Chapter 13 – Back In The Attic

Waking to such a glorious day, Molly decided to wander around the garden whilst Will was busy with a Skype conference. She was amazed at how good the garden was looking. Surely someone must have been attending to it whilst they were away? And the house, it appeared as if it had been cleaned and tidied before they arrived home. Not the tidiest of people, Will and Molly had left the house as it was, mildly dishevelled. However, when they came home, it definitely felt like someone had tidied up for them. Picking some flowers for her office, Molly took them into the kitchen to look for a suitable vase. Choosing one made of cut blue glass, she filled it with water and arranged the fragrant flowers before heading upstairs to The Attic. Pausing at the bottom of the stairs, something stopped her…it was the recognition of the stairs, no different to what she had encountered in her meditations. How real they had been! Smiling, she opened the door, the sun shone through the small paned window, lighting up the room with a welcoming warmth. On the writing bureau was her journal! Curiously she picked up the book, turned it over in her hands and said quietly, “How did you get here?” She had not been upstairs yet. Maybe Will had brought it up for her? Placing the vase of flowers on the sea chest, Molly looked around the room hoping to see Grace, just like when she had come here during her meditations. Slightly disappointed, she sat in the captain’s chair and stared out the window. The view of the garden took her breath away. From the elevated view, looking down onto the garden below, she was able to appreciate the intricate design and planning that someone had put into the garden originally. The plants and flowers thrived now, creating a fine display of colour.

Patrick is talented, isnt he!” Grace said proudly, the sound of her voice taking Molly completely by surprise.

“Oh Grace! You are here! It is so good to see you!” Molly exclaimed, leaping up from her chair with excitement, and turned around to be met by a very clear vision of Grace.

It is good to have you home again Molly, although for me, there is not much difference in your attendance here when you are away or when you are physically in the house. Your Spirit-self is just the same – strong, vibrant and very present.” She smiled reassuringly at Molly. “Did you see my copy of your journal?” Grace enquired.

“What do you mean?” Molly asked, slightly puzzled.

On the writing desk, that journal with the map on it, that is my copy. Open it up and take a look.”

Molly sat back down again and stared at the journal inquisitively. She was sure it was her copy, it looked the same. Opening it up, everything looked familiar, even her handwriting, except for some random scribblings in someone else’s writing. She turned her head, looking up at her guardian angel, the expression on her face caused Grace to burst out laughing. Pouting, Molly looked hurt.

Oh Molly! There is so much more for you to remember! Hold the book in both of your hands for a moment and listen to what I have to say. There is a magic in this room that enables many mystical things to come into being. As you were writing in your journal to me, your writing was appearing in my copy of the same journal, so that I have been able to keep watch on what has been happening for you too. They even look identical don’t they? Intriguing, yes?”

“Are you serious Grace?” Molly looked at her with bright eyes, her mind racing with possibilities.

Oh yes, my dear, very serious and sometimes not serious at all! It is not meant to be taken seriously, just accepted as…possible,” Grace replied.

“Wow!” Molly sat back in the captain’s chair and scratched her head, disbelievingly, wanting to grasp what she was being included in.

“But how? Grace, how can this be?”

Because here, my dear, anything is possible. I wanted to stay in contact with you whilst you were away, and this was one way of doing so. It’s quite simple, really. There are no thoughts of how to or when tohere In Spirit. You just ask and receive! No one ever questions it here, the only limitation is by what would be conceived as the mind– some Spirit People still contain strong memories of old thought patterns, disbelief or doubt. It does effect their ability to create here In Spirit, and this too is a part of their spiritual evolution. There is a bit of adjusting to do when a soul arrives in the World Between Worlds on their way to Heaven,” Grace accentuated the last word.

Molly was intrigued by this new world she had discovered, right here in her own home! She and Grace had gotten lost in conversation for several hours. Molly had so many questions about what she had been experiencing whilst away and why Grace was here, now.

“Grace, how is it that you are able to be here with me now and have been here in a time when I wasn’t even born yet?”

In Spirit there is no constraints of Time and Space – these are an Earthly concept. I can be in several locations at once, but due to the Sacred Contract I agreed to, I can only be visible to you here in The Attic. I can however, have contact with you at other times, only verbal or through impressions or intuitive messages, or what may seem like random thoughts. 

So are you ready for an adventure? A little journey?” Grace asked. 

“Absolutely – yes please! Where are we going, what do I need to bring, when will we leave?” The questions came tumbling from Molly’s mouth with excitement.

In a moment. I think a cup of tea before we leave would be nice, what do you say?” Grace suggested. “Ill make it,” Grace offered as she turned and walked towards the kitchenette.

Molly made herself comfortable in her armchair by the fireplace, contemplating what she had been discussing, and intrigued by the way her relationship with Grace was evolving. Here she was making Molly a cup of tea!

Not interrupting the silence of Molly’s pondering, Grace handed her a cup of tea, and quietly sat in the other armchair by the fireplace next to her. 

“Mmmm…this tastes different Grace, what is the bittersweetness in it?”

Oh, just some herbs to help you with the visions.”

As Molly drank the cup of tea,  her head began to swim and she felt a little nauseous. Leaning back into the armchair, she closed her eyes, as she knew that there was no point resisting this experience. The warmth of the room and the fragrant aromas from the flowers she had picked filled her senses, it was intoxicating. On opening her eyes again Molly could ‘feel’ every sound around her, the fragrances had flavour, texture and smell. Looking out the window everything outside was covered in mist, which was now pouring in through the open window, and swirled around her feet. As the mist began to clear outside, the view of the garden had changed and she was now overlooking The Lake at Taupo! The scene made her happy and her heart sang in resonance with the familiar tone of the energy of this magical, sacred, location.

Quiet special, isnt it?” Grace’s voice broke the silence between the two of them. “A little elevation is always good, gives you a better perspective, helps you to see what is really important.” Closing her eyes, Grace left Molly to her own thoughts. Molly’s head hurt slightly, just a dull ache. She was overwhelmed by all of the experiences of their recent road trip, and tears filled her eyes and spilled down her cheeks. She had felt slightly unwell since returning home, her body heavy with the sensation of wading through mud.


Yes Honey?”

“What is going on? Why am I feeling so unwell?”

There is much for your mind and physical body to adjust to. Travelling through different dimensions brings awareness to the variations in the vibrational frequencies. Living on earth in a physical body is heavy, and travelling In Spirit is not. So your physical body will feel heavier than usual. For now, we are going to travel through Spirit. Have no fear for I am with you, I’ve got your hand. Close your eyes and relax, the spinning and nausea will settle.”

With the sensation of a sudden descent, like being in an elevator, Molly’s gut dropped and she felt herself falling through the floor, into a misty outdoor environment. Looking around she found herself in a thick, dense forest, warm, humid and damp. The air was heavy and she felt disorientated, unable to tell which way to walk or where she was supposed to be going. Leaning with her back against an ancient Kauri tree (native New Zealand pine tree), she closed her eyes, focussed on her breathing and listened, tuning into her surroundings. In the distance she could hear muffled voices falling flat in the dense air. She could scarcely breathe due to the heaviness of the warm thick air and fear of the unknown. Following a prompt from Grace, she made her way through the thick bush towards the voices. She could hear them getting closer and the voices fell silent as Molly broke through the bush into a clearing by the waters edge of the lake, where a group of people were gathered. There was a prolonged paused silence. Not knowing what to say, Molly looked down at her feet, which were scratched and bleeding, the silence only broken by the sound of the rhythmic, gentle lapping of waves on the pebbled shore. Molly let out a big sigh, consciously relaxed her shoulders and looked up to see the group of people staring back at her. Some had dark skin and wild dark curly hair, others with dark skin, blue eyes and fair coloured hair just as wild and curly, all were dressed in very simple clothing. The surprised looks on their faces mirrored that of her own. Simultaneously, they all draw in a deep breath of astonishment, staring at her, and Molly staring back at them, their eyes locked. All at once they began talking in a language she did not understand. Molly’s mind raced as she tried to grasp any familiar sounding words. Slowly one of them  stepped forward, approached her smiling kindly and with an outstretched hand, gently took her arm. These people were patient and kind towards her, and lead her along the edge of the lake chatting excitedly to her and each other. Molly’s head started to spin and she stumbled falling to her knees. One of the men picked her up and carried her as she drifted in and out of consciousness.

When Molly awoke, it was dark and she was lying on a woven flax mat, a soft woven blanket wrapped around her, she had been placed not far from a fire. The night air had a mixture of humidity and a damp chill. The sky was crystal clear and there was only a slither of a moon amongst the bright stars which seemed twice their size against the darker than usual sky. There was a faint outline of small round huts on the periphery of the firelight, shadows danced on the rough stone walls. Molly saw glimpses of thatched roofs. The women were singing softly as they prepared the evening meal, children played quietly in a group to the side and one woman was breastfeeding a baby. There were no men to be seen. The older woman sitting next to her, saw Molly stirring and called for the attention of another, younger woman, who fetched a cup of hot tea. Sitting up, Molly held the cup in both hands, the aroma of the tea had a smell unfamiliar to her and yet there was a vague recollection in its fragrant taste. The woman encouraged her to drink it and as she did, Molly began to understand some of the words the woman was saying to her. The woman stood up and took Molly by the hand, helping her onto her feet and  lead her to the periphery of the firelight, where there was a large stone bowl filled with water. With their backs facing the light, the old woman showed Molly inside the bowl. Looking into it Molly saw her own reflection as never before and was startled by what she saw mirrored back at her. One side of her face had pale skin with a blue eye, the other side was tanned with a dark brown eye.

The woman spoke to her in a gentle voice, “Mamaku, we have been waiting for you! The Seer told of you coming to us and we knew then that all would be put to rest. Peace will return to this part of the World Between Worlds and ultimately the land for which we are the caretakers of. We are the Guardians of the Lake, protecting the integrity of the land here In Spirit through the turmoil and clashes between these tribes and the evolution of its inhabitants over the passage of Time.” The woman paused, deep in thought, before continuing, “We had no say in the choices they made. This land here had always been a place of peace, we have dwelled here in the Physical World for many life times, our co-operative lifestyle simple but effective, non-invasive, living with the rhythms and cycles of the land, the seasons and the other creatures we shared this area with. Now from the Spirit World, we are aware that the energies of this unrest penetrate the very fabric of the Universe and into the Physical World affecting the humans who are living in your current Time span now. They influence them, impress upon them energetically,  like what you would call them…puppets? These people do not yet realise who they really are and some are only just waking to the awareness of their innate wisdom. They must leave the past where it belongs – in the past, and move forward together to restore the harmonious energies which once maintained balance and influenced every living thing, and shall do again! We are the Guardians of the Lake, our presence has been here in this place you call the World Between Worlds to help maintain the balance until the necessary shift of energies, a raising of the vibrational frequencies, have occurred, and the natural rhythm has been restored in this part of the Physical World. It is very simple, we just need…” Molly’s scream cuts off the woman’s words mid sentence.

“GRACE! GRACE! Where are you? GRACE?!” Molly shrieked, overwhelmed and panic stricken.

Right by your side, as always.” Grace whispered in her ear. “Relax Molly, take a couple of slow deep breaths…I am with you and you are safe.”

The old woman was not perplexed by Grace’s presence. Molly noticed that they seemed to know each other. The old woman turned to Grace and nodded her head gently. “They call me Tutu, you remember me? Thank you for bringing Mamaku back to us. You know the Ancient Story here, and her part in it, you too have been a witness to these times that have passed. I recall…” Her voice trailed off and her eyes glazed over as she remembered an almost forgotten era. A smile danced in the corners of her lips.

The old woman’s consciousness snapped back suddenly, with a sense of importance, “We need to create The Spirit Web, us through you Mamaku! We will do this with you, our energies impressing creative ideas through your mind, helping you to create a representation of this in the Physical World. Remember The Gift you received from Hinemoa? The seashells and her message of Unity! We will weave our dreams into your reality, it will represent Unity of the Physical World and the Spirit World, combining the new and the old ways, and acknowledging the influence of the Spirit World upon the Physical Earth Dimension. You are to hold that feeling of union, co-operation, togetherness. Nurture it, feed it, weed it, grow it, like the beautiful Garden of Life it has always been, of our souls united, no longer being seen as separate.” The woman paused and then quietly continued, “We will always be The Guardians of the World Between Worlds, we are The Gatekeepers of this land, from a time well before the arrival of the pakeha’s, even before the Maori arrived here. The Three Chiefs (‘He Who Shall Not Be Named’, she whispered under her breath,) you have already encountered. They too are Guardians, but now them just Spirits behaving badly,” she snickered quietly, fondly remembering times of long ago. “As they begin to understand that they are not being threatened, as we call them to join us, as they are summonsed through the energy of Love, not to be feared as so many have, they will come willingly. For they have been fed by this energy of  fear until now, dwelling in the World Between Worlds, they can see that their job is done and it is time to move on. They must answer The Call. You, Mamaku, my dear one, must not be afraid, for fear is the resistance of what is, it slows the flow of evolution and as we all know – resistance is futile! It weakens your presence here in the Worlds Between Worlds. Together we shall encourage them to join us. After all… they have always had a weakness for women,” she giggled and blushed as her consciousness drifted again into the past, smiling at her own pleasant memories. After  a deep contented sigh she continued, “Their job is done now and they must be gathered up in the Spirit Web and released into the winds at Cape Reinga. They need reminding of their original intention – of unity, to work and live together for the good of Papatuanuku (Mother Earth). 

Over Time, generation upon generation, as trust had been broken and promises dishonoured, anger and rage followed, which caused the destruction of All That Was, of Life as we knew it. It fractured and scattered their energy, the vision and their people. The past was not what it now seems, for those in the Physical are looking at the past through their modern eyes. What is done is done and the balance must be restored. The future that is waiting can only be achieved through unified thoughts, words, focus and inspired actions. We are all simply caretakers of this land. Where is the respect and duty to honour the wellbeing of Papatuanuku? For Her to sustain life for us, we must give back to Her, nurture Her, take care of Her as the living breathing soul, the sentient being that She is. As individuals you can do a little to restore the balance, but collectively it will make the difference required. Attitudes must change, focus must shift,” the old woman closed her eyes, her head nodded in silent agreement, and then she continued.

“A Spirit Web is to be created, the magic woven in its threads will attract the Lost Souls like moths to the firelight and follow you to Cape Reinga where they will be set free and make their final journey Home. Some will be assigned new responsibility with their loved ones in the Physical World, as their guardian angels and will continue existing in the Spirit World with renewed purpose. This web will be created by us In Spirit, but you will be well aware of it too. Through you we want to create a physical representation, a weaving, a piece of art, that will incorporate the seashells from Hinemoa.  Know that we are travelling with you, guiding and protecting you. All is well. All is very well…” Tutu’s voice faded and Molly began to shiver, her energy had shifted and she felt chilled to the bone. As she looked down at her body it appeared to be translucent, having blended into the mist which now embraced them. She slipped into unconsciousness, spinning, falling, effortlessly moving between worlds, like she was drifting in and out of sleep – the vision now only a glimpse of dreams and fragments of conversations. 

Molly became aware of the heaviness of her physical body, curled up in the armchair in The Attic. The warm breeze through the window had turned chilly, as the sun had gone below the horizon. Shivering, she grabbed the woollen throw from the back of the chair and wrapped it around her body. She looked over her shoulder to see Grace standing beside her offering another cup of tea. Molly looked warily at it from the corner of her eye, suspicious of what might be in this cup. 

Its chamomile tea with honey Molly, no surprises this time!” Grace winked as she handed Molly the cup and closed the window above the desk. Exhausted, Molly leaned back in the chair and sipped the sweet, hot tea, feeling the warmth settling inside of her. Bewildered by what she had just witnessed, she tucked her knees up to her chest beneath the woollen throw, hugged herself tightly in the chair, the hot drink soothed her chilled body.

May I suggest something?” Grace offered quietly. Molly nodded her head, still unable to speak. “A hot bath with a large handful of sea salt and a piece of obsidian in the water, have a good long soak and just let today wash over you. It will all make sense soon enough. I have occupied Will with getting dinner prepared and he is already running the bath for you. So, as you are ready, no rush and be gentle with yourself.” Still unable to talk, Molly sat in the chair and enjoyed the warmth of her cup of tea, collecting herself before going downstairs to see Will. How will she explain this one to him? “The words will come with ease when the time is right. Good night Molly, sleep well.” Molly smiled weakly at Grace, exhausted, feeling a little unsure and bewildered by this recent experience.

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