Chapter 13. The Honeymoon.

It was well after midday by the time they ventured downstairs to be met with a loud cheer from the staff cleaning up the cafe. Alice stepped forward and announced, “May I introduce Mr and Mrs William Ferguson!” And the newly wed couple were surrounded in a group hug with their friends. Declining offers of a late lunch, Molly and Will packed their bags into the car and began their honeymoon road trip. Focussing on driving through the traffic, Molly left Will to concentrate. Further up the road, she broke the silence, “Hello Mr Ferguson, how does it feel to have a Mrs Ferguson?” To which he replied, “The most natural thing to do,” he smiled lovingly at her for just a moment, returning his focus back to driving. Molly squeezed his hand which rested on his thigh as they drove northwards. They had not booked any accommodation in advance, just following the road north, trusting in where they were being guided to by what was or was not available for them. Molly loved their adventures, they felt exciting and she loved the way the unexpected was revealed to them.

It was a warm sunny Autumn day, and the breeze still had a hint of summer to it. Winding the window down, the wind caught her long hair, pulling it this way and that. She laughed, grabbing it before it covered Will’s face too and twisted it into a loose bun. Whilst Will drove along the narrow, tree-lined road, weaving up into the hills, Molly relaxed back into the car seat, watching the scenery flicker by, her mind reflected over the past few days. She had felt a shift within herself, and noticed it in Will too. There was something magical about getting married. It brought a renewed energy into their relationship. Molly could sense a knowing, a familiarity to the events that had been unfolding, that she brushed off as “getting older” and a little wiser. But somehow, there was more to it than that…As yet she was unsure of what it all meant. The feeling of deja vu happened often. She loved Will more and more, with a love that seemed to stretch back in Time and forward into the Future. For now, she had him all to herself for the next two weeks. Or so she thought! Looking out the window of the car, everything looked and felt fresh and sparkly, her body tingled, like when they first met in Sydney. They were both aware of this new chapter in their lives together, a deeper sense of connection between them. Even to the point of saying what the other was thinking!

So much had happened since that day…and before. Somehow, the events seemed to intertwine, at times the feeling of familiarity lead her ask herself if she had dreamt of it or if it had really happened. Writing in her Journal helped, not only to unravel what was happening in her life, for her to grasp a better understanding of this but also interrelatedness of the experiences she had whilst unconscious in hospital, of what felt like another lifetime, that were beginning to surface in her memory. Journalling also helped her keep a date line of what was happening daily. At times she felt a little confused as to what had actually happened and what she had dreamt. There seemed to be a fine line between the two. Molly wondered if this was a result of her head injury, but in her heart she knew there was more to it. She felt the experience had opened her mind to a whole new dimension that was very real. At times, she tried to push it aside thinking that if she shared it with someone, they would confirm that she was losing her mind. Nanny knew, way more than Molly was aware of, and Will understood. Without him even acknowledging it in words, Molly knew he understood, maybe even more than she did at times. It was something unique that they shared, something they called The Knowing. It was an understanding that went beyond a mental or logical understanding of knowledge. They both felt it in their hearts, in the very core of their being, in the soul connection they shared. Anna had kind of got a grasp on it, although Molly thought she needed a little more worldly experiences yet before it really made sense to her.

Lost in her own thoughts, she missed part of what Will was saying to her.

“Sorry Honey, what was that?” She asked.

Where would you like to stop for lunch? We will be in Whanganui soon.”

Molly pulled her attention back to the present moment. She placed her hand on Will’s thigh and said, “You know how it works best Mr Ferguson! Follow the breadcrumbs…”

Molly was soon to find out that, the Honeymoon was indeed being shared with many others, In Spirit, these Spirit People who looked after her, guided her, protected her, and shared every experience with her. They were discrete and at times of intimacy between the couple, they did turn the other way. Because in the Spirit World, there are many places they could be, and at the same time keep a little energy focussed on this special couple. During the day they created happy memories, exploring new places together, weaving their way northwards, following the breadcrumbs…From Whanganui, they drove up the Whanganui River Road to Ohakune, then the Dessert Road through National Park to Lake Taupo. With  these destinations in mind they had not booked any accomodation, being free spirited was the best way for them to travel, it kept a sense of adventure alive.

But the road trip itself  and the fact that it was their Honeymoon was only a part of the adventures lining up for them. It was during the night time when the interesting things began to occur. Each night, just before waking in the morning, Molly would have clear, detailed dreams. They always began the same way, of her walking up a set of well-worn wooden stairs, through an old panelled cedar door into an attic room, where each night she experienced another dimension, of what seemed like an alternate reality. Occasionally, Will met her in this dream place, and they would interact in the dream at night, retelling identical stories over breakfast in the morning. This fascinated them both, and added an exciting element to their relationship. After the first two vivid dreams, Molly decided to keep a Dream Diary again. Whilst staying at Lake Taupo, she came across a book store where she found the prefect book. The journal was covered in the print of an old fashioned map of the world. As Molly held it in her hands, there was a strong sense of familiarity to this book. Puzzled, she could not understand what the attraction was. She just knew she had to have it. She wrote the first of the dreams into it on waking the next day, and each morning of their honeymoon. Molly knew there was something important in these dreams, but was unsure what to do with the journal writings just yet. Maybe she could share them with Dr Sarah? This felt good and brought Molly a sense of relief. Yes of course – Dr Sarah! She would love to read about these dreams.

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