Fresh Start in 2023

Dear Readers,

Since my original book blog, I have now completed the first three books in the series ‘The Attic’ –

Book 1 A World Between Worlds,

Book 2 Lost Souls & Forgotten Stories.

Book 3 Molly’s Story, Return To Grace.

After much consideration about how to publish The Attic, I have decided to use The Book Blog, with a revised edition and more. For those of you who have read Book 1, I hope you will enjoy it a second time around, leading you into more of Molly’s Story and her experiences of time travel, parallel dimensions, metaphysics, automatic writing, spirit communication and interaction, and a road trip around New Zealand and beyond.

The Attic will stretch your mind, warm your heart embrace your soul and hopefully inspire you to explore these different aspects of Life for yourself.

Thank you for reading my blog and sharing it on to others who will appreciate it.

Warmest wishes, Monica.

If you have found this book sitting in your hands and have read this far, I guess you are up for a challenge! Right time, right place, right book.

I invite you to come on an adventure with me, to see Life from a different perspective – through The Attic.

From My Heart & Soul to yours.

With Love,  Molly xoxo.‘ (excerpt from Introduction, The Attic.)

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