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Dear Reader,

As a small child, I was often told I had an overactive imagination. My mother was particularly good at brushing off my ‘pretend friends’, explaining  to others that ‘Molly has such a vivid imagination, I’m sure she will write a novel when she grows up!’ It was something she said often, excusing my childish ramblings. But these invisible friends were not my imagination – I knew that they were real! Why could others not see them?

When I started school, this attitude seemed to follow me around and I began to doubt what I had been seeing. Eventually I gave in to the pressure from others and my ‘special friends’ began to disappear, except for one – my guardian angel Grace. Doubt had faded these kinds of experiences. I had lost faith in what was so real for me.

Now, as an adult, I have a strong relationship with my ‘invisible friends’! Finally I am comfortable enough with them, and confident in my own writing to share My Story. Some of you will understand without the need for an explanation. Some will find it a good fantasy novel, and others will know that it is just what they have been searching for. And if it is not for you, please be kind and pass the book on.

My dream has been to write and share a good story, one that captivates your attention and your heart. One that will incite a good sense of curiosity, of a desire to know more about Life than what we see around us as the Real World, and hopefully answer some questions that you yourself may have about Life in this world and the next…and everything in-between. 

If you have found this book sitting in your hands and have read this far, I guess you are up for a challenge! Right time, right place, right book. I invite you to come on an adventure with me, to see Life from a different perspective – through The Attic.

From My Heart & Soul to yours.

With Love,  Molly xoxo.


As far back as she could remember,  Molly had always been able to communicate with what most people referred to as fairies, angels and ghosts. This ability had stayed with her, even through her teen years, when she had kept this to herself. During those years, there was only one other who knew about her secret – her best friend Annabelle, whom she shared everything with. In her early 20’s, Molly had been one of the youngest Tarot Readers on what the girl’s had nicknamed the ‘Psychic Circus’. They had been involved as readers in the largest alternative Festivals of Spiritual and Self-development in the major cities around Australia. 

Whilst on a holiday together in Australia, celebrating their graduation from University,  Molly and Annabelle attended one of these events at Darling Harbour in Sydney. They joked about having a reading done, curious to see what someone else would have to say about Molly’s gifts as a clairvoyant. On that day, many of the psychic readers were already booked, but there was a list of those still available.  Only planning to be at the Festival for the one day, Molly chose someone who was available at that time. Dianna was an older woman and had been waiting for her. She had seen Molly in the cards that very morning! Molly thought the older woman had a kind face and would be genuine. She sat opposite Dianna at a small table and chairs tucked away in the far corner of The Reader’s Room and watched attentively as the woman closed her eyes as she shuffled the cards. It felt odd for Molly to be sitting on ‘the other side’ of the table, to be receiving a reading. She had always done this for herself, until now. Dianna stopped mid-shuffle and froze,  slowly nodded her head several times to someone only seen by her. Suddenly, her eyes opened and Dianna looked across the table at Molly intensely. Without a word she stood up and took Molly by the hand and led her through the crowded Readers Room to meet the events co-ordinator, Sam. It was that moment which launched Molly’s career as a professional clairvoyant and tarot reader. That afternoon, she was given a table of her own to do readings for the next couple of days. And she was invited to return, for several more events. In-between these events she established a professional career doing readings in person and via the internet.

Three years later, living in New Zealand with her husband Will, Molly is an author and loves to write stories about the Spirit World, inspired by her experiences as a tarot reader and psychic medium. Will is a graphic design artist, photographer and book illustrator. Whenever the opportunity arose or they were prompted by her Spirit Friends, they would go on road trips exploring the ‘off the track’ older areas of rural villages, collecting ideas for her stories and  inspiration for Will’s art and photographic library. It was on the day of their first wedding anniversary and one of their random road trips they discovered an old weatherboard farmhouse for sale. The house was surrounded with mystery, it had been left vacant for many years. And it contained a hidden treasure – an attic room, where once the lady of the house, Grace Forrest, sat to write in the late 1800’s. The house had been waiting to be rediscovered by the right people, at the right time.  The journal writings of Grace Forrest had remained locked away, hidden from the world, unread and forgotten by her family. Like many of the Lost Souls Molly was yet to meet. The hand written journal entries and roughly typed manuscript laid untouched all of these years in the drawer of the ornately carved cedar writing bureau hidden in a concealed room within the forgotten house. On moving into the old house, Molly and Will discover a false wall behind which was a small library room and a set of stairs leading up to an attic room. Someone had gone to great effort to keep this hidden. Why was this all so well concealed, and why such secrecy?

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