Chapter 15 – The Place of Dark Thoughts.

With Will away in Wellington, Molly took advantage of the uninterrupted time to meet with Grace and do as much writing as she could fit into each day. Not much sleep was had, but she was able to get down in writing some good material for her next book. She had been sleeping or napping on the daybed upstairs in The Attic. Her back had been causing her a little pain, which she had chosen to ignore, determined to stay focussed on writing. She had not done any yoga for several days. Getting lost in her writing sometimes she would not move for several hours, her posture effected by her tiredness. Relentlessly she would push herself through the discomfort.  In the early hours of this morning, she fell into a deep sleep, too tired to continue writing, her eyes heavy, she slipped into a dream. This dream was more like a vision, so vivid and tangible. Immense pain ripped up her spine and radiated through her whole body with an intensity that brought her to tears. Unable to focus on anything else, she decided to confront this pain, to give it a voice, to hear what it had to say. Looking around her she felt disorientated. The room felt very different. Where was she? At first she thought it was The Attic, but what had happened? It appeared to have been gutted, of furniture, rugs, curtains and even the wall linings. The timber framework inside the walls and external cladding were visible. Where was Grace? Was it all over? Had her relationship with Grace finished? Had Grace moved on? Had all of this been just a dream, and now she was awake? Molly felt lost, empty and alone. The pain persisted like a spear through the core of her body. But there was more to it, as she was about to see. She wanted to uncover what was within this pain, and felt that it had an important message for her. What she was about to experience would remind her that it is not her job to save everyone, and that being curious of some things would not serve her well. A good warning for things yet to come.

“Come on you bastard, come and face me now, no time to be shy Pain, this is it, your chance to do your thing. Come on, where are you? Show yourself! “ Molly demanded fearlessly, dancing around the room in a play-fight pose, at the ready to defend herself. Pain appeared as a black hole in the floor before her. A terrifying, bottomless, black hole. Edging herself closer, she was cautious not to lean too far forward, not wanting to fall in. As she gingerly peered in, from within the blackness up sprang a hand which grabbed her and effortlessly pulled her in. Resisting, she struggled against the overpowering strength of an invisible other. Who was this? Whom did this hand belong to?

The struggling was futile as it held her tight, with another hand over her mouth unforgivingly, muffling her screams, until she was too tired to continue struggling. Reluctantly, she gave in.

The darkness hissed hoarsely, “You must listen. There are energies in here that are not in your best interest. You do not need to be here, however I have brought you into The Darkness to show you so that you will understand that there are dimensions within the World Between Worlds where you must not go. (The Voice accentuating these last four words) Do not even contemplate bringing the Light into these places, for it will never, ever penetrate. These dark places are what create the balance of the Universe. Every thought that is created manifests somewhere in the Universe, this is the Place of The Dark Thoughts. They are negative, dark – absent of Light, with ill-intention. You must understand that some things are best left alone, they do not require your attention whatsoever and do have a purpose, which again, is none of your business. These energies are the products of the Dark Thoughts of Others, and even yourself, when you too have visited those Dark Places in your mind, where you have wished for everything to end. And I know you have had them! This is where they come to, those Dark Thoughts. I am The Keeper of The Dark Thoughts. We do our best to contain them, prevent them from penetrating through the fabric of the Universe and into the Physical World, of coming into Reality. However, it is the Universal Law of Attraction that can brings these Dark Thoughts into being regardless. They have as much power as any other thought. Once these thoughts have been generated, they need somewhere to go, not all come into the Physical World, so this is it. They do not cease to exist, they just have not manifested into the Physical World. Energetically, as a vibration, they still exist in this aspect of the World Between Worlds. We have created a place where The Dark Thoughts resonate to, along with those who choose to dwell here. We are the guardians who dwell here intentionally, it is our job to contain these Dark Thoughts and Beings. However, when the focus of someone in the Physical World is on a Dark Thought with enough intention, it will be summonsed from here and is drawn into the Physical World, beyond our ability to contain it. It would take much more focus from someone on Earth to manifest a Dark Thought into being, because there are also angelic guardians whose job it is to protect the Earth from such energies, holding a protective, energetic grid of Light which is active around the planet.”

Molly felt the sensation of immense pain subside and the hands released their grip. She heard a voice in the distance say, “It is not yours to rectify, let it go. It will all be taken care of.”  As the vivid vision cleared, and her focus to the present moment returned, Molly saw that The Attic had been restored to how she remembered it to be. Stunned, she sat cross-legged on the wooden floor trembling, unable to get up, her t-shirt soaked with sweat. Grace appeared standing by the fireplace, looking at Molly with more than a little concern.

“I am sorry Honey, that was a bit rough but an important lesson. It will help you to understand why not everything here is ‘rainbows and unicorns’. However, it all has a purpose, the reasons of which you need not be concerned about,” Grace said sternly, and then more gently, “Now, how about a nice cup of hot, sweet tea?”

Molly looked up at her from where she was sitting on the floor and nodded her head vaguely, her body limp, she was still not able to put words together. Grace helped Molly to her feet and guided her over to the armchair by the fireplace. Wrapping a woollen throw tightly around Molly, Grace suggested,  “I think maybe a special little brew to help calm the nerves,” and patted Molly reassuringly on her knee. Molly stared into the empty fireplace, bewildered and shaken by the vision. It had felt so real, but the upside was, the pain in her back had gone! 

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