Chapter 15 – The House.

The alarm woke them both at 7am. This day was their first wedding anniversary and Will had planned to take Molly away for a couple of weeks. Life had been extremely busy for both of them over the past 12 months and they were in need of a holiday. The last year had passed by incredibly fast, days blurring into weeks and weeks into months. Will’s work had required him to travel to Australia and to the other offices around New Zealand. Molly had been very busy with massage, this having been in greater demand than readings. She had gotten lost in a very practical world. Writing the book had been put aside, and meditation was exchanged for a vigorous exercise routine to help her keep fit and healthy with the increased work load. She had been finding the demand of this much more than she was comfortable with and could sense a change coming. She was exhausted. The imbalance in her lifestyle was beginning to be felt in her body. They had decided to take a break for two weeks and reassess what they were both doing with their careers and actually share some uninterrupted time together. The timing was perfect, and their anniversary a very good excuse to have a break.  

The brilliant sunrise revealed a gorgeous Autumn day, and by mid morning the sun had the lingering warmth of an Indian Summer. White wisps of cloud splashed across a rich azure blue sky, as if they had been placed there purposefully by the touch of an artist’s paint brush. Leaving all of their responsibilities behind them, they drove away from their cottage. With the windows down and singing carelessly to music on the radio, Will and Molly began one of their infamous road trips.  She could not believe that a year had passed since their honeymoon, and the last time they had been on a road trip like this.  Molly loved these random days and the carefree feeling of her long dark hair blowing in the breeze through the open windows, it added to the sense of freedom that accompanied such trips. They had decided to head north through New Plymouth, and on towards Raglan. Turning off State Highway 1, Will drove down a road which led them to the tiny coastal village of  Lockyer in Kohutu Bay, just south  of Raglan Harbour, where he had already booked accommodation for the first  night. The location was a surprise for Molly, and Will had not given her any clues as to where they were going. He did not know at that time the significance of where he had chosen.  Last month, he told her to block out her diary for two weeks,  and the day before they left instructed her to simply pack a bag, they were going on a road trip. 

Such a pretty, picturesque and peaceful spot, the tiny village overlooked a sheltered bay surrounded by grassed hills, browned by the summer passed, on top of which were tall wind breaks created by aged macrocarpa hedges. As they drove into the village they saw a small park, the rich green lawns framed by beautiful brightly coloured flowers and a central rose garden surrounding a small water fountain. The scene made Molly smile, there was a fondness to it but was not yet aware of why. The park was well designed with a substantial floral display and a playground at the rear where children and dogs played happily whilst parents chatted beneath the shade of pohutakawa trees  (New Zealand Christmas Trees).  Bordering the park were a couple of old boat sheds that had been converted into an art gallery and a craft shop. To Molly it could have been a scene from a painting by Monet.  As they drove further down the road she scanned the shops for somewhere to get a coffee and something to eat. Across the road from  the water’s edge they found a quirky cafe where, being a fine day, people were sitting outside and enjoying their meals in the sun and the beautiful view across the bay. The brightly painted old cottage had been transformed by someones artistic talents into what looked like a scene out of a Dr Seuss book. After parking the car a little way up the road, she and Will walked back towards the cafe, browsing briefly at the other shops. “Oh damn it, I forgot my phone. Wait here Hun,” Molly exclaimed, her hand slipped from Will’s as she ran back to the car. Looking over his shoulder, Will watched her, capturing a delicious moment in time. It was almost like Time stood still, just for him. He watched as her tall slender body leaning against the car whilst she checked for messages on her phone – the photographer in him took over. He removed the lens cover from the camera he had slung across his chest. Through the lens he watched her, the camera clicking constantly. It was the way in which she moved that he found her so captivating – elegant, gracefully playful, and sexy. He watched and snapped each moment. As the wind caught her long, dark curly hair, she brushed it back from her face, revealing the beauty of her facial features. The angle of light highlighted this, her skin of a lightly tanned complexion,  naturally rosy cheeks emphasised by a light sprinkling of playful freckles across the bridge of her cute upturned nose. Dark eyebrows and long lashes framed her turquoise coloured eyes. Her full lips, which curled upwards in the corners gave the expression of her happy nature. Her smile was infectious. And happy she was, pretty much most of the time, seemingly unaffected by the sadness from her past, she portrayed a contentment with life, wise beyond her years. Walking back towards Will, she wagged her finger at him and scolded, “Must you?” Catching up to him, she wrapped her arms around his waist and whispered in his ear teasingly, “Was it worth it?” With a warm fuzzy heart, his smile said it all. 

Their attention was drawn to the enticing delicious smells of freshly made coffee and home baked cakes, muffins and pies, providing the best advertising for the little cafe. Molly spotted a small black and white cat sitting at one of the tables outside. The possibility of a kitty cuddle was always an added bonus. Will went inside to order coffee and something to eat whilst Molly sat down next to the cat, (who was always keen for a cuddle) and looked back along the row of shops, taking in the quaintness of this little picturesque seaside village. For a reason yet to be remembered, Molly felt nostalgic. Amongst the shops was a small general store providing essentials as it had done for the past 100 years. Next door to this was a petrol station, and a takeaways advertising that they make the ‘Best Fish and Chips in New Zealand’. Beyond this was a very impressive two storey weatherboard house built in 1886 surrounded by manicured gardens where tables and chairs sat nestled amongst an assortment of azaleas and gardenias, beneath the shade of a large pohutakawa tree.  Now a seafood restaurant, it was originally ‘The Tearooms’. Across the road from this was the old hotel, offering meals and accommodation.  Looking north down the road leading out of the village to the right, up on the grassy hillside was a small  timber school building dating back to the mid 1800’s, the original community hall next door provided a place for the local playgroup and a renovated old barn had been converted into another art gallery specialising in locally carved Pounamu (New Zealand Greenstone, Jade), and beautiful flax weavings of many colours and designs. Out the front of the shop stood large stone carvings made from Oamaru limestone.

As they enjoyed coffee and a cat cuddle whilst sitting out the front of the Cafe taking in their surroundings, they noticed a group of people gather excitedly at the waters edge. They were observing a pod of dolphins playing in the water. Molly sat back in her chair, watching in delight as Will ran across the road to take photo’s. She loved being able to watch him from a distance. His tall, trim, muscular body moved with ease. She loved to take in these moments, it was like eating a delicious dessert – his olive complexion and hazel eyes which twinkled from amber, to green, to blue framed by his dark eyebrows and thick lashes. His hair stylishly cut short underneath with a long top that flopped to one side, playfully concealed his eyes whenever he looked downwards at her, made her heart skip. Across the bridge of his curved nose was a smattering of freckles. Oh god, she could eat him, but not now. She’ll just savour the moment for later. Excitedly, he skipped back across the road and sat next to Molly at the table, eager to share the photos with her on his digital camera. 

When dolphins had moved on and brunch having satisfied their appetite for now, Will and Molly wanted to go exploring. They were to stay overnight in a local holiday bach (cottage) and were hoping to stay on a little longer if it were available for the following two nights. Too early to check in, they decided to let  ‘Destiny’ (the name they gave an old 20c coin Molly kept in the console between the front seats in the car) chose for them. “Heads we go north, tails we go south,” Molly said as she balanced the coin on her thumb and flicked it into the air. ‘Destiny’ landed with heads up and they drove slowly north along the waterfront, on a sealed road which took them out of town, winding along the waters edge. The road was bordered by water on the left hand side with steep, lush green hills, dotted with sheep on the right. Just a few kilometres out of town, off to the right was another road which headed inland winding up amongst the hills, taking them further into the countryside. The road was unsealed but well maintained.  It was fun to drive randomly down these back roads and enjoy the old houses and barns, the hidden gems, the sleepy, forgotten places they would find. 

Unexpectedly, they came to the end of the road. As Will pulled over to turn the car around, something in the long grass caught his eye. The old ‘For Sale’ sign was more than a little tatty, faded in colour, and lopsided. The grassy verge surrounding it was long and unkept, having not been mown for quite some time. Down the tree-lined driveway the gardens were overgrown, almost obscuring the house completely from the road. The house looked as if it had not been occupied for many years, but it beckoned to them, almost desperate for their attention. Molly and Will sat in the car intrigued by the strong pull they were both feeling. Happy and satisfied with the house they were renting, they were not intentionally looking for a house to buy. However they had had the occasional discussion on this topic, of what kind of property they would like to buy and knew that it would be an unusual type of house. Staring out the car window they could sense something alluring, inviting them in, beckoning them. Or maybe it was someone rather than something…  Curious to know more, Molly got out of the car to read the telephone number from the faded sign and rang the real estate to enquire a little further. Hidden behind the sign covered by the long overgrown grass, were the remnants of an old picket fence, with a name plate barely readable, the paint of the lettering faded and pealing. Pulling the grass away from it Molly was able to read the sign …

~ The   Muse ~

That night Molly had a dream….

It began with the sound of water dripping…she saw the impression of water dripping off the roof of an old barn and into wooden wine barrel. Beyond this she could hear children’s voices singing a rhyme, “he loves, me he loves me not…” Looking towards the sound she could see two girls sitting in the long spring grass plucking daisies and singing. She saw in her hands a daisy and the petals falling off one at a time in slow motion. 

Drip, splosh, drip, splosh…

This sound was interrupted by another…one of thundering hooves, horses galloping, squealing, snorting. Looking up from the flower in her hands she could see horses playing  in the field on the other side of the wooden post and rail fence. Large trees shaded the perimeters of the large open field. There was a was a young foal, still wobbly on it’s legs, who has captured the curiosity of the older foals and brood mares. Next to her is another young girl…it is them singing and plucking daisies. Hearing this new sound the young colt makes it way over to the fence near the girls. The girl watches him quietly from the corner of her eye, pretending that she does not see him, so as not to scare the young colt. At eye level, she can see his nostrils drawing in her scent, they flare and close taking in this new smell. The young girl continue to chant the song with her friend, but in her mind she she talks to the foal. “Hello! You are new aren’t you! Welcome. Aren’t you sweet!” The young colt squeals as if in reply to her thoughts and tossing his head, his ears prick as he hears the familiar sound of his mother calling him, wanting him to stay safe in this big new world. 

The girls cease chanting and watch him closely. The mare comes closer stopping short of the fence recognising who they were and that they were harmless. She knows one of them well, the one who would visit her everyday and talk to her, watching the mares belly grow bigger and bigger. Now after a night of labour, the mare has her colt to share with the girl. She trusts this human and steps up to the fence and pokes her nose over the railing and snuffles her hair fondly. The young girl sits quietly, smiling and enjoying this affectionate interaction with the mare. Her friend watches on disbelievingly. “How do you do that Molly? I wish I could play with them like you do,” she whispers. The young girl begins to giggle, unable to contain herself anymore. Surprised by the sudden sound, the colt squeals and spins around, hiding behind his mothers rump.

Slowly the girl stands up, turns to her friend and places her index finger to lips, indicating for her to be quiet and watch. She then approaches the mare and closes her eyes. In her imagination, the girl talks to the mare. Slowly the mare’s head begins to nod sleepily as her foal suckles greedily. The girl continues to chat to her in her imagination, asking if she may come and play. Without saying a word out aloud, she climbs through the railing. Her friend begins to protest, but again she holds her finger to her lips. On the other side of the fence, she sits quietly in the grass on her heals, hands in her lap, she lowers her head, her eyes partially closed. The girl asks in her mind, “What is your name?” And she hears one single word – ‘Sinbad’, and feels the colts soft lips mouthing her hair. Again in her mind, she hears the words, ‘Can I eat it? It doesn’t taste so good. Ma? Can I eat it?’ The mare replies with a long snort, flicks her tail and stamps her foot once. The girl cant resist and splutters a laugh. The colt, surprised, squeals and jumps backwards. 

Molly woke suddenly, taking a sharp inhalation like she had been holding her breath. A smile spread across her face as she felt the remnants of the dream, got out of bed to find her journal and write down the details whilst they were still fresh in her mind.

The young couple walked into town to the cafe. Over breakfast Molly shared her dream with Will. It was not until later that morning would Molly realise the significance of it. After breakfast they decided to contact the real estate agent, their curiosity about this property would not go away.

Susanna had been working at the local real estate agency for just over a year. After studying for her real estate licence she travelled overseas for six months. Feeling more settled in her life she was happy to live and work in the town she had grown up in. She did not recognise Molly when she first walked through the door. Nor did Molly recognise Susanna or the significance of this small town for her. As Susanna drove the couple out to the property, something in their conversation tweaked a memory for her and for Molly too.

As Molly briefly retold her dream to Susanna, the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place…and the Wheels of Destiny began to turn…and the memory for their connection was triggered.

For her 8th birthday, Molly had asked her mother if she could stay with her aunt and uncle, who owned a horse stud, breeding race horses. Molly’s family had had regular holidays with them on the farm and her aunt and uncle knew that she had a natural way with horses ever since she began to walk. Molly had not been fussed about riding, despite her Uncle Jack’s numerous offers for her to have riding lessons with the stablehand Sam. Sam too was a natural with horses, Molly would follow him around whilst he was feeding out, both of them simply enjoying the company of the horses. Molly’s cousin Susanna had had a crush on Sam!

On remembering this and sharing it with the real estate agent, they both realised the connection! The two young women burst out laughing and chatted excitedly as Susanna drove down the treelined driveway. “Well Molly, you are going to love this…do you remember the haunted house through the hedge at the back of the barn at our farm?” Molly slowly shook her head, that memory was not there. But she did remember the old barn where Sam used to live in the room up above the stables in the loft. Susanne reminded Molly of how they would peer through the hedge at the over grown gardens which surrounded the old house. “Do you remember how Mum and Dad had warned us to stay away, that the gardens were unkept and dangerous, not knowing what was hidden in the long grass. The barn had been a part of this forgotten property and her parents had rented it from the owners who live overseas. But still Molly was unable to connect any memory with the old house. Yet…

That night, after visiting the property, they shared dinner with Susanna at The Tearooms. It was lovely for Molly to have found a relative, especially someone of a similar age to her. Will loved to see a part of Molly’s childhood coming to life for her again. Susanna told Molly that her dad had had a riding accident and that her parents had to make the decision to sell off the farm.  This is what had brought her back from overseas and had lined her up with this job at the local real estate agents. Financially it was a very wise move for them what with the increasing demand for lifestyle blocks. They now lived in a house closer to the city and were still adjusting to this new way of life. 

Whilst helping her folks to subdivide the land so that they could remain in their home, Susanna had met up with Sam and they had been dating since. But this house – The Muse –  was something that had been hidden in the books, not much attention had been given to it, as it was considered an undesirable property by her boss. Plus the property was still tied up in the family courts, the family members still trying to work out some form of settlement. The main problem being the mystery that still surrounded the suspected death of the original owner – Mrs Grace Forrest. Many years ago, it had put the town in the news by the mysterious disappearance of the old woman together with her housekeeper and gardener. They had vanished without any clues to their whereabouts. One day they were there and then one day they were no longer, never to return. No signs, no messages, no clues as to where or how they had left. Or so people thought…

It was well after midnight when the couple returned to their accommodation. Still excited about the prospects of purchasing this property, they laid awake in bed discussing this until just before dawn, when they finally fell asleep. Molly drifted contentedly into a dream which would change her life…again. 

In the dream, as she looked down to where her feet should be, all Molly could see was a swirling mist. Ahead of her, through the mist she was able to capture glimpses of what appeared to be an old wooden staircase. Where the stairs led to, was not clear, but she felt the urge to find out and could feel herself being drawn towards them. As Molly placed her foot on the bottom step, the mist began to clear, but all that was visible to her were the wooden stairs leading up to a door. She could feel her heart beat increasing as she walked slowly up each of the steps, the wooden treads creaking softly beneath the weight of her body. Standing on the landing outside of the door, she looked for a handle and had the feeling of deja vu which made her gasp. The sense of familiarity was surprising and in some ways, not.

The door was of an older, wooden panelled style, it had the appearance of a rich red cedar timber with a white porcelain door handle, above this was a matching scratch plate. Beneath the handle was an ornate brass key hole. Again there was that sense of familiarity. Reaching out to turn the handle, the door opened easily for her. Curiosity drew her in and she pushed the door open, stepping boldly into the room. Before her was what appeared to be an old attic room, with worn wooden floorboards, a rug in the middle of the room. To the left was an open fireplace in which there was a fire grate and a cast iron kettle. Facing the fireplace were two wing backed arm chairs. Between these was an old sea chest being used as a coffee table. To her right was an old pine kitchen dresser on which was a beautiful fine bone china tea set with a matching water jug, cream coloured with pink rose buds. Further to the right of this was a  brass daybed tucked in an alcove behind the door, where the roof slanted downwards. Directly in front of her was a dormer window, beneath the sill of which was an antique writing desk and an old oak captain’s chair. The light in the room appeared dim, except for a candle on the window sill which burnt brightly, reflecting in the old rippled glass panes. Molly heard a soft, swishing sound and turned to see a woman  standing by the kitchen dresser, facing away from her. The sound came from the woman’s long skirt sweeping across the wooden floor as she moved. The skirt was of pin-stripped fabric with a bustle and a ruffle at the bottom, and she also wore a white blouse with a high collar and long sleeves, puffed at the top and fitted down her forearms. She turned towards Molly and smiled calmly. But what she saw made Molly stifle a scream, because the woman’s face was that of her own, dark hair swept up into a loose bun, her own turquoise blue eyes stared back at her, like a mirror image! She said to Molly, “It is so good you have found your way Home!”

Molly woke with a start, sitting upright in bed, damp hair clung to her forehead and the sides of her neck, her heart raced. It was just a dream, but it had rattled her. Will, lying next to her stirred, “you ok Babe?” he asked as he reached out to her, sleepily he patted her thigh reassuringly. 

“Yeah… yeah…” Molly stuttered vaguely, “It was j-j-just a dream…just a dream,” she tried to soothe herself. Picking up her phone from the bedside table, she looked at the time, it read 3.05am. Sitting up in bed, now wide awake, Molly contemplated this dream. Then, as if someone had turned on a light, something sparked within her. A realisation, more than that. She remembered! She remembered what had happened when she was unconscious in hospital, and the significance of this attic room. It all made sense to her now. The deepest understanding of the complex vastness of the Universe and all of its multiple levels of existence and the beings who reside in these mysterious places. Of these amazing Spirit People, her guardian angels and such. Of how, as human beings, we only touch the surface here in the Physical World, that there is so much more going on beyond this, seemingly invisible to the eye – for most. Of how there is so much more to explore, and that time travel is indeed very, very real.

Satisfied with this realisation, she slid back down under the covers, relaxed and more at ease about Life than ever before. Snuggling up behind Will, it was reassuring to feel his body against hers. He wrapped his arm around behind her, pulling her into his body tightly. Feeling safe again, she drifted into a peaceful asleep.

The following morning after packing the car, the couple shared breakfast again at the little cafe. Together they knew that this house was their new home, and Molly contacted Susanna to organise another viewing. On the previous day they were only able to see the outside of the property. They required permission before entering inside, as the property had been deemed unsafe and Susanna’s boss had to make some enquiries before they could view the interior of the house. Susanna informed Molly and Will that she would be able to meet them at The Muse after lunch. This gave the couple some time to explore the village a little more, and to organise a visit to Molly’s Aunt Sylvie and Uncle Jack – it has been quite a few years since Molly had last seen them. Susanna said she would contact them that morning to let them know they were coming to visit. Uncle Jack had fractured his skull, having the after effects of severe concussion his memory was a little scrambled. In their mid 50’s, selling of the land had enabled Aunt Sylvie to stay at home and be Jack’s full-time carer. Physically he was fit, the fall had only effected his memory and Susanna had warned Molly that he may not remember her.

Will parked the car on the grass verge outside of the open gate leading up the tree-lined driveway to The Muse. Purposefully the couple had arrived earlier so that they could sit quietly in the car and Molly could tune in and see if she could make contact with the old lady of the house InSpirit. Molly wound down the window and closed her eyes, focussing on her breathing. In her minds eye, she saw a swirling mist. Nothing more. But she knew to be patient and wait. Slowly the mist began to clear and she saw the bottom of the stair case, just like in the dream the night before! She again heard the words, “It is so good you have found your way Home!” Excitedly, she opened her eyes and squeezed Will’s hand, taking him by surprise as he had been busy daydreaming about the house! It was perfect timing as Susanna tooted her car horn as she drove slowly up the driveway towards the house. Molly and Will got out of their car and walked up the drive behind her. 

Susanna was just as excited as they were – she had never, ever seen inside of this house. It had been a curiosity since her childhood, of those days when Molly would come to stay. Molly and Will stood hand in hand at the bottom of the steps leading on the verandah. Susanna grasped Molly’s other hand and the three of them stood in front of the door. “Wait!” Molly said urgently, “We need to ask permission to enter, we must be patient and respectful with this Susanna. You gotta trust me on this.” Susanna nodded her head vaguely, a little unsure of what Molly meant. “Watch!” Was all Molly had to say. The three of them listened to the whispering wind in the trees which surrounded the house. And then Molly heard it, the familiar sound of the song thrush as it flew past them, along the verandah and into the large rhododendron just off to the side. Susanna gasped, smiled with surprise and exclaimed, “Wow! Did you see that! I’m sure I felt it’s wing tips touch my cheek!” Molly smiled knowingly and said, “Now we can go inside.”

“Don’t expect much,” Susanna began as she sorted through the bunch of old keys looking for one that may fit the door. “My boss said the place is a knockdown job, land value only.” At first the key was hesitant to turn and Susanna thought that maybe she had been given the wrong keys. Molly asked if she could try. Holding the keys in her hands, she closed her eyes and felt for the right on, then rubbed it fondly between her fingers. With her eyes still closed she easily placed the key in the lock and it turn freely opening the door. Susanna looked at her disbelievingly, and Molly replied, ‘Oh you ain’t seen nothing yet!” Slowly and cautiously they stepped inside. The house was dark, all of the drapes had been drawn for many years, and they waited for their eyes to adjust to the dim light. Susanna reached for her phone to turn on the torch light, but Molly grabbed her hand, silently indicating for her not to. Will broke the spooky silence by playfully saying, “Ooooh, I sense a presence!” Molly slapped his shoulder, and they laughed, sharing a personal joke. Susanna was intrigued by this interesting couple. One room at a time, they opened the heavy drapes to reveal rooms empty of all furniture. Susanna was completely surprised as she had expected everything to be as it has been left. As they walked down the hallway towards the kitchen at the back of the house, she said, “I know there is a second story, an attic room. But where is the staircase?” After investigating all of the rooms, they were still at a loss as to where the staircase or any kind of access to the attic could be. 

Despite the derelict appearance of the outside of the house, the interior was in very good condition. Because the drapes had been drawn, the sunlight had not effected anything inside. With the front door open and all of the drapes drawn back, sunlight filtered through the house. Dusty fairies danced in the rays of light, a through the cracks in the lining boards on one portion of the wall in the hallway, which caught Will’s attention. “Where’s that light coming from? And what’s behind this section of wall, is it the lounge room?” He asked as he walked back towards the front door and into the lounge room. He paced out the length of the room and then paced out the same distance down the hallway. The section of wall where the light was filtering through the cracks appeared to be further down the hall, just beyond what he had measured out. This did not make sense as they had investigated every nook of every room – or so they thought. There was definitely sunlight coming through those cracks! Will inspected that section of the wall more closely, noticing a slight variation in the shape of the  timbers and skirting boards. He knocked along the wall from the doorway into the lounge room until he reached the area in question where there was a distinctively different sound, much more hollow, like it only had one lining on the wall. He squinted, trying to look between the cracks to see what the source of sunlight was. After a moment, as the girls waited with anticipation, Will said, “Umm….Molly….I think you had better take a look at this…”

Molly squatted down to see through the largest gap in the timbers. Waiting for her eyes to adjust to the brightness, Susanna danced excitedly behind her, “what can you see Molly? Oh please let me have a look!” Molly seemed transfixed by whatever it was that she was able to see. At first she did not believe her eyes, so she waited for her sight to adjust a little more to see more clearly what she first thought was a vision. But then she was able to confirm what Will too had seen. Without saying a word, she stood up and stepped back, making room for Susanna to take a look. As she too waited for her eyes to adjust to the light, it took a moment before she gasped with delight, “It’s the staircase! Oh my god…how can we get in there?” She began to ramble excitedly. Meanwhile, Molly had stepped back to lean against the wall to support her. She felt like her legs were going to give way. She knew this house! She had no idea how, but she knew this house! Her legs folded and she slumped to the floor, breathing rapidly, holding her head in both hands supported on her bent knees.

“Molly? Hun, you ok? Molly?” Will had turned to see Molly and concerned he squatted before her, he wrapped his arms around her holding her tight. “It’s ok Babe, I am here.” The tone in Susanna’s voice changed as she saw Will’s concern for his wife. “Let’s get you outside in some fresh air,” he said as he guided Molly down the hallway and out the front door. Over his shoulder, he said, ‘Susanna, there is a bottle of water in our car. Can you get it for me? The car in unlocked.” Susanna ran down the drive way, but this gave Will enough time to check in privately with Molly. “Molly… Molly? Babe? Breathe, remember to breathe…” he said, his arms around her, supporting her to stand up. Molly’s eyes were glazed over and even Will was concerned for her. With a deep breath, Molly looked around her like she had just arrived at the house. Her eyes cleared and it took her a moment to re-orientate herself. Because, in what seemed like a brief moment, she had had a vision of walking up those stairs and had seen what was at the top of them…it was just like in her dream!

Susanna returned quickly with the bottle of water, concerned for Molly’s wellbeing and unsure of what had just happened. Molly sipped the water slowly, knowing that there was Rescue Remedy in it, and the magic that it would do in bringing her consciousness back into her body. Will sipped the water too, feeling slightly rattled by the experience, it helped to calm him also. Susanna interrupted, “Should I call an ambulance Will, is she ok?” To which Will replied, “She’ll be fine in a moment Susanna.” And Molly added, ‘I am feeling better already. Susanna, there is something I need to tell you…” Molly took her cousin by the arm and led her out into the garden. As they walked slowly around the house, Molly explained in a little more detail what she did as a career, and her ability to communicate with those InSpirit, “You know, the dead ones,” she laughed, wanting to make light of the situation. Just now what happened, it’s nothing to worry about and there is nothing wrong with me. Will takes good care of me and understands these experiences. Nothing to be concerned about, other than…” Molly paused before making the commitment by saying out aloud, “We will buy it! We will buy the house, won’t we Will!” She said over her should towards her husband as he was walking towards them. Wrapping his arm around her shoulders, he said, “Yes, yes Susanna, we will buy it.” Nothing could take the smile from their faces, as the couple had begun to realise the significance of this property – for both of them. Because, as Will had wandered around the house, he too had had several feelings of deja vu, which had given him excited goosebumps. He was beginning to glimpse memories of what he had thought had only been forgotten dreams… 

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