Something New Is Brewing…

Dear Reader,

My apologies for not publishing the next chapter of The Attic last Monday. I have been a little distracted from writing this past few weeks.

I attended a casual art class last month at our local Art Centre in Feilding. I followed the prompts from Grace a few weeks before this. Whilst standing in a Crystal Shop looking at Oracle Cards, I heard her voice clearly, just like she was standing behind me (and she was!), “You won’t find what you are looking for here because you will be creating your own deck of cards.” Wow, really? Apparently so!

What followed on from this was the decision to go to these art classes with the vision of creating Jordana and The Seven Sisters, of bringing them into the physical world through some drawings, eventually to become oracle cards. Initially, I thought that they would be stylised, bright and simple. What has taken me by surprise is the rapid evolution of my drawings and how exciting this has been and continues to be.

Today after a chat with Grace, I have decided to put The Attic Book Blog on hold for now to allow me to focus on the art for these cards. I have ‘felt’ these Spirit People around me, some of them for many years, and it is an amazing feeling as they emerge into the physical world through my fingers and pencils.

I look forward to sharing some of this with you.

Regarding publishing The Attic, I have felt for some time a hesitancy. Now I understand that these drawings had to come into being as a part of them too. Some will be illustrations for the books and some will be the oracle cards that will also be associated with the books.

Thank you for ‘listening’ to my stories, I hope you have enjoyed reading them, and that you will look forward to reading them as a complete book series.

With much love and appreciation.


Please respect Copy Rights Monica G Page 2023.

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