Dare To Dream

John and I love Foxton Beach (on the West Coast of the North Island of New Zealand),for its variety and wildness. Every visit is different. Some days we can’t get out of the car because the weather is so wild! It’s our ‘go to’ place to clear and recharge our energy. And eat fish and chips of course!

The other week we found this amazing driftwood log. It reminded me of the tree I would play in as a child, imagining owning my own horse. Sitting on this log, brought back this memory and the one of when I first sat bareback on my Quarter Horse called Bear back in 2004. The other memory that came to the surface whilst sitting on this log was the dream I had as a child to be a writer. Back then, I would sit at our old manual typewriter and pretend…

It was in this moment, sitting on the log at the beach, that I knew it was time to do something about The Attic. Trusting in my intuition, my inner guidance, my communication with Grace (my guardian angel), I paid attention to how the process up to date had been feeling like hard work, of going down the avenues of standard book publication and how the doors were being shut. I knew in my heart that there was some other way in which to share this story.

And this is it! Where this blog will take The Attic is my adventure! I wonder who I will meet along the way…

Having made that decision and redesigning the website has released something else in me…Book 4 and a hint of Book 5! Whilst on my morning walk through our local park in Feilding, I began to receive the story line…walked home very quickly I got it down in writing whilst it was fresh in my mind. Such a good feeling.

Dream, daydream, imagine…and be playful with it. Because it is yours, no one can change it, own it, or take it away from you. Sometimes it is simply the enjoyment of this that is enough, and sometimes it will take you on an adventure of your own.

Never underestimate the power within Imagination, of what it can create, or how long it may take to come into a physical experience.

Dare to Dream!


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