Grace’s Office

Introducing Grace’s Office – My Place of Imagination.

Imagination…is a world between worlds…somewhere between Heaven and Earth where we can play and daydream…it’s where thoughts become things, where all ideas are created.

All things we wish to experience come from our Imagination first. Whether it be a new car, a house renovation, drawing up a plan for a new house, an artwork, writing, the evening meal, a party, and so much more, we think about it, desire it, dream it, and Imagine it into being. Even as adults we still use our Imagination, some people use it not really aware of what they are doing and some use it intentionally working with a thought, a dream, or desire to create an new job, career, Facebook page, website, or blog…

When we were children, we all daydreamed, played pretend games, had tea parties with teddies or dolls, played with trucks in the sandpit, built tree houses, cubby houses made from scrap building material or simply a tent made from a sheet over a table and chairs in the dining room, filling it with cushions, tea sets, toys. These childhood places of Imagination were where we explored other realms, mystical places, so very real to us at that time. For a time we believed in Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

As an adult, through journal writing, meditation and a creative visualisation technique, I discovered my place of Imagination, my tree house and I have called it Grace’s Office. Grace is my guardian angel. I first became aware of her as a child, and later as an adult when I began daily meditation and yoga in my early 20’s. In my late 20’s Journal Writing was a technique I learnt to help me work through problems in my life. It was through this combination of techniques that I became more aware of a particular presence in my life. In 2009, one day sitting by the lookout at Wentworth Falls, after meditating,  I became aware of an almost tangible presence, which felt like a dear friend sitting next to me. This was when I asked for a name to refer to ‘It’ as. I heard one audible word, very clear – ‘Grace’. As I began daily to consult this presence through meditation and journal writing, Grace became my travelling companion. I would write to her and ask for help. I have learnt over the years that when I do follow her guidance, my life flows smoothly, I have patience, understanding and a broader perspective of my own life experiences. And when I have not, when I thought that I could do it in my own way….I wandered off this path and occasionally into some very scary places. But when I screamed for help, she always produced it immediately, and have experienced what some may call Miracles – an unexplainable outcome.

In 2013 Grace’s Office came to me as a creative visualisation, I imagined walking up the stairs (11 of them) to a landing and then through a door into a room, an attic room, where I could meet with her and discuss all matters. This evolved into a preparation I did for readings and consults, asking for guidance for the client requesting help or a healing session. When I moved to New Zealand in 2016 and John and I began travelling the country doing at first small road trips, and then for longer trips of several weeks, my experiences in Grace’s Office changed and I began to meet with what I have called Spirit People, those who live in the Spirit World, or what some may call, Heaven. It was then that I realised that Grace’s Office, what started as my place of Imagination, had become an access point to the World Between Worlds, somewhere in-between Heaven and Earth. I would sense a presence when in a particular town or location and know that there was someone in Spirit I needed to have a chat with. I would visualise going to Grace’s Office and they would be there to meet me and I would take down their story. These I have called The Lost Souls and Forgotten Stories. They are about average people, just like you and me, from a Time that has now passed, but somehow still exists in this World Between Worlds.  They have been the inspiration for the novels I am writing now, called The Attic, a trilogy.

This blog is to share these stories with you – The Reader. Whether you believe that we exist beyond this life or not, or whether it is just my Imagination, they are all written to inspire you to open the door to your Imagination and see what it has to offer.

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