical intimacy. Molly felt herself slipping into a vision of a time already experienced, a memory of that secret life she experienced whilst unconscious in hospital, and she realised with a jolt, that the man she had been trying to remember was Will! This man, this Will! But how could that be?

And Will felt it too. Holding Molly tight, not wanting to let go of this profound realisation, Molly nuzzled her face into his shoulder and sobbed, “It is you! It is really you, isn’t it Will?!”

“Yes Molly,” Will replied simply, overwhelmed by the understanding surfacing for both of them. With arms wrapped around each other, they sat overlooking the water with no need to say anything. Eventually, Will whispered, “When can I see you again?” Molly and Anna were flying back to New Zealand the following evening, and Will had two more days of work and meetings before he would also return to Wellington. 

“Um, ah…I-I would need to check my roster for the weekend,” Molly’s mind scrambled for words, pulling her mind back to the physical world. “Call me when you get home,” Molly suggested.

Will walked her back to  the motel, Molly comfortable enough with him to do this and for the first time sharing the location of her ‘hideaway’ accommodation. Up the back street, the tiny Motel of only 9 suites was tucked in a gap between the skyscrapers. He stopped outside of the door to her room and kissed her, at first gently and then with a passion, of not wanting to let her go. Molly felt the warmth between their body increase, of a delicious melting sensation of becoming as one. Anna, hearing a noise outside of their door, boldly opened it, ready to move the intruder on. Molly and Will almost fell in the door, grabbing at each other awkwardly to prevent falling over. The three of them burst out laughing. Surprised by the unexpected visitors, Anna apologised clumsily and shut the door again. Giggling to herself, she sat on the bed cross legged and waited patiently for her best friend to come inside. Molly and Will said their goodbyes, promising to be in touch soon.

Not wanting to break the magical spell of the evening, Molly brushed off any details, saying to Anna that she would talk more in the morning. After cleaning her teeth and ignoring Anna’s pleas for information, she snuggled down under the duvet, contented with the day. She could not resist the strong prompt to send Will a message before falling asleep – “Good night my beautiful soul.” To which he replied, “Good night my beautiful angel.”

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