About Monica and John

For the past three years John and I have been travelling around New Zealand, most of this time housesitting. Life has guided us full circle back to Feilding. It’s time to embrace the change that has been knocking quietly at the door…

Housesitting is now a closed chapter. Dog tales and Cat Meows will continue on Facebook, and my ‘With Grace’ Facebook Page is changing as a reflection of my own life changing direction.

The exciting new pathway opening up for me, is breathing new life into precious treasures through restoration or repurposing, rekindling fond memories and the many ways of uplifting people, helping them to feel more at ease in the inevitable changes in our lives. I love playing with wool and textiles with this concept too, of creating things which can provide a little comfort, and are beautiful and fun – Inspiring. 

Another way of capturing happy memories has been through John’s art. Initially his drawings were for us, of the wonderful furry friends we have made whilst house sitting, and of the little bit of happiness it gave to others too. As Time has passed, some of these furry friends have moved on into Spirit/Heaven to become those Misty Beings who continue to play with us in unexpected ways! I love to see how his art improves with each drawing and his knack of capturing a moment with these beautiful friends.

I am an Indie Author, having published a limited edition of my first book called ‘Letters To Grace – The Angel Diaries’. This has inspired me to write a novel – a little bit of supernatural, time travel, romance, naughtiness and a road trip around New Zealand and beyond! I am enjoying the process of creating this amazing story which surprises even me! The story is complete, just reading over it in preparation for professional editing.

Looking forward to sharing with you the trilogy called The Attic and more of John’s Inspiring Images.

With Love,

Monica & John

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