Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing was something I discovered about 25 years ago. It began with journal writing, as a therapy for myself, the act of writing out my thoughts cleared my head and emotions. It gave me the freedom to say whatever I wanted to or needed to, without judgement from others, or hurting anyone’s feelings. These letters to others were never sent to them, but the process of privately ‘speaking up’ through writing, brought relief and always solutions to life’s problems. Sometimes I would burn the writings, sometimes I would rip them up, and sometimes I kept them in journals. But moving house many times meant a clearing out with each move, so I would have a letting go of these journals too.

When I read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, the exercise she shared has become a regular practice for me. To set aside 20 minutes of uninterrupted time and just write whatever comes into your head. Every single thought gets a chance to express itself. the wonderful thing that came out of this for me, was Conversations With Grace, a two way dialogue with my guardian angel. These journal entries led me to writing and publishing my first book Letters to Grace – The Angel Diaries. And what followed on from this was The Attic.

Six years ago this June, whilst staying for six weeks at Kerikeri in the north of the North Island of New Zealand, I began to write a story. The characters in this story would come to me through a technique called automatic writing, a process of meditation and listening and writing what comes to mind. It is automatic because it is effortless and the information comes through you. It is a wonderful experience and if you are in the smallest bit curious about it, please try it for yourself. Set aside 20 minutes a day for seven days. Turn off your phone, light a candle, set a timer, have a pen and paper or laptop. Sit still and breathe deeply for a couple of minutes and then begin to write whatever thoughts come into your mind. It could be something like this…

“I have no idea why I am actually doing this. I don’t have anything important to write about. This is a bit silly. I feel quite awkward about it, but somehow my fingers just want to keep writing, typing. Actually, it is interesting watching my thoughts rather than just thinking them. I think I will keep writing for just a bit longer. Maybe until the timer goes off…”

What came to me next through journal writing with Conversations With Grace, was a visualisation technique of creating a safe place to visit. I referred to it as Grace’s Office. I imagined myself walking up and old wooden stair case, of 11 steps to a landing where there was a panelled door opening into a room. An attic room. Here I would ‘see’ Grace and have conversations with her. Here I could discuss anything with her. I would even do this process before doing a tarot reading for clients.

And this is how The Attic came into being. Initially, I thought it was going to be a story about our travels and encounters with the spirit world at different locations. (John and I travelled the North and South Islands of New Zealand housesitting for 3.5 years). But I received the information (through automatic writing) that this was best to be written as a fantasy novel. Molly became the main character and it is her story that has come through the process of automatic writing.

This story has evolved into 3 books and I have begun writing the fourth. These are yet to be published in hard copy. For now I am satisfied with sharing Molly’s Story (The Attic) as a blog, so that I can now keep why focus on writing. And this is the commitment I have now made to myself, to focus on writing everyday of the working week, to be disciplined with this.

I hope this blog will encourage you to do a little writing for yourself. You will be surprised as to what will unfold for you if you do!

With Love and Light,


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