Chapter 17. The Contract.

Susanna had received a reply from the owners of The Muse, which had puzzled and slightly amused her. She waited to check the details of this with her boss before contacting Molly and Will. There was something that seemed a little odd about it…

They had requested that the interested party were not to view the property again until they had agreed to and signed the attached contract and paid the required deposit.

In the email the owners had many questions about the interested party. Questions of the likes of which Susanna had never come across during her time in real estate. 

Dear Susanna,

Thank you for your submission of offer for our family property. However, there are some guidelines outline here which we required to be fulfilled before we will proceed with the sale of The Muse.

Are the Intended Purchasers a young couple?

What are their intentions for use of the land and house?

Are they respectful?

How did they find the property?

I would suggest that one or both of them reply personally. I want to get an understanding of their intentions, why they wish to buy it and what brought them to the property. 

This is more than your average sale. It is a unique property and must only be handed over honestly to the right people. We will make our decision after receiving a detailed email from them.

Yours sincerely,

Marcus Marshall Esq.

Acting on behalf of The Owners (whom wish to remain anonymous).

“Well that’s a bit….different,” Ian replied, after reading the email over Susanna’s shoulder. “Anything to move that property on. Follow it through today Susanna. I’ll be glad to have it off our books.” Susanna forwarded the email to Molly and then rang her in person to explain what she needs to do. Although the email was quite self-explanatory, Susanna was now fascinated by this property and wanted to be involved as much as she could.

Ending the call, Molly turned to Will and said, “You need to come see this,” and opened the email from Susanna. At first the couple read over it like one would any email, but when Molly felt goosebumps prickle up the back of her neck she said, “I think we need to make a pot of tea and sit quietly before we respond to this Will. I just have a gut feeling about it, all good, but there is more to it than just words on a page. Molly pondered the words as they shared tea and said to Will, “How honest are we to be with this?” Will reread the email and replied, “Best ask your Grace about this one Molly, I’m not sure.” So the couple sat quietly at the table in the small cottage and meditated. Before focussing on her breathing, Molly asked out aloud, “How detailed, how honest are we to be with this  email Grace?” And then touched Will’s arm and said, “Oh Will….I don’t want to lose the house sale just because the owners may think we are crazy!” Molly could feel fear rising as her chest tightened. Will took her hand and squeezed it, “Just breathe Molly and sit quietly and listen…you will know what to do. WE will know what to do,” he smiled reassuringly at her, turned on some relaxing music and set an alarm for 20 minutes on his phone. 

Molly focussed on her breathing and the rapid heart beat in her chest, not trying to control it, just feel it, and she began to relax. She felt waves of warmth rush through her body. Just before the alarm on Will’s phone sounded, she heard the familiar sound of a woman’s voice, “Tell them everything, you’ve got nothing to lose and they will be at ease to release the property into your care.” Opening her eyes, Molly sighed with relief, looked at Will and said, “Are you ready Will Ferguson? This is going to be a wild ride!” Will took her hands and pulled Molly up onto her feet, wrapping his arms around her, held her tight and said “I’ve got your hand Molly and I am right by your side.” Molly began to cry, tears of relief at hearing these words which had become so familiar to her.

Will made them both a cup of coffee and Molly sat at the table with her laptop, rereading the email from Susanna before replying. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, in her mind thinking, “Grace please give me the words,” and began to write her reply.

Dear Mr Marshall,

Thankyou for outlining your request so honestly. I too will be completely honest and understand if you do not think that we would be suitable caretakers for this special property. I trust you will do what is best.

My husband Will brought us here to Kohutu Bay last week to celebrate our first anniversary. I have since recalled visiting family in this town as a child and have discovered that they live right next door to The Muse. For quite sometime now, I have had a recurring dream, in which I am standing at the bottom of some old wooden stairs, mist swirling around my feel. At the top of the stairs is a landing and a panelled door. As I walk inside, I see a woman standing at a writing desk on top of which a candle is burning. She is looking out the dormer window, and turns to smile at me knowingly.

Will and I are captivated by this property, we love everything about it and it would give us great satisfaction to bring her back to her former glory, with a few modern day touches for comfort and ease. We came across The Muse whilst we were exploring the area, and were very excited to see that my cousin Susanna is the agent involved with the sale. It is her parents who live next door.

The Muse would become our family home. We would renovate her respectfully and take the time to listen to her, because I believe the house has a soul. I hope that does not sound too weird for you! But you did ask me to be honest.

I am a writer and….a clairvoyant. I love to garden and restore furniture. Will is a graphic designer, photographer and artist, and is very handy with tools. We both love to garden and we would eventually like to have some animals. If there is anything else you wish to know, please ask.

Kindest wishes,

Mrs Molly Ferguson.

After Will proof read the email, Molly looked up at him, pressed SEND and said, “It’s all up to the angels now! I’m hungry, let’s go to the cafe for lunch.”

On the other side of the world, in a small village in England, Marcus Marshall was woken from a deep sleep. Unable to get back to sleep, he got up to check his emails. He knew what would be waiting for him. Reading over the email, he smiled, sat back in his chair with a very contented look on his face and said out aloud, “Well Grace, it is them, isn’t it?” Behind him stood a ghostly impression of a woman dressed on Victorian clothing. As she placed her hands on his shoulders, he physically shivered, and understanding the meaning of this, he smiled knowing full well what it meant.

* * * *

Susanna was intrigued by this very different sale. There was something more to it that she could not put her finger on, a sensation that was very new to her. She couldn’t wait to get to work and see if there was a reply email from the solicitor in England. And there was. Molly had sent a copy of her reply email to Susanna which she had read yesterday afternoon.  There had been no reply before she left work, and was slightly anxious as to whether there would be one waiting for her this morning, or not. To her excitement, there was! The reply was simply worded,

Dear Susanna,

I have received a reply from the intended purchasers and wish to inform you that we are willing to proceed with the sale of The Muse, accepting their offer. Please email me a copy of The Contract before signing, for the owners final approval.

Yours sincerely,

Marcus Marshall Esq.

Unable to contain herself, Susanna danced around the office with excitement before ringing Molly. She took a moment to compose herself and spoke with a very professional  voice, attempting to cover her excitement with feigned disappointment, “Hiya Molly. Well….umm…I am not quite sure how to tell you this….” Susanna paused dramatically, until Molly demanded for her to continue. “The Muse is yours!” Molly was silent, and then as she processed the words, excitement rushed through her body and she dropped the phone, squealing, “Will! Will! It’s ours! The Muse is ours!” Picking up the phone she said, “Oh my god, I am so sorry Susanna, I dropped the phone! This is awesome news, let’s meet up for brunch. Can you meet us at the cafe? We’ve gotta celebrate somehow!”  

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