Chapter 16. Aunt Sylvie and Uncle Jack.

Susanna drove back to the Office to begin the proceedings of Molly and Will’s offer on The Muse, leaving the couple at the property to explore the gardens a little more on their own. The grass was knee high and the trees were in need of a good pruning. There were the remnants of a well designed herb and flower garden at the front of the house, a orchard at the back of the building beside the old barn, and two small paddocks behind this fenced with old style dry stone walls. The barn was quite run down but definitely redeemable and Will claimed it as his space immediately. Molly pouted playfully, bantering with him over the downstairs space which would be perfect for a restoration workshop. But what intrigued them both more so, was the hidden staircase to the room in the attic space. Walking amongst the trees in the orchard, guessing what kind of fruit they were, they discussed the significance of Molly’s dreams at night and the similarities of this house. It was undeniable for both of them, that this house had a sense of Destiny to it…and as if to confirm this, they were interrupted by a disturbance in one of the trees and a kereru (wood pigeon) flew right between them, her wing tips brushing both of their cheeks. “Whoa!” Will exclaimed excitedly, “Now that was awesome!” They both felt the magic of this special place slowly being revealed to them. Molly was prompted to look at the time, it was well after lunch and they needed to move on to meet with Susanna at the local real estate office in the village before visiting Aunt Sylvie and Uncle Jack for  afternoon tea. Will had organised for them to stay on for another two nights at the Seafarers Cottage, giving them time to secure the property with confirmation of their offer, pay a deposit and sign any relevant papers in person.

Reluctant to leave the property, they walked slowly down the driveway back to their car parked out on the road. This also gave them a chance to take in a little more of this experience. In silence they drove back to the village but found their favourite was cafe closed. However, The Tearooms were open and they sat in the garden outside overlooking the harbour whilst they shared a platter of local produce and a celebratory glass of champagne.

Back at The Muse, after everyone had left, the magic had really began to stir. Upstairs in The Attic, the spirit of Mrs Grace Forrest reached into the physical world. Standing in the middle of the room, which had been locked away from the physical world for so many years, she dusted down her dress and scooped her messy long hair up into something that resembled a tidy-ish bun, rebellious whips of hairs framed her happy face. “Well Miss Lucy, we had better get this place ship-shape, our guests are on their way!” Beside her was the impression of a young girl wearing a black floor-length dress, who smiled and nodded her head in agreement. Grace fondly touched the top of the old writing desk beneath the window, opened the writing slope, took out a candle stick and fitted it in a holder, struck a match and lit the candle, placing it on the window sill. It as the first in a long time that she had done this and it was pleasing to see the light illuminate the dusty window panes and slightly faded wallpaper which lined the inside of the dormer window. She looked around the room and said out aloud, “They’re on their way Callum – it is Time!” 

After lunch Molly and Will walked to the real estate agents office to meet with Susanna and see what was next required of them. Susanna explained to them that she had sent an email to the owners in England outlining the offer being made by the young couple and that it may take a little time to get a reply from them. She was unsure where the owners stood regarding the legal matters which had been holding back any marketing or advertising to support the sale of The Muse. Molly felt like it had been waiting for them, and this thought sent excited chills down her arms.

Susanna had organised to finish work early and accompany Molly and Will to her mum and dads home. She went ahead to give herself a little time to explain to her dad who was coming to visit, his memory still being a little scattered as a result of his accident. Molly agreed that they would meet her their at 4pm. This gave her and Will a moment to do a meditation back at the Seafarers Cottage. She needed a little quiet time to settle her excited thoughts and slightly scattered energy. They allowed themselves half an hour to just sit and be still. Molly set a timer on her phone and they relaxed into a familiar rhythm of tuning into their breathing. Very quickly Molly felt her mind relax as the busy thoughts became still. It was then that she heard a familiar voice say, “Welcome Home Molly Ferguson…” The sound was so clear and audible it woke her from the relaxed state just as the alarm went off. She sat staring at the old picture of a sailing ship on the wall opposite her. Will coming out of his meditation, seemed relaxed and refreshed, stood up and stretched his body like a cat waking up. He looked down at Molly and laughed at the dumbstruck look on her face. Sobering a little, he asked, “Are you ok Molly? What is it?”

She looked up at Will, tears filled her eyes, and she just smile at him. It was all the confirmation she required and The Knowing began to settle within her, that this property, The Muse, was indeed their home.

They stopped by the shops on the way to Aunt Sylvie and Uncle Jack’s home. Molly wanted to buy a bunch of flowers for them. It has been…more than 10 years since she had last seen them. Recalling this moment with Will, Molly remembered that the last time she stayed with them was when the colt was born and she was 8 years old. Just as the dream had reminded her…

Excited and slightly nervous, Molly waited by the front door with Will. She paused and sighed preparing herself for what may appear as very different people. Years had passed by for all of them – she was a young woman now, no longer that young girl so in love with horses. But the woman who opened the door had nor changed much at all, except for the colour of her hair, now streaked with silver. Her beautiful smiled warmed Molly and she embraced her Aunt, holding her tight, letting the passed years catch up, reuniting them in the present moment. Behind her stood her husband. The only change visible to Molly was  deep wrinkles etched in his sun-tanned skin and the same silver streaks in his hair too. Molly stood back to allow him to take a moment to recognise her. A huge smile broke out on his face as he did, “Ah… my Pony Girl!” He said slowly and held out his arms to embrace her. Molly held him tight and could not hold back the tears any more. She had so much to share with this special couple…afternoon tea rolled into dinner and it was only when Uncle Jack began to nod sleepily that Molly realised it was well after 10pm. 

Aunt Sylvie and Uncle Jack were pleased to hear of the news Susanna had shared with them – that Molly and Will were to be their new neighbours. “Got a lot of work there girl. No doubt you can do it,” Uncle Jack said slowly, taking time to pronounce his words clearly. After saying their goodbyes, Susanna walked to the car with the couple, and arranged to meet with them the next day to discuss what the next step would be and hopefully have some good news when she checks the emails in the morning. Back at the Seafarers Cottage, Will made a cup of tea for them both whilst Molly scribble some notes in her journal, capturing moments from the day. Later that night, snuggled up in bed together, tired and contented, bodies entwined, they fell asleep.

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