Chapter 14. The Dream Journal Entries.

Each night during their Honeymoon, Molly would write a little about their day, and in the mornings recount the dreams on waking in writing whilst the details were still clear in her mind.  She looked forward to these dreams, it was like going on an adventure, meeting new people and visiting new places. It all felt so real. Only some nights did she share a dream with Will and in the morning he would retell his dreams to Molly and she was able to recall the exact same experience. It was something unique for them to share, and this fascinated Will, keeping his own mind open to a different perspective of Life.

18th April, 2016.


I am not able to comprehend in my head what am experiencing with Will – I thought I could see it, feel it – but it is something beyond words and to know that he shares this awareness is wonderful.

Life has taken me in a direction I thought I could only have dreamed of. And dream I did because I am now living in the dream!

Words fall short to describe the Love I share with Will.

I Love The Life We Are Creating Together!

The energy coursing through my being, my body, my soul is so, so beautiful, it brings me to tears, tears of joy, immense joy, knowing there is no limit to this and there is more coming.

Spinning, the beautiful feeling of spinning, like the whirling dervish’s  – swimming in joy and bliss.


Wow! Wow! Wow! I’ll try to describe this dream as best as I can. Slowly and purposefully, I step on each stair tread, feeling the warm, worn timbers of the bannister rail polished by the years of many hands passing this way, now beneath my own hand. Breathing slowly and deeply with each step until I reach the landing outside the familiar wooden door.

Pausing, I touch the cool porcelain handle, slowly opening the door, I step into a humid mist. The room is filled with a mystical fog, thick, warm and intriguing. Nothing feels familiar, and yet I feel welcomed. I become aware of tall plants, low growing shrubs, and huge tall trees. Step by step I feel my way, not knowing what is ahead of me and yet a part of me knows this space very well. I can hear scampering of tiny feet in the undergrowth and see glimpses of eyes watching me from within the safety of the misty foliage. I find a place to sit, some thick emerald green moss on a fallen tree, that has laid to rest for many years, creating the perfect bench.

Sitting still now, my eyes adjust to the magic around me. I feel these beings more than seeing them. They are shy and timid until I sit still and focussed on being in their environment, of lifting my vibration higher. In the stillness there is so much activity! Faery-type beings and sprites tending these magnificent gardens. Every plant has a spirit, is alive and present – no different to being in a public place with lots of people going about their day, so it is in these magical gardens – for the plants, animals, trees , shrubs and spirit beings – they all have a ‘job’ to do, a purpose.

As I sit still now and allow myself to just be, I feel at one with them. The activity increases or rather, my awareness of it does. I am a visitor and yet feel most welcome and at home here – safe, protected, guided, supported. Everything that is needed is here.

I feel a familiar presence and realise My Guardian Angel Grace is sitting next to me. No need for words, we sit side by side in this paradise, in awe of the beauty around us, feeling complete with this.

The energy is uplifting, healing, whole, beautiful, tingling, warm, energising, calm, peaceful, tangible. A heightened state of awareness. Each drop of water on the leaves glisten, catching the light and making tiny, tiny rainbow balls, a whole view of the tiny universe within. Everything is perfect and complete. Oh to stay and live in an environment like this! It is so alive. I feel so alive!

I become aware of another familiar presence sitting on the other side of me – Will! Grace smiles, nudges me and whispers “get used to it!” I slip my hand into his and feel the energy increase ten fold.

‘Why the fuck would anyone do drugs when you can do this?’ I wonder.

If only our little ones were encouraged to explore their imaginations more…instead of being reprimanded for not paying attention in class or making up stories.

Listening to my thoughts, Grace replies, “this is available to anyone, purely through the power of thought. Are you ready to bring it into being?”

“Can we?”

“Limitless possibilities – remember?” Grace reminds me with a wink.

I close my eyes, embracing the completeness of what I am feeling with Will, Grace and the magic of this place. My breathing is so light, effortless, easy. I feel the heaviness of my physical body and my awareness returns to my body lying in the bed, Will asleep by my side.

19th April, 2016.

I am in awe of the life we are creating together, of sharing this all with my soulmate Will. I love being able to talk with him each morning about these dreams, as together we are discovering what it all means. And I love these experiences we share.

In last nights dream I see myself climbing the stairs to The Attic. I just want to run! I feel so excited, energised and relaxed all at the same time.

I wonder what this dream will bring?

I wonder what is on the other side of The Attic door today?

I pause before opening the door – my heart is racing…

I find myself standing in the doorway which opens onto the edge of an abyss. Catching my breath and grabbing the door frame either side of me I peer inside the room to see that the floor is a mass of swirling clouds. It is like looking into the eye of a cyclone. I can feel the intense energy of this vortex, swirling. However, I feel calm and the desire to fall into this takes over my logic mind. I close my eyes and fall forwards into the swirling clouds…

Multiple images flash through my mind at the speed of light, too fast to catch, as I feel myself suspended in this energy vortex, supported, held safely as images form around me – people and places unfamiliar, books, pens, gardens, houses, the calm seas of tropical beaches, mountains, field of yellow flowers, falling autumn leaves, snow-capped mountains, warm sun, wild coastal beaches, glaciers, – all passing through me. Not just in my mind, but the only description I can find the words for is – holographic. It feels like they are a part of me, light and yet tangible in an etheric way, where ‘touch’ is more a sensation than a tactile experience.

I sense My Guardian Angel Grace’s presence and hear her voice, not with my ears but in my mind…

“This is the Field of Potential. It is an aspect of the Spirit World. What do you think? This is where your thoughts become things, it is the place of creation. Calm your mind and see what happens…”

I take a deep breath in and breathe out slowly. The slowly spinning vortex before me turns from a swirling mass of activity to a calm, crystal clear pond of still water, forming a mirrored surface. I catch myself holding my breath feeling the stillness, as if my breath would make a ripple, watching this deep blue pool of water….its stillness…almost feels like it is waiting…I feel mesmerised, spellbound, lost in the silence of its nature, not wanting to think, just Be.

I am able to remain with the image of this beautiful stillness – a precious moment. On the calm surface I am able to see the reflection of me. As I sit and feel comfortable with this, in awe of the beauty of my True Self, I see the image grow to include Grace, words are too limiting to describe what I see and feel. The reflection shimmers and there is Will sitting by my side, the beauty of his soul’s presence takes my breath away. Between us is a small pile of smooth, flat river stones with words or symbols drawn on them. I pick up one with carved into it and drop it into the still pond of water. The vibration of Love ripples out into the water and I can hear or rather feel a high vibrational ringing sound – like the tone of a crystal bowl singing.

“It is the song of Love, the resonance of Love,” explains Grace.

Will picks up a stone with the word ‘appreciation’ carved into it and gently places it into the water. Another sound ripples out adding to the previous tone, of another octave. It is like listening to angels sing.

“This is the song of Appreciation. You are creating the vibrational resonance of your united souls. It is your Soul’s Song”, says Grace.

Timelessness exists as we add stones to the water, each set of ripples adding a different tone to the song. The sound is familiar and yet like nothing of comparison on Earth. It heightens all of my sense – it is Taste, it is Touch, it is Sight, it is Smell, it is Spirit, it is Soul, it is Heart, it is Dreams, it is all of these at once. I can feel it inside of me and all around me. I slip my hand into Will’s as we sit in the presence of our united Soul’s Song. The beauty is otherworldly, way beyond the limitations of the physical experience. The resonation of this is felt in the very core of our being. It is Heavenly.

I feel this expansive energy pouring into my heart and I become aware of my physical body lying in bed next to Will.

What an amazing experiences our Imagination can create. And the best thing about it is, I feel good, I feel happy when I am here and that I can share with Will over breakfast. I wonder if he has had the same dream?

18th April, 2016.

Today Will and I visited Huka Falls. The turquoise blue colour of the water, the immense tumultuous power and movement in it and the energy of the incredible ancient beings present here. It is a very powerful, important place to visit. It’s very energy is cleansing, clears the crap away. I feel relief and re-energised.

Today’s dream I see myself stopping for a moment before climbing the stairs to The Attic, I look up at the door at the top of the landing to see light emanating out from around it like an aura, warm and welcoming. I love walking up these stairs, anticipating what awaits me on the other side of the door…

Opening the door, I am met by the welcoming warmth of a fire burning in the open fireplace and the delicious smell of pine wood burning. A floral vintage teapot with matching cups, saucers, milk jug and honey pot wait on the coffee table between two brightly upholstered winged arm chairs by the fire. I can see someones legs swinging lazily over the side of the chair, and as I approach the chair I can see it is Grace sipping tea from one of the fine china cups.

“Expecting a visitor are we?” I asked noticing the extra tea cup. Grace smiles sheepishly over the edge of her cup, nodding.

I start to pour myself some tea, when there is a a loud knock at the door. I pause mid-way and look at Grace, who nods her head towards the door, indicating for me to open it.

I feel quite excited as I walk towards the door, sensing it is someone important….I reach out to turn the handle and the door flies open and I just manage to avoid it hitting my nose. A loud, melodious voice sings out “A-n-y-o-n-e ho-ome?” announcing the arrival of our auspicious guest. “Ooooo, Daaarling,” she greets Grace, our visitor wrapping her voluptuous body around her. I feel quite invisible, shrugging my shoulders in wonder at Grace. Grace winks at me knowingly.

“So, is She here yet Daaarling? Where are you hiding her?” our visitor asks as she looks inquisitively around the room. (Obviously I AM invisible to her!) Grace whispers into the woman’s heavily jewelled ear ~ “she hasn’t got it yet.” I overheard her “Got what?” I mouth silently at Grace. Then I realised that our visitor appears slightly translucent. She is of a much higher state of vibration, definitely not of the Physical World!

Our Mystery Visitor mouths exaggeratedly, “Ooohh!” puckering her red lipstick lips, nods and winks at Grace, obviously thinking I am unable to see or hear her.

“So She must be ready, or you would not have called for me,” she stated, removing her long white gloves, placing them carefully over the back of the arm chair. “Oh Yes,” replies Grace. “She is ready- ever so ready.”

Grace beckons me to sit in the arm chair facing the fire. Standing behind me, she places her hands on the top of my head and suggest for me to focus on my breathing. Our Mystery Visitor sits on the chair opposite and pours herself a cup of tea.

With Grace’s hands and my focus on breathing, I feel my energy lift. The room spins slightly, nausea rising in my throat and the room takes on an iridescent glow, like after a storm has passed and everything is energised by the ozone. Now our Mystery Visitor is able to see me! “Oh, hello Daaarling, so nice of you to pop in – tea?” she says in her melodious voice, as she offers to top up my cup of tea. My mouth flapping open like a dying fish, she takes that as a ‘yes’ and without waiting for a reply, refills my cup.

Grace turns to me for introduction. “Madam Vivianne, I would like you to meet Molly. Molly – may I present… Madam Vivianne.” Madam Vivianne holds out her hand to me and I courteously stand, taking her hand in mine. She draws in a deep breath, her blues eyes sparkle brightly, turns to Grace and says, “Oh Daaarling, I do see what you mean. What a dee-lightful energy.” Rubbing her hands together in excitement, she says to Grace, “Right! Let’s start, I can’t wait a moment longer!”

Rummaging around in her worn but beautiful tapestry carpet bag, Madam Vivianne pulls out a contraption that looks something like an antique long-barrelled vacuum cleaner fitted with a hose and a shower cap on the end of this. She places the machine next to me and the shower cap over my head. “Now, this won’t hurt a bit Daaarling,” she reassures, patting me on the shoulder and winking at Grace animatedly. Grace stifles a giggle.

I can relax into this only because I now trust Grace completely. Madam Vivianne parts her legs, bracing them in a very unladylike way and heaves at a pull cord which kickstarts the machine. With a cough and a splutter, the machine leaps to life and greets us sleepily, “Morning Madam Vivianne”.

“Wakey, wakey, rise and shine,” Madam Vivianne replies, giggling playfully. “It’s been awhile Anton, how aaare you Daaarling?” She greets the cartoon-like vacuum cleaner, resembling something like a character from a Walt Disney Movie.

“What is it you require today Ma’am? Anton offers his services. 

“Oh Anton, a de-clutter for now, please Daaarling,” she replies, turning the large animated dial to the ‘garbage bin’ symbol. Anton splutters and coughs some more before warming up to a sound that resembles a cat purring contentedly. I feel calm and relaxed as a mist starts to fill the shower cap and flow down the hose into the machine. I can feel this amazing sensation of lightness as all the unwanted and out-dated thoughts are drawn from my mind. It feels like a sauna for my brain, drawing out all of the toxic and impure thoughts and memories. Visions of past events and people flash before me as I  feel them being removed. It is an amazing sensation, like a gentle massage unlocking the knots in my mind. My body responds and I slump back relaxed into the chair. I can feel myself falling into a deep sleep, the sensation of lying peacefully in a boat on a river, gliding, drifting, floating….

Voices and movement around me pull my awareness back to The Attic. Madam Vivianne is packing  Anton back into her bottomless carpetbag. I can hear her talking to Grace. “Now Daaarling, just let her snooze for a bit more – she’ll come back when she is ready. No hurry. Lunch was splendid and greatly appreciated – pity our little Angel was out to it all. Would have been nice for her to have shared it with us, but…”she shrugs her shoulders, “more important things were at hand!”

Madam Vivianne hugs Grace, kissing both of her cheeks and affectionately pats me on the head, as I sit slumped sleepily in the arm chair. “Au revoir, mon cherie”, she sings as she disappears in a puff of gold glitter and purple mist. Grace smiles as she flops exhaustedly into the arm chair, swinging her legs in the air in an exaggerated faint over the side. “Aaah,” she sighs contentedly, looking up at me over the rim of her cup as she sips her well-deserved fresh, hot tea. The room is silent except for the soothingly sounds of fire crackling. “Just another day in The Office,” she smiles, her eyes twinkle with mischief. I sleepily push myself into an upright position, stretching my body.  “Did I miss lunch?” I playfully pout, feigning disappointment.

I woke with a start, a smile on my face. What is this wonderful world I am visiting each night?

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