Chapter 10. Home Again.

With everything packed and ready to travel, the girls shared breakfast in a cafe on the way to the train station. Molly brought Anna up to date of last nights events, she wanted to keep the information simple, but excitement got her tongue on a roll and she was happy to share as much as she could remember with her dear friend. For once Anna was at a loss for words. She was so happy for Molly, but still concerned and unsure of what had actually happened to her whilst unconscious in hospital. The day passed quickly and soon they had checked in at the airport and were boarding the plane to Wellington. Molly felt excited as the plane lifted off, leaving Sydney behind for another six months. She and Anna had organised with Sam to attend the next Festival in Melbourne in three months time. Even though she felt the tug of moving away from Will, somehow there was a closeness, a bond that had already set in. For now, she was day closer to seeing him again. The view from the plane window of the night sky and the city below looked so pretty, like a fairyland twinkling with tiny lights against the darkness of the surrounding landscape. She sighed contentedly, nestled back into her seat, closed her eyes. Drifting off she heard a soft chuckle and then a familiar voice that whispered, “Oh such fun! We shall have such fun!” And the all-knowing chuckle faded. Molly smiled to herself, trusting in these feelings she was having, which were more of a “knowing’, somehow solid and real, not dream-like or fanciful to her.

Molly felt restless, and the flight seemed to drag. The whole journey home felt like it took such a long time. Her mind was preoccupied with thoughts of the past few days, and of course…Will. Sighing deeply, she gazed out the window at the full moon casting a silvery light across the ocean far below. For a moment she felt the increasing distance between her and Will and a sadness swept over her, tears prickled her eyes.  She had never been in love before, was this what it was like? To be missing someone like this felt awful. The silvery light on the ocean below and the  full moon seemed to soothe her, drawing her into its magic. The sadness quickly replaced by the overpowering sensation in her heart as it swelled with the immense love she felt towards this man. Her logical mind questioned how she could feel this way towards someone she had just met. But her heart, and her soul knew him so well and the sensation of missing him triggered a memory, one that felt so well-known it put her at ease. Her eyes felt heavy and she slipped into sleep, leading her into a dream of a time forgotten. It was a warm summers night and she woke to see the light of the full moon shining through a pair of open French doors onto the bed where she was lying She felt a body next to her and rolled over to see that it was Will! His eyes opened and he smiled lovingly at her. The warm breeze caressed her body, the mosquito net which surrounded the bed tickled her skin as it moved gently in the night air and her eyes locked onto his. Lost in a moment only lovers know, their lips met and Molly felt herself melting, her body floating in a way somehow intimately familiar to her, of unity. Will rolled onto his back, pulling her on top of him. Laughing, playfully she tickled him. He started rocking her, at first playful, then more sensually and then she could hear him whispering her name, over and over again. The rocking became more insistent and Molly felt herself being pulled from a life where she felt she belonged. 

“Molly! Molly!” Anna hissed as she gently shook her friend’s shoulder. “Molly! Wake up!” Anna pulled Molly back from the dream. Giggling, she whispered, “what were you doing? Sounded like you were making out!” Embarrassed, Molly sat upright in her seat, blushing heated her face. Realising where she was and grateful for the darkness  inside  the plane’s cabin and that they were in a whole row of seats to themselves, she replied quietly, “Sorry Babe, wow what a dream! Tell you about it later.” Molly looked around where they were sitting to see if they had disturbed anyone. The other passengers were either asleep or had headphones on. Relieved, she sunk back into her seat and stared out the window, wanting to recapture the feeling of being with Will. And then she heard his voice so clearly it caught her by surprise, “I am always with you!” Smiling contentedly she curled up in her seat and stared out the small window at the starlit sky, the moon no longer visible, but its magical light still danced across the cloud cover beneath the airplane, like untouched snow. Somehow, she could feel Will’s energy surround her.  

It was early morning by the time they reached Molly’s apartment. Exhausted, the girls collapsed on the bed full clothed, leaving unpacking until later. Falling into a deep sleep all too soon they were woken by the alarm at 10am. The girls ventured downstairs to be met by their Cafe Family for brunch, who were keen to catchup on the girl’s adventures in Sydney. Molly had asked Anna not to mention Will, not yet. Although popular amongst her friends, Molly was a private person and liked to keep it that way.  

After brunch Molly had readings booked for the late afternoon and into the evening. Anna had decided to have the day off, to stay on at Molly’s apartment for the day, she rang her mum and then left for a walk to the beach, leaving Molly to prepare for her day. As Molly stepped into the Gypsy’s Cave she relaxed, it was like returning Home. As she shut the door, the room became quite, the sounds of music and chatter just a muffled background hum. It felt so good to be in her special space – she loved it here. As Molly sat down on chair by the table where she did readings, thoughts of Will entered her head. She wanted to turn off to all thoughts of the outside world for a bit and meditate, allow herself to unravel all of the amazing experiences she had had over the past week. But first she wanted to send Will a text message, just to say hello and not expecting an immediate reply, turned her phone onto ‘silent’ mode, placed it in her handbag and put it into the cupboard. Lighting a candle, Molly sat at the table again and looked affectionately around her ‘office’. It had become a comfortable, familiar place for her, and she loved her studio apartment upstairs. She sighed deeply, contented. Life was good. 

Closing her eyes, meditation came easily. She felt the tension in her body release with each breath, her mind drifting, as she reached that floating sensation…but the stillness was broken by a familiar voice.

“Life is about change Molly, but in a good way, just go with it. I am always with you, I’ve got your hand.”  

It was Molly’s guardian angel, and she felt her presence so strong that she wanted to open her eyes to see if Grace was actually sitting in the chair opposite her. Peaking through her thick eye lashes, what she saw took her by surprise. Instead of a solid form as she expected, Grace appeared as a translucent outline filled with thousands of minuscule lights, sparkling. Iridescent, the vision of her glowed, her teasing, playful laughter sounded like the tinkling of crystal chimes. The impression took Molly’s breath away – it was more than beautiful! She felt a little sadness as this impression of Grace faded, but it did leave her feeling excited and uplifted. Inspiration moved her and she got her bag out of the cupboard and took out a parcel she had brought back from Australia, containing a selection of crystals and a new pendulum she had brought at the Festival. Resisting the temptation to check her phone, Molly busied herself, rearranging and tidying her room. With half an hour until she was to begin the first of the booked readings, she thought she would do one for herself. She sat with her cards, feeling the smooth worn surface and familiarity of the deck between her hands, closed her eyes and consciously slowed her breathing.  Asking Grace for assistance, Molly dealt the cards without looking. Taking a deep breath, she opened her eyes to see The Queen of Cups, crossed by The King of Wands, above this was the Empress, below was the 10 Cups, to the left was the Wheel of Fortune and to the right was the Page of Wands, and…..The Moon. She smiled quietly to herself, knowing all too well the meaning of the cards on the table in front of her. It confirmed for her the significance of meeting Will now, that everything was being lined up for them, the sense of knowing they both shared, and to just take that leap of faith and to trust in what was being revealed to her, of what she felt towards this man, that it was indeed Destiny.  She knew in that moment, that everything was unfolding perfectly for both of them.

Tidying the cards, she said a blessing for the people booked for readings and went into the cafe for a jug of water and some glasses. The Cafe was busy, she had been unaware of all of these people, it was so easy get lost in another world inside the Gypsy’s Cave…

Having finished his work in Sydney for that month, Will was looking forward to having four days off. Thoughts of Molly had occupied his mind constantly and he was keen to see her again. There was no doubt that he would. It was mid morning by the time his flight reached Wellington and as soon as the plane landed, he sent Molly a text message, “Hello my angel, home at last! When is a good time to catch up?”

Molly was on morning shift at the Cafe. Being Saturday morning, it was very busy, and already people queued out the door waiting to place an order. It was a warm, sunny morning and the markets were on in the local hall, bringing extra people into the little town. She could hear music from the hall drifting down the street. People were in good spirits. It was a pre-Christmas market, usually the busiest of the whole year. She didn’t get a break until the morning rush had passed, during a small lull before the lunch crowd came in. Sitting outside in the sun with a cup of coffee and a toffee walnut brioche, Molly checked her phone and found Will’s message. Her heart raced, excited to hear from him, knowing that he was on his way home today. Maybe she would see him tonight? Although keen to see him as soon as possible, Molly was aware of the busy afternoon ahead of her, with bookings for readings until 7pm. She replied to his text message whilst she had a chance, “So nice to hear from you, super busy today, how’s brunch tomorrow?”

To which he replied, “Sweet! I’ll pick you up at 10 am? There is somewhere I want to take you.”

It was almost midnight by the time Molly collapsed into bed. Her readings had continued until 10pm! A group of people from out of town had arrived at 6pm, by recommendation. They were genuinely disappointed to hear that Molly was booked out. However, Molly picked up on the importance of their arrival and suggested for them to have dinner and return at 7.30pm, giving her time to have a break. As it turned out, they were a neat group of friends and the readings were fun and easy, and Molly delivered very poignant information to them. They paid her generously for her time and kindness.

Drifting into sleep, grateful for her cosy bed, Molly heard a voice which startled her awake, it sounded like it was in the room with her, and made her blood run cold. Lying in the darkness, her heart pounding, she dared not move, the presence felt so tangible. It hissed at her, “You can’t have him, he will never be yours. His heart belongs to me!”

Taking on a little courage, Molly sat bolt upright in her bed to see before her a ghostly outline of a young woman, not much younger than her, standing at the end of her bed. The etheric impression turned its head and snarled at Molly, it’s eyes lit up like hot coals against the darkness that surrounded them both. Molly sat unable to move, holding her breath, not having a clue what this Spirit Person wanted, or who it may be connected to. She had done so many readings recently. But her mind froze, fear immobilised her. She was scared and she was alone, so she thought. The woman hissed at her, her eyes locked onto Molly’s and then the vision shifted. It’s ‘body’ slumped, and the girl appeared to sit on the bed, as she began to sob. Molly pushed herself as far away as possible, feeling some comfort from the solid wall behind her. As she watched this woman cry, her fears gave way to compassion, and Molly wanted to reach out to her, to help her feel at ease.

“I-I-I…I give up. You can have him…” the spirit woman sobbed. Then the ghostly impression looked directly at Molly and said, “It’s ok. I know you will look after him,” and then the vision vanished and Molly was left sitting in the darkness shaking. Realising she had been holding her breathe, Molly breathed out and gasped for some fresh air, slumping into her pillows and said out aloud, “So much for sleeping now!”

Molly’s thoughts were interrupted by her phone chiming. The time read 3.33 am. It was a message from Will which read, “Lying awake thinking of you, can’t wait for the morning. Are you by chance awake too?”

Molly smiled, and replied, “yeah, very much so.” Their text messages continued for almost an hour, when Molly caught herself nodding off in-between messages. Feeling more at ease now, she fell asleep until her alarm woke her at 8am.

The persistent alarm dragged Molly out of a deep sleep. Slightly disorientated, she looked around the room taking in her environment. Realising where she was, she reset her alarm, snuggled down under the duvet, and let her mind drift. Thoughts of her visitor last night jolted her awake. Who was this girl and who was she referring to, who was it that Molly was to look after? When the alarm sounded again, her mood shifted, remembering that she was to meet with Will for brunch. Throwing off the covers, she put on some music and got into the shower. She had chosen a sweet floral dress, it’s bright summery colours highlighted by the white background of the colourful print. Drying her hair, she scrunched the long dark curls and pulled it back from her face with a stretchy white headband, and wrapped a matching white belt around her waste, and put on white leather sandals. Pleased with what she saw in the mirror, she placed the finishing touches of pink lip gloss and a little mascara. Not big on makeup, she liked to keep it simple, just enough to emphasis her turquoise blue eyes and full lips. 

Will was already waiting outside, leaning against the front guard of his car. His face lit up as Molly walked towards him. He had planned to take her to his favourite cafe, The Chocolate Fish at Shelly Bay. 

Driving across the city and around the harbour, the City of Wellington seduced them. Putting on a perfect performance, a light wind created small waves on the harbour, the sunlight sparkled across the top of these, like diamonds. Molly had not been to this side of the city for such a long time. As they walked through the door, she instantly loved the Cafe, it’s funky feel, cheerful staff and spectacular outlook across the harbour back towards the City. Lost in conversation, brunch turned into lunch and all too soon the cafe staff were cleaning up around them. Like waking out of a shared dream, they both realised it was time to move on and decided to go for  a walk along the harbours foreshore. Will slipped his hand into Molly’s, the warmth of which made his whole body tingle. Molly felt it too. 

Neither of them working the next day, Molly invited Will back to her studio apartment. “Let me cook you dinner,” she pleaded playfully, “And maybe you can sleep over…” she flirted with him. Will teased her back, “Welll….I don’t know…I have only just met you….” He drawled playfully. “I guess we could pick up my toothbrush on the way.” Molly squealed and twirled excitedly, clapping her hands. She took both of Will’s hands and kissed him. He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her body into his. The tingling was delicious, and he felt he could simply inhale her with one big breath.

“Get a room!” A voice yelled out the window of a passing car, as it beeped its horn. Giggling, they ran back to Will’s car.

Parking the car in the driveway outside his family home, Will secretly hoped that his parents would not be at home. Not that he was not wanting Molly to meet them. It was more that they may have felt that he was not ready to have a girlfriend just yet, being overprotective of him. It was not quite year since Lulu had passed over. He was not ready to discuss this with Molly just yet, wanting to take this new experience one day at a time, despite the sense of knowing and how familiar Molly felt to him.

“Who are you kidding Will!” He thought to himself. “You know who this girl is – She is It!

“Wait here Molly, I won’t be long.” He breathed a sigh of relief finding the house quiet and no one else home. He grabbed his toothbrush and a change of clothes, shoving them hurriedly into his backpack as he walked out the door. Back in the car, he sent his parents a text message, saying he would be home tomorrow evening.

Molly opened the door of her studio apartment and had the sensation of deja vu, as if she had done this before. She smiled to herself, took Will’s hand and led him in through the door. “This is it, my little home!” She stated proudly.

“Wow, Molly, this is so cool!” Will replied, looking around the open-plan apartment, he took in all of the details. “And a view of the ocean!” They both chuckled at this comment, as there was only a glimpse of the beach through the tree tops. Molly put on some music and slipped her hands around Will’s waist and down into the back pockets of his jeans, pulling his body into hers. Will cupped his hands around her face and held the moment of anticipation before he kissed her. There were mixed emotions for both of them – the excitement of new sensations arousing them combined with the feeling of coming home – that safe, warm, comfortable feeling of being with someone you knew so well…

Will fumbled nervously with the zip on the back of Molly’s dress. Giggling, Molly stepped back from him and turned around. Looking over her shoulder at him, she invited him to continue undoing her zip. He slowly undressed her, like he was unwrapping that long awaited Christmas present, savouring every moment. Her dress slipped seductively to the floor. Molly was so beautiful, her long dark wavy hair fell across her now bare breasts. Will moved forward to pick her up, intending to lay her on the bed, but she stopped him. “Uh ah, now it’s my turn,” she interrupted him and went on to lift his T-shirt over his head and tossed it playfully across the room. She too relished this moment of unwrapping her present…

Both standing naked, both of them paused somewhat awkwardly. Breaking the moment of uncomfortable silence, Will tackled her on to the bed, playfully kissing her all over until she was laughing uncontrollably. His lips made their way up from her navel, to find Molly’s and kissed her passionately, his body becoming one with hers…

Waking, not even realising she had fallen asleep, Molly snuggled into Will’s warm chest. She loved to hear his heart beat. He stirred from sleep and kissed her forehead affectionately. “Oops! So much for making dinner for you!” Molly laughed. “I am hungry though, how about you?” I can whip something up,” Molly leaped out of bed and wrapped a sarong around her, seemingly in mid-flight, like a gazelle across the savanna. Opening the fridge, her eyes scanned its contents and found a parcel with a note attached! It was from Alice and the note said, “Thought you two may be hungry, working up an appetite! Love Alice & Co.”

Molly laughed and then mockingly moaned, “Oh no! How did she know?” Will, having been watching every movement she made, mesmerised, sat propped up in  Molly’s bed, the sheet covering just enough of the lower part of his body. Molly brought the parcel over to the bed and unwrapped the brown paper and string in which  a tiny bouquet of viola flowers had been tucked. “It’s from Alice, my boss, she’s kinda adopted Mum,” Molly explained. “Oh god, now the whole cafe will know,” Molly blushed.

“Is that a problem?” Will enquired. 

“No…not really. Except I was known as the shop’s virgin. They probably all laid  bets about last night!” She laughed nervously. Sensing Molly’s discomfort about this subject, Will offered a distraction and asked, “ So what’s in the parcel?” In two takeaway containers were servings of a Moroccan Salad with Couscous and a desert – two plum puddings in chocolate sauce and a small container of plain yoghurt. Molly spread out a table clothe across the bed and they shared the meal picnic style.  Having been lost in lust they had no idea of the time, she was surprised to see that it was 2am!

Content and sleepy, they left the dishes for the morning and snuggled back under the duvet, their bodies entwined, Molly’s head on Will’s chest, they fell asleep. Molly dreamt of people she did not know. One in particular stood out. Her name was Lulu. It seemed like she was trying to reach Molly through a crowd of people, calling out her name. Molly saw an older woman standing behind Lulu, who seemed familiar. The crowd of people moved in slow motion around them, the sound muted. The woman she recognised spoke clearly to Molly, “This is Lulu.” The movement of the crowd sped up and the noise became deafening. Molly woke in a sweat, her heart racing. Was that her guardian angel in the dream? And who was Lulu? What was her connection to Will?

The new couple stayed in bed most of the morning, but Molly felt a little distracted, her thoughts puzzled by the dream she had earlier. Surprisingly, Will picked up on her unease. “You ok Molly? I know the night was intense. Do you want me to give you some space?” He offered.

“Oh no, that is far from what I need Will Ferguson! I want to enjoy every moment I have with you. It’s just…..”her voice faded, unsure of how to share this new information with Will.

Will wanted to reassure her, “Molly, you can tell me anything. Anything.” And she knew that this was true, and she trusted him. Sitting up cross legged, she looked at him, took a deep breath and told him about the dream. At first Will seemed shocked, and Molly wished that she had kept quiet. Sadness swept over his face, his eyes welled up with tears and then he laughed nervously, “Ha! But of course she would reach out to you Molly. I do have a story to share with you.” He pause, seeming to gather some courage and then continued, “Lulu was a French Canadian exchange student who was in my sister’s class in high school. She had become good friends with Olivia, and would sleep over at our place most weekends. But Lulu had developed a crush on me. I was busy and focussed on my studies and work, quite oblivious to this, until she tried to kiss me. When I refused, she slapped my face, calling me all kinds of names in French. Her fiery temper already had a reputation. It was something she was used to expressing at her own home, but not so easily understood here. Lots of students said she was a spoilt brat and that she threw tantrums, heaps of tantrums! But I kinda understood where she was coming from and we had spent many Friday nights talking until late, Mum and Dad thinking she was asleep in my sister’s room. This particular night when I had refused her kiss, she stormed out of my room, grabbing my car keys on her way out the door. She took my car, did a massive burnout in the driveway and sped of down State Highway 1, towards the city at high speed, all on the wrong side of the road!” Will stopped talking and appeared to be gathering himself before he spoke again. “She hit a truck head-on.” Will held his breath, trying to contain his emotion, but when Molly touched his arm, he looked up at her, tears spilling down his cheeks. “It was awful Molly, so, so sad. And I felt it was all my fault,” he sobbed, as Molly wrapped her arms around him. His body slumped on the bed and she cradled his head in her lap, stroking his forehead whilst he cried, releasing long held tears. There was nothing she could say, or needed to. He just needed to be held. Eventually, Will lay silently on the bed with her, and Molly waited patiently for him to move or speak. He started to hiccough and then, giggle, slightly-embarrassed. “Wow, where did that come from?” He asked, surprised at his own unabashed expression of emotion. “Molly I just wish I could know that she is ok,” he sighed. Molly paused for a moment and then asked, “Would you believe me if I said that she is ok?”

Will rolled over and looked up at her, “How do you know?” Molly took a deep breath, knowing that this moment would either scare Will away or raise his curiosity. “ Um, well, she paid me a visit the other night.” Will sat up and looked at her, intrigued, “Serious? Oh man, that is so cool! How did you know it was Lulu?” He asked excitedly.

“I didn’t at first, I had no idea. Except that she said at first that I could not have him, and then after crying she said that she knew I would look after him. After the dream, last night, I know now that she was referring to you.”

“And is she ok Molly?” Will enquired.

“Yes, Will. She is very ok,” Molly held his hand, holding his gaze with her eyes. Then she stifled a giggle. “Maybe we should take a shower,” she suggested, looking at Will’s face all smeared with tears and snot. “I want to wash your body…” she distracted him, not wanting him to realise what a mess he looked, helped him off the bed and led him into the bathroom.

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