Dog Tales and Cat Meows

Dog Tales & Cat Meows was originally created as a Facebook Page blog to share our experiences with animals whilst housesitting around New Zealand of 45 housesits in three years. Also to share John’s art of which was mostly inspired by these furry friends.

As for most of the world, our lifestyle has had to change. The Housesitting Chapter is complete for now and we have put our feet down in Friendly Feilding Manawatu in the North Island for awhile.

And I asked myself – what next? It was then that my awareness of communicating with animals became clearer and the other week I had a visit from my old friend Wanda (see blog post dated 26th August – Animals Behaving Badly?) showing me the way forward…

It has been my experience that animals of all kinds respond very well to Reiki and Bowen Therapy. I see our furry friends as important components in our lives and always arrive with a purpose they are very much aware of – to guide us and take care of us. More often than not they seem to do this inconspicuously, but They are always very aware of what they are doing.

The wisdom of these souls goes beyond spoken words. Tuning into their level of communication is quite simple, similar to tuning into your favourite radio station or searching on line for a particular subject – requiring focus and intention for the best results. We are all capable of this.

And sometimes they need a hand and the only way to get the message through to their human buddies is through what appears to be bad behaviour or feeling unwell. Animals always rely on instinct – they are able to ‘feel’ what is going on around them and are sensitive to energies and emotions often not visible to us. 

How is it that they may sense the imminent arrival of their owner or visitor well before they actually arrive in the physical? And the way they are able to sense if we are feeling emotional or upset and of what we may be needing. 

Because they are finely tuned to our energy and able to read it naturally.

We too have the same natural instinct, gut feeling, intuition, sixth sense. We are all born with it and as children we use it effortlessly. As we grow older and the logical mind develops, our intuition can be pushed to the side, brushed off as an active imagination. However, it is always there waiting for us to remember we have it, to trust it and use it. This form of non-verbal communication is often subtle and easily missed when living a busy and stressful life. Do yourself a favour and take 10 minutes each day to sit quietly, with a furry friend is even better! They love it when we meditate, it makes us easier to ‘talk’ to. Decluttering a busy mind creates space for these more subtle messages to be received. I encourage you to take a moment, be still and just listen. You may be surprised at what you may hear.

So what next for Dog Tales & Cat Meows? When I sit quietly and listen, what do I hear?

For me it is more about what I sense, it is almost visible. Surrounding me are my furry friends who are now InSpirit, nudging me and encouraging me to get on with this….to be an ambassador for the four legged and sometimes winged ones too. To provide a means of communication between them and their human families, Reiki and Bowen Therapy to help them to continue the wonderful job they are doing – being Furry Angels caring for their humans.

Animals take on a lot of our stresses and they respond well to Reiki in particular. It is so much on their ‘wavelength’ being of a vibrational frequency that is familiar to them. Reiki addresses the imbalances in the energy field (either human or animal or even plants) clearing unnecessary  clutter, energising, revitalising, relaxing and preparing the body and soul for the next step. 

Some people ask, “Well, how does Reiki work?” The easiest answer is, it just does. We use the internet every day and never question how it works – we just expect it to. And so it is with Reiki. However, each treatment session is different because we are constantly changing, even when we may be feeling stuck, change is still happening, it is the inevitable journey of the soul.

Reiki is a non-invasive, gentle, subtle and sometimes profound gift of healing. I have referred to it as a long hug – warm, comforting, reassuring and pure Love. It is a Light shining the way Home, guiding your body back to its natural state of wellbeing, gently unlocking blocks in the energies which make up the physical body. It is complimentary to every other known therapy or medical treatment.

Reiki is not religious and is respectful of all religions and lifestyle choices. 

Reiki will assist you through the different stages of healing, addressing what is needed at that time. 

Hands-on (Reiki I) can be relaxing, soothing, energising or transformational – whatever you are ready to experience. It assists the body to relax deeply allowing relief to occur, right down to a cellular level. This can be emotional as the resistance dissolves and emotions held tight in the body are released, or the client (human or animal) simply falls asleep and wakes at the end of the session feeling rested and energised.

Distant Reiki (Reiki II) is used when the ‘client’ is not able to be in the same physical location as the practitioner. It is useful to have a photo of who is to be receiving the energy to help the therapist connect. This process is similar to a  ‘log in’ when using social media. 

And so it is with Animal Communication. Naturally tuned into this level of non-verbal communication, our animals are always ready to chat. Animal Communication enables better understanding and will help improve relationships between humans and their furry family members.

For those who are interested, communication with our furry angels InSpirit gives reassurance and peace of mind.

Answering The Call – the next step for me, is to focus on Animal Communication, Reiki and Bowen Therapy for our furry friends and their human families. I have over  30 years experience with dogs, cats, horses, an assortment of small animals and birds.

I am able to travel, and usually it is best to treat an animal within the security of their own familiar surroundings. Sometimes a distance session is best and I can do this with a photo of the client sent by email.

Each in-person session is $NZD80 (plus mileage outside of a 20km radius of Feilding, 50c per kilometre). 

Hands-on Reiki or Bowen Therapy sessions usually take an hour.

Animal Communication…well, best to set aside several hours, as this may require a combination of therapies and involves working in ‘Animal Time’.

Distant Sessions of either Reiki or Animal Communication are $NZD60.

I look forward to meeting with you and your furry family soon.

Kindest wishes,

Monica Page.

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